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  1. It also sounds like gonk tuf hi / runrepik rig at times
  2. ecol4 sounds like blaxploitation soundtrack on psychedelics in the first half and then in the second half you even can hear riffs a'la Goz Quarter sick!
  3. this made me digging old hard drives for old copy of Virsyn CUBE VSTi
  4. whole X4 sounds like they are teasing AFX to start new trickz war
  5. It also sounds ISS:SA-esque and Sublimit-esque kinda
  6. DekDre = Deckards Dream
  7. In SURGE VSTi you can use its 2OP FM and 3OP FM oscs. You can do decent donk bass with them and also whole SURGE's engine has FM for it's 3osc + filter feedback algos so.. https://surge-synthesizer.github.io/ try it its free and open source Basically it is Microwave XT clone
  8. You can test some 2 OP FM-strategies in VA synths a'la Nord Lead 2. Synth1 for example. To know sweet spot C:M ratios etc. Also Sean Booth somewhere mentioned about modulating sine osc with pwm osc — it can lead to casio cz style resonant sounds (without any resonant filters).
  9. It's normal BTW can't rid of idea that Fin Shakespeare aka futureimage has to sing something over schmefd 2 in style of Tears For Fears lol
  10. yeah, like vca contours of that big chord stabs, sort of Yeah it also has hw hiss
  11. Anyone noticed 80s hardware synth VCA chirping in r cazt? It sounds like tx81z envelopes or like DSI Mopho's ENV artefacts
  12. i'd compare it like being on tryptamines for some time and then switched on phenethylamines a'la 2cb/DOB
  13. I'd compare it to tri repetae more
  14. What if it is like Tri Repetae × Oversteps second one is like Anvil Vapre × Move Of Ten 🤔
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