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  1. From user18081971 soundcloud: - Richard mentioned an idea he had about something like a giant brain that you could feed samples to. If you gave it enough, it would be able to take all the right bits to recreate a new sound you fed it. We talked it through a bit, I remember asking that surely something like this had been done before, and he said: "well probably, but not quite like this". A few sketches and prototypes later we started putting entire tracks through it to see how it interpreted them using different random instruments and sounds - and we knew we were on to something...Dave. --- This idea came about a long time ago, not sure exactly when, 2002 ish but when mp3's started to become a thing, when for the first time there were a ton of them sitting on my hard drive and the brilliant Shazam had recently launched. Started thinking hmm all this music sitting there, maybe it can be used for something else other than just playing or dj'ing [hi Atomixmp3 & rudimentary max/msp patches] I had originally contacted the founders of Shazam to discuss further creative uses of their genius idea but they were busy making an automatic dj program, I still think Shazam could be re-purposed for something incredible but in the meantime we have Samplebrain. What if you could reconstruct source audio from a selection of other mp3's/audio on your computer? What if you could build a 303 riff from only a cappella's or bubbling mud sounds? What if you could sing a silly tune and rebuild it from classical music files? You can do this with Samplebrain. We soon realised after Dave had started to get things going that with a few cheaty sliders you could actually re-make anything from just one source file, so the options are all there to play with. Since funding this project I seemed to have found very little time to explore it properly and the time has now come to let you lot have a fiddle with it to. Richard James.
  2. not fwzE though, i think he said fol3 and fol4 fwzE and it's buffer repeater stuff sounds more like Rob's experiments with NM G2 delay modules and i think bladelores/all end huge reverb was derived from it, kind off. You can do full on reverb topologies in G2 without using stock reverb module and it sounds just lush (iirc you can use bandpass filter module as allpass reverb section. same with G1 but with 2ms of memory you'll get only pretty decent resonator) btw its weird. i switched to renoise from jeskola buzz in 2008 and i always had this suspicion that Rale and WNSN where made in renoise.
  3. 3:00:17 not b12 but black dog remix though
  4. i could be wrong but i recall he said that he tried to use renoise to do remixes at first (surgeon and b12 remixes)
  5. lol i miss coub-like services. first ~minute of this ama looped seems to be so perfect.
  6. kausto

    Hanal Gig

    nah it's Sean 99.999% q: some time ago i stumbled upon symbolic sound's claim that you used kyma circa peel sessions 2 (because of that 'cephlaphage' sample in Blifil) and then i started to spot some kyma moments in ep7. how do you find their ecosystem in general? i saw rdj's take that everyone should throw their kymas through the window a: hilarious. there is a vocal sample in there but that's not it. i never much liked kyma (horrible nested structuring, but it did sound pretty nice). we used it on a few things (second half of left blank, the nightmares on wax remix and the bic remix), and i eventually gave it to daz fitton
  7. kausto

    Hanal Gig

    yeah sean pgp key pls
  8. kausto

    Luna Chop

    XH HX: actually i think you could be right, after i said fm7 i was wondering if it was fs1r or zebra but it could easily have been synplant, i don't have the files here to check
  9. kausto

    Luna Chop

    Sean said ts1a is 2009 too like track2 (not 2006)
  10. kausto

    Luna Chop

    Track5. Sean said it was seqenced in Renoise (resembles Rale and WNSN to me)
  11. kausto

    Hanal Gig

    Track2 is my jam I miss such stuff from them
  12. kausto

    Luna Chop

    This is sick T2 sounds like ts1a precursor
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