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  1. I also fear to hook RSD10 to Renoise If OT + RSD10 is like ep7/gantz-graf/confield area with Renoise it gonna be some hab/come to daddy/windowlicker area https://clyp.it/o1wjmcej
  2. I'm from Octatrack camp. But i always look in ensoniq/emu/creative direction. Though i look at OT as modern times ASR10 but faster (ui- and cpu- wise). Recently i was messing with such setup: Micromodular with Boss RSD10 as delay/sampler send/return and both are controlled with OT. MM sends audio to RSD + some feedback with phase manipulations + its 4 delays matrix in MM PolyArea then all that 'tank' is routed into OT. + OT controls RSD's delay and trig inputs via 2 flex slots loaded with single-cycle pulses which could be offsetted and so on. I'd say Boss RSD10 is pretty esoteric. https://clyp.it/gw2xvw4l
  3. Yeah it's an ultimate NM G2 GAS trigger for me
  4. Thanks🍻 Btw ~70% of synth work was made with Synth1 VST in Renoise
  5. All tracks were made last summer-autumn using Sonic Potions LXR, Nord Micromodular, Octatrack and Renoise
  6. Some time ago we launched GOST ZVUK Patreon https://www.patreon.com/gostzvuk
  7. keeping an eye on this guy since 10s and surprised no one mentioned him. https://ralp.bandcamp.com/album/hmr2000
  8. I'm somehow biased bc these guys are my good pals but i find their latest lp to be pretty in Untilted <--- Grey Territory ---> Quaristice https://westmineral.bandcamp.com/album/serwed-ii-ouest093
  9. Btw Aleksey is known man you can hear his voice in some h3o podcasts (with sean for ex) so it's not afx
  10. I suspect xflood is by Rob too
  11. Some time ago i started to do mixes that consist only of mod, s3m, xm, it and so on files rendered to wav as is with modplug player. Most of them was found by me in 1999-2003 when i was kid. You also can find 'em at scene.org but there are plenty of rarities like terrorskitotto's early tracks. Enjoy!
  12. kausto

    Rob pls

    Rob pls skip thru your jams folder too
  13. I liked the first ep7 era sounding jam a lot
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