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  1. BTW you can hear some traces of nodezsh in Etchogon-S (or vice versa)
  2. There is also a short funny interview on 18:20 mark
  3. Regarding Mark Fell, from FACTmag interview, aside FS1R: For example, I had a Yamaha TX81Z, which uses four-operator FM synthesis and had a few quirks to it. There was this mode, which rather than being multitimbral was like a multitimbral setup, but every time you press the note to progress to the next sound in the series of sounds that you specify. So every time you played a note it could produce not just a series of notes but a series of sound changes as well. So I just did loads of work with that, setting up simple sequences of sound changes and note changes that would go in and out o
  4. yeah really nice architecture, some kind of swiss army knife in synthesis domain
  5. axoloti is really cool even awesome. i regret that i gave one to my brother and another one to a good friend and they dont use it (fkn bitches). really useable little thing http://community.axoloti.com/t/reverbs-creation/1071/28
  6. Glad to know Sean appreciates Force Inc
  7. Yeah i have all (i guess) of his MODs also
  8. mono211/monotonik was kind of demoscene's warp/ninja tune in 1996-2000 yeah 4 chan mods sounded shitty but with its own charm. i'm still a fan of mortimer twang's old amiga stuff for example. nowadays you can find all mono211 stuff (and much more) here: https://files.scene.org/browse/music/groups/mono/
  9. https://groove.de/2021/01/26/autechre-30-jahre-afterhour-teil-1/ edit: totally paywalled, don't click
  10. Then I thought: finally tunes from Aphex Twin that have been worked on
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