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  1. With all the chat back and forth about Max/MSP and that lads' system I'm left wondering do we actually know what they're using just now? I don't know if I'm up-to-date on interviews but for all we know they could have entirely ditched Max/MSP and gone on to (or back to) something else. It's not like they don't have a rich history of constantly evolving..... Anyway, I bet you're wondering what the guy who only appears here once in a blue moon reckons of the new stuff. Well, let me tell you that I'm quite liking it overall and I'm excited for tomorrow. But there will be too much for me to properly consume in any time in the near future. My pattern for a release is about 6 months of pretty solid listening then I move onto other stuff and then I go back to it at the 18month mark and suddenly it's all making much more sense. So, 2020 is going to be great. In the meantime, I think some of the long tracks are ace and others whilst they've got good bits aren't worth the effort to take plough my way through them. I'll probably end up making some edits of a couple for my own listening.
  2. So, I got the STTC release on Friday so I could feel smug about the ACLU donation part and I think it's really nice. But I have to be honest (and hope I don't sound like a dick) and say that the track lengths are pretty fearsome. I enjoyed the sounds and patterns but the effort to listen to it all in one sitting means that I probably won't listen to it often. But as it does sound so nice I ended up spending a few hours in Ableton cutting it up (and editing a wee bit) and turned it into a 29 track, 50 minute affair that I can put on random play in something of a Gescom MD style. And now I'm digging it in every way possible. I hope I don't offend you, but if it makes you feel better I did the same with the AE live stuff too.
  3. Tom Ravenscroft was doing the drivetime show and said that on his show later tonight on Radio 6 that he'll be playing a new Autechre track. That could be related to this.
  4. I'd love to register another plea for the Quaristice era. And also the Draft era. But I'd love anything which might be done, would mean that I'd be setup for months of fresh AE action....
  5. jeyemusik


    Ok, now that I'm part of the gang and have the soundboards I've got a question which hopefully doesn't seem blasphemous. Which to listen to first? Reason being, I hate getting too much music by a single band at a time. No matter how much I love the band, I just don't like the overload so in a situation like this i ration the music. Probably give each set a month or so.... I'm still only about halfway through the AFX soundcloud dump for example. So, chronological is obvious but perhaps there is a better order. Any thoughts?
  6. I'm also in the boat of having missed that window of opportunity so I'm merrily checking junk mail and all that jive hoping something will pop through.... in the meantime, maybe some of you guys that were on the ball could mock me... that would be pretty cool.
  7. jeyemusik

    ae mixes?

    I came across a mix set of Autechre stuff today on Youtube by a fella called Orkyx which I just started listening to and it reminded how much I do enjoy a good mix of autechral stuff. So, I'm wondering if I've missed any. The one's I know of are: VLR's Is It Washable mix Hanal's mix of AE stuff 2 mixes by Rocky Path (who I'm sure posts here (or at least used to)) Any others? I especially like it when there is a combination of stuff from the various eras.
  8. Most opinions have been expressed so far but to add mine to the fray, I think these sound pretty good but perhaps a little too expensive right now. Note, the price mentioned on the Sonicstate videos is £347 but the retailers are showing it as £289 for pre-order. So you can do the maths to figure out what that means in your country. I think I'll possibly be tempted by the DX if I see one for the £250 mark. With that specific version, I liked that it was mentiond in the Sonicstate video that there will be an editor made available for it. Despite it only being sine waves, every operator has feedback which can go +ve and -ve which is quite a unique thing for hardware FM. It is also well place for midi CC's. Imagine this WATMM friendly situation: Sequenced from the MnM, perhaps getting into some of those nifty arp tricks, then with CCs plocked and further tom-foolery with LFOs further controlling CCs. Then during playback using the little edit touchstrips to further tweak (perhaps changing the algorithim for extra double bonus) whilst recording the whole mess. Yeah, I'm interested.
  9. I'd be curious as to hear about how the drum triggers work from those that have them. Do they pick up velocity or is a trigger only? For example, could you hook it up to that new Arturia BeatStep Pro's mutlitude of trigger outs? And if so, would that negate velocity?
  10. I think I'll definitely be demo'ing the H3000 plugin seeing as it's on sale. Would love to hear some views on how this compares to the real deal?
  11. aye, I think the case is a bit ostentatious - nice object and that but i'd have to be on the receiving of an inheritance from a previously unkown wealthy relative before i'd spring for one. i'm going to defend the OP-1 though... probably is too expensive at full price but I got mines for about £400 and at that price it's an ansolute steal. The only blot on it's copybook is that it's pain to sync with other stuff. Of course, I've probably just got tiny hands....
  12. about Rico Devine... i do like a fair bit of his musical output I'm just bored by the fact that every product demonstration he does end up sounding more or less the same. in that context it just seems ridiculous that he uses such mountains of gear that is labyrinthine in complexity but ultimately could just be a cool wee Reaktor patch.
  13. I seem to recall that Twisted Tools has had some sample packs with some foley and real sound type stuff in there but they may have turned them into more sci-fi/robotic rather than organic... you can probably check them out. Also, another approach would be to delve into the world of physical modelling to create your own and they'll play chromatically easily also..... in fact, i'm surprised JohnE not been in here suggesting that approach. A couple of ideal softsynths would be AAS Chrompahone and NI's Prism (you can also get the freebie cut down version MikroPrism from their website).
  14. If you'd been thinking of getting this device but were thinkng that, after all this time, you don't actually want to hear it but would love to heard Dick Devine make it sound like absolutely everything else he does as a way of deciding if you're going to take the plunge..... well, you're in luck.
  15. I suppose it's kind of cool but here are some thoughts: - based on the Animoog engine. so, it's a rompler then. let's be honest. i quite like the Animoog but it does always amuse me when you see youtube videos of guys with massive modular setups and there amongst it all is an ipad with Animoog. you know the guys that would run a mile from a Korg 05/rw. - 32 presets. Why not just include all the Animoog patches? or at least a more generous subset - surely storage isn't an issue in this day and age... - i loved that she was so careful to call them "mogue" to start with and then slipped into "moog" later in the vid.
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