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  1. Thanks Jonas! 🍻 Yeah i hear you about melodic content but i like to do such harmonic soups where melodic conent starts to emerge inside your head, like umami)
  2. https://clyp.it/atmk24xh Renoise, Synth1, Surge etc workout
  3. If this will be sorted out on G2 side then they'll share some Oversteps Tour stuff with Max seq patches i guess 😇 kek
  4. Hey i made a donation once and subscribed as Expert Knob Twiddler once and i know what you re talking about. But..
  5. Yeah wtf ffs i'm angry cause i'm maddest russian ae fanboy and i don't deserve this fkn permissions and shit
  6. Also want to second elyc9 7hres. It is more contemporary techno than most part of contemporary techno is.
  7. I remember some 99s VIVA TV programme in style of their BERLIN HOUSE and there was a footage of some brutal looking techno dj mixing some brighton stuff with 777 off LP5 so i experienced some kind of revelation. Like "Yeah it is normal actually"
  8. why does sean look so weird he looks like an aPVP addict somehow
  9. I love PFM2. I have it since 2014 iirc. I helped Xavier to find first fm-related bugs since PFM2 is fm synthesizer not pm like yamaha. Recently some user found more fm-engine bugs and they were fixed. Now it is close to an ideal. Dave Noyze shows some grey territories: http://ixox.fr/forum/index.php?topic=69399.0 My try to visit this territories https://clyp.it/on3zi2nq You can use 4 instruments simultaneously: https://clyp.it/niwpah2r You can upload your own waveforms as txt and scala files also
  10. kausto


    I remember an interview of that time, 2005 where SB was asked about favorite stuff of the moment and his answer was smth like "meh i don't dig this modern stuff much but mr. oizo moustache is awesome". And Untilted actually feels like that, some kind of reinterpretation in 'chre style.
  11. Didn't listen to Sort\Lave yet but had the good fortune to attend his gig in Tokyo last Sat and it was total blast. Interesting organic yet rythmic structures morphing into danceable heavy bass bangers against totally alien atmos and environments. Glad that we have Rich here in our time/space knot.
  12. My buddy Flaty rinsing his nl4r nowadays. And it has pretty awesome features like formant filters and so on. https://m.mixcloud.com/Total_Resistance/flaty-terminal-mix-ttl11/ Basically this mix is nl4r + h3000 Notice weird voice synthesis starting at ~11:55
  13. He is my yamaha-phasemodulation-lookup-table-#ofsamples-and-what-not hero. He was mentioned in EKT section a lot though his musical output not so discussed here. Yeah this is kind of person i like a lot on par with Dave Noyze and so on.
  14. I guess it is smthng like a layer for quinoline yellow that can be reused somewhere else. irc i heard one of his mixes where he mixed such layers with hardcore/jungle/skam-idm etc. Sometimes you don't want to do something too obvious or beat-driven and you do hours of such textures/jellies for fun+education. I remember one of his flickr fotos featured ensoniq chip (EPS16 i guess) with 1987 on it and title was 'still functioning'. So it is like a lab. Ae was such a lab too. And Bola etc.
  15. Been a fan of Tatamax since 2013 i guess. Still remember me sitting at the shore of the gulf of finland listening to the 'no one ate turkey that year' in the last day of summer 2013 with a feeling that this summer was most calm and lush like it was a summer right before some harsh times (and it turned out to be true). It is pity that he pulled down uchelfa flickr account, there were dozens of atmospheric SKAM'y modernist visual artefacts (made by him i guess). My favorite tatamax lp is Eres Parth. Best wishes to LM Williams!
  16. kausto

    Domino Set

    Yeah. This tour is the last i love to bits actually. Sick stuff. It is also "how to treat your nords properly and rinse 'em inside out" workshop.
  17. When release has tracks like elyc9 7hres, vekoS, acdwn2, tankakern and so on it can't be worst. IMO it shows some kind of healthy attitude.
  18. yeah it is braindance tech house as vtgnike says
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