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  1. Long term AFX-fan and long-term WATMM lurker here, just have to leave my comment. The feelings which are caused by this song are first and foremost euphoria, then joy and gratitude. ​Thank you dear Mr. Phex. For my part, I do very much hear innovation, especially in terms of song structure, details and execution. Thanks you for listening, bye.
  2. Axes

    Ae Interview

    pls pls someone reupload the file? im desperate...
  3. wow, fucking great! time to follow you on soundcloud...
  4. I can't believe how amazing these songs are... Thank you RDJ!!!
  5. http://www.reddit.com/r/aphextwin/comments/2rwcw9/hello/
  6. this track has always reminded me of the noise that you hear when you walk through firn: [youtubehd]W3AMIF603wM[/youtubehd] Coming from an area where there is at least 1.5m of snow in the winter i've always had a special connection to this song...
  7. a. just the most reasonable choice imho.
  8. I think that this album is absolutely amazing. I can't really understand why the thread for the new BOC album has so many pages and this here has only 6. This album is totally different, but at eye level with TH.
  9. µ-ziq is tender and hardcore at the same time
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