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  1. That one's nice. But I really, really like the one immediately after this (209:15 on my rip) with the additive/harmonic pad, comb-filtered 808 beat and analog mono line. I wish I knew what this was. Feels like it couldn't be too far from the 90s Gescom crew.
  2. It's good. The 2 tracks before it and particularly the one after it, chenc9, are starting to grow on me. I'm pretty familiar with the first half of the album by now so I don't need to listen to it as much for a while, much as I adore all the tracks starting with P (including The Plc) I don't know what the big deal is on here with Steels. It's not great but it's OK. It's much better than that stupid Fol3. Sounds like a reject from Minidisc run through some kind of granulator and then a LFO->pan. :sleeping:
  3. Lots & lots of them. The middle of Draft and the beginning of the new one. There's eerie undertones all the way through the new one. Overand gives me the willies too...particularly on a cloudy day, after a fresh rain, near or in the woods, all alone. Cfern is cool... I would call it creepy but not unsettling. Nothing on Confield stirred much emotion out of me though I think it's cool-sounding. Caliper Remote also does something for me. Vose In gives me this really crazy feeling... I can't call it unsettling but it's such a strong feeling - like getting a fleeting glimpse of the infinite machinery controlling reality. Even 7 years later it still does it for me. Hmm... I can't pick a "most". It really depends on my mood. They're really good at stirring up tension (if the end of Ccec isn't testament to this, I don't know what is) and they're also good at slipping in hidden details that, once revealed, are like out-of-place, staring eyes.
  4. Interestingly, despite this being the case, & both programs giving the overal duration correctly, they don't track it exactly in sync. Someone's sending me comments on my blog, giving me the start timings of certain tracks from iTunes, & these don't match up exactly with Winamp. It has to be something about the overall length, doesn't it? i guess the programs' inaccuracies become much more apparent when it's over a 12-hour duration! FWIW, this occurs at 521:56 on my version, according to winamp. Sadly I don't know what Brookside is so the joke is lost on me. Indeed it sounds funny and corny, though, and it does sound like the preceding JMJ tune. :on2long:
  5. Ladies & gentlemen, we have a winner! Take a bow, why don'tcha?! What's your soulseek id? [bows] thriftlime.
  6. I did a streamrip. As far as I can tell (I'm at work atm), mine starts at the same time that Ephphatha's. But no transcoding - therefore mine is the BEST. It's on slsk but that's a pretty poor medium for a file of that size. Same here! :D
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