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  1. Thanks🍻 Btw ~70% of synth work was made with Synth1 VST in Renoise
  2. All tracks were made last summer-autumn using Sonic Potions LXR, Nord Micromodular, Octatrack and Renoise
  3. Some time ago we launched GOST ZVUK Patreon https://www.patreon.com/gostzvuk
  4. keeping an eye on this guy since 10s and surprised no one mentioned him. https://ralp.bandcamp.com/album/hmr2000
  5. I'm somehow biased bc these guys are my good pals but i find their latest lp to be pretty in Untilted <--- Grey Territory ---> Quaristice https://westmineral.bandcamp.com/album/serwed-ii-ouest093
  6. Btw Aleksey is known man you can hear his voice in some h3o podcasts (with sean for ex) so it's not afx
  7. I suspect xflood is by Rob too
  8. Some time ago i started to do mixes that consist only of mod, s3m, xm, it and so on files rendered to wav as is with modplug player. Most of them was found by me in 1999-2003 when i was kid. You also can find 'em at scene.org but there are plenty of rarities like terrorskitotto's early tracks. Enjoy!
  9. kausto

    Rob pls

    Rob pls skip thru your jams folder too
  10. I liked the first ep7 era sounding jam a lot
  11. Same with octatrack, you can do pretty fat mixes with it ITB
  12. As for gonk, compare it with runrepik, tuinorizn and oversteps tour stuff
  13. I think Rob still uses his G2 a lot, since some of NTS and elseq tracks were made with it (gonk tuf hi, spaces how V for example)
  14. Russian sonic marauders Flaty & OL serve up the second edition of their SERWED project for West Mineral. Distributed by Boomkat Vinyl & Digital out MARCH 2020 • Initial 2 (2:29) Plastm (4:29) Save vs. Spell (3:24) Grip (3:56) In Spare (2:40) •• Lima (2:31) Shade Lyra (4:49) Live Cut 01.06.19 (1:35) Plane (4:54) Promises (4:11)
  15. From their native St. Petersburg, Square Fauna evoke a score for imaginary protoplasmic oceans, surreal, sepia-tinged space operas and Russian sci-fi folk tales; lush, green landscapes littered with the burned out husks of automobiles, military vehicles, and askew telephone poles no longer in use though marked by pools of water in which can be found the debris of modern society. Primitive kosmische electronics and vintage spacescapes cascade around complex polyrhythmic percussion. Ethereal mists of gaseous reverb are scattered by windswept synths and white-noise striations. ‘Meet The Fauna’ is as much of a cheeky nod to The Residents and Coil (or even Haroumi Hosono and John Hassell) as it is to the likes of B12, Black Dog, Richard H Kirk. A completely singular, modern sci-fi soundtrack for the discerning sofanaut. Artwork by Al White aka Crud. Available end of March 2020. Distributed exclusively worldwide by Rubadub.
  16. "Filterealism" starts from the territories where Gamayun haven't stepped before, from the music that only seems to be simple, but in fact it turns out to be very compound. Their recordings are not escapist in any sense of its meanings anymore; the whole album consists of divisions, explorations and adoptions through the personal and collective experience of music-making. The technical side of this sound acts likewise: you can hear a large amount of routine items (furniture, utensils and deformed recordings of the nature) among "conventional" electronic gadgets and live instruments. "Filterealism" sounds just like some Soviet electronic music pioneer, which had shifted his focal grip from the modulations and synthesizers to all the simple things of surrounding and completed the piece with profounder shot of weirdness and commonplace wondering. And it literally works like a wonder. Check this out: https://gostzvuk.bandcamp.com/album/014 Release date: February 28, 2020
  17. Btw Esa Ruoho aka Lackluster made some renoise tools pack called paketti that mimic some of IT workflow functionalities
  18. kausto


    When i got boss rsd10 and was messing with its pitch input i found that Pen Expers was made like this: Oberheim DX -> RSD10 -> Y-Cable -> RSD10 Pitch Input \ > Mix
  19. Lol just recalled i had pretty intense convulsions when i reached cloudline listening to exai for the first time. Yeah i was stoned af but i did not had such sensations before.
  20. Imagine 7th slip or cloudline (+skullsnap) sort of funk 4xLP Oohh
  21. xoxos vst midi stuff is cool (but windows only 32bit vst)
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