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  1. Lol just recalled i had pretty intense convulsions when i reached cloudline listening to exai for the first time. Yeah i was stoned af but i did not had such sensations before.
  2. Imagine 7th slip or cloudline (+skullsnap) sort of funk 4xLP Oohh
  3. xoxos vst midi stuff is cool (but windows only 32bit vst)
  4. It is now among the 10 best albums of October according to Resident Advisor. "A killer collection of left-field techno and experimental music from one of Russia's best electronic labels, Gost Zvuk."
  5. Awesome mix! Though it kinda sounds/feels like tracks were selected and sorted by algo 👽
  6. kausto

    AE Tour 2020

    New LP imminent? 2020 is good occasion
  7. Also you have to try airwindows reverb plugins MV and NonlinearSpace they are awesome and kinda alien at the same time (Starchild is cool too but pretty obvious)
  8. Some free d/l tunes: https://clyp.it/dy1upjxs https://clyp.it/sagpsf3n https://clyp.it/gljhoev1
  9. Five years ago, the expression ‘Russian electronic scene’ had borne a tone of futurology and expectancies rather than a real state of affairs. It was possible to put together musicians of local and genre importance easily in general, but not of significance in national scale. With rise and further development of ГОСТ Звук, Russian electronic music achieved power not only as cultural phenomenon within country’s borders, but also proved fully to be a thing of international meaning. Starting operations in 2014, the label quickly defined its domains of authority and engagement and created full-bloody community of musicians, where everyone has a special view on his own work and unique sound. The projects presented on this compilation can be rightfully called the contemporary vanguard of Russian and global electronic music. Each of resonant artists holds his own disparate creative field and impact. However, in this diversity the unity of creation of beauty and ingenuity is born, that distinguishes Russian independent electronica. All compiled tracks perfectly characterize the artists involved, sometimes from extremely striking sides; chaotic improvisations and ethereal grooves, unearthly landscapes and undistracted concisions. Both electric boffinry and club anthems merge into united vision, placed in graceful frame of Rashad Becker’s mastering. Maybe this compilation won’t close the question ‘What is the Russian Sound?’, which has been raising for more than a twenty years. Nevertheless, it is able to give an extensive view on the evolution of Russian electronica in the 2010s. Preview: Preorder: https://gostzvuk.com/album/gost-zvuk-5-years
  10. I even made some pseudoSchroeder reverb section with 8 combs in renoise in doofer form https://www.dropbox.com/s/ylnsfljy0pgyh8o/lsarev2018-send-harkor.xrns?dl=0
  11. I have no workflow problems with 3.X
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