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  1. What if it is like Tri Repetae × Oversteps second one is like Anvil Vapre × Move Of Ten 🤔
  2. also quaristice thread was like FFFUUUUuuu when it dropped
  3. i rem how exai cd1 sucked at first listen lol
  4. maybe green one is bullwallet, who knows..
  5. Btw it has to be one of 2 albums planned...
  6. 15 tracks tech-house album, consists of tracks made in 2015-2017
  7. I also fear to hook RSD10 to Renoise If OT + RSD10 is like ep7/gantz-graf/confield area with Renoise it gonna be some hab/come to daddy/windowlicker area https://clyp.it/o1wjmcej
  8. I'm from Octatrack camp. But i always look in ensoniq/emu/creative direction. Though i look at OT as modern times ASR10 but faster (ui- and cpu- wise). Recently i was messing with such setup: Micromodular with Boss RSD10 as delay/sampler send/return and both are controlled with OT. MM sends audio to RSD + some feedback with phase manipulations + its 4 delays matrix in MM PolyArea then all that 'tank' is routed into OT. + OT controls RSD's delay and trig inputs via 2 flex slots loaded with single-cycle pulses which could be offsetted and so on. I'd say Boss RSD10 is pretty esoteric. https://clyp.it/gw2xvw4l
  9. Yeah it's an ultimate NM G2 GAS trigger for me
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