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  1. Regarding Mark Fell, from FACTmag interview, aside FS1R: For example, I had a Yamaha TX81Z, which uses four-operator FM synthesis and had a few quirks to it. There was this mode, which rather than being multitimbral was like a multitimbral setup, but every time you press the note to progress to the next sound in the series of sounds that you specify. So every time you played a note it could produce not just a series of notes but a series of sound changes as well. So I just did loads of work with that, setting up simple sequences of sound changes and note changes that would go in and out o
  2. yeah really nice architecture, some kind of swiss army knife in synthesis domain
  3. axoloti is really cool even awesome. i regret that i gave one to my brother and another one to a good friend and they dont use it (fkn bitches). really useable little thing http://community.axoloti.com/t/reverbs-creation/1071/28
  4. Glad to know Sean appreciates Force Inc
  5. Yeah i have all (i guess) of his MODs also
  6. mono211/monotonik was kind of demoscene's warp/ninja tune in 1996-2000 yeah 4 chan mods sounded shitty but with its own charm. i'm still a fan of mortimer twang's old amiga stuff for example. nowadays you can find all mono211 stuff (and much more) here: https://files.scene.org/browse/music/groups/mono/
  7. https://groove.de/2021/01/26/autechre-30-jahre-afterhour-teil-1/ edit: totally paywalled, don't click
  8. Then I thought: finally tunes from Aphex Twin that have been worked on
  9. Can't wait anymore (after 12yrs of waiting lol)
  10. It also sounds like gonk tuf hi / runrepik rig at times
  11. ecol4 sounds like blaxploitation soundtrack on psychedelics in the first half and then in the second half you even can hear riffs a'la Goz Quarter sick!
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