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  1. https://www.instagram.com/p/CffKGWQohWq/
  2. kausto


    It sounds like YJY UX brother (and it could be the one of sunvox tracks)
  3. it could be just spaces how v rhythmic stuff
  4. i asked 2 questions: - why you dropped kyma dunno if he answered this cuz i was away, tho i saw some kyma mentions in chat - do you still use virsyn cube (i suspected heavy virsyn cube usage in ecol4 since it sounded like some tracks off draft7.30) he answered that last time he used it in untilted. it is pretty thing but they don't use vsts for a long time now
  5. it made me happy yesterday. i guess it is main IDM of 2022 nominant for now.
  6. sean booth in the style of mark fell
  7. Btw last AFX outbreak started with thing like this
  8. Gescom 'Skull Snap EP' who is who?
  9. I hope this mad old fart will fail soon
  10. I suspect he just wants to destroy everything in Ukraine to make this territory unusable. Same tactic as in Syria. Destroy everything that is humanitarian.
  11. also regarding sunvox usage by Rob i guess 'YJU UX' and 'newbound' were made so
  12. Yeah i suspect they reuse eachothers snippets pretty often. Like 'spaces how v' was claimed to be in production for years and then it clicked some day, kind of.
  13. Rob's authorship of Gantz Graf was confirmed somehow by Sean too in mixlr chat or twitch iirc like 'rob'll beat me if i'll say how he made gantz graf'
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