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  1. This compilation is fantastic. Ably Rededicated definitely sounds 100% Plaid. Some wild guesses: Qual - Phoenecia? Vogon Poetry - DMX Krew? Serum - Ochre?
  2. I'm pretty invested into Rust these days. Close to the metal while still possible to make nice abstractions with the Haskell based traits system, many functional language inspired features and much nicer ergonomics than you'd get in C++. The ecosystem is very young so for now I've used it mostly in my spare time but have been able to use it at work in a few cases where I'd normally use C++. Currently working a bit with a UI library called Conrod as cross-platform desktop UI development is in a terrible state with slow as molasses Electron.
  3. tt1pd! what an awesome violent, menacing beast
  4. I still got a bunch of old sets here: http://share.thomascolliers.com/ae/ There's some real magic from 2008 that I really wish I could get at better quality.
  5. Just finished Inside. One of the best games I've played in years. Fantastic visual and sound design, beautiful soundtrack, amazing character animations and what an astounding ending.
  6. Ego

    Fucking Neighbors

    I live in a relatively calm/secluded street in Saigon but it's still LOUD as hell during the day and early evening. Karaoke a few times a week, whole families using the street as their living room, bi-weekly street parties. I don't mind really. They're all very friendly, I like the energy and they'll never complain when I feel like making some noise. I used to live right next to an engine workshop. That was pretty bad on hangover weekends. Every time I get back to Europe everything is so quiet.
  7. Ego

    elseq 1-5

    Was one of the standout tracks on my first listen too. Badass track. Love it when it seems to be fading out and that beat comes in. 7th slip is pretty awesome too. Good times.
  8. So disappointed to come home today and see that Stellaris is only being released at 6 CET. A Paradox game in outer space?
  9. Saw this fine specimen in Phu Quoc http://imgur.com/lXgZTQr
  10. I'll be staying in Vietnam 10 months a year and I do not look forward to telling my friends and parents.
  11. Ego


    I'm pretty anti-fashion to the point it's impeding logic so I'm still using the same ugly Kipling wallet I've been using since I'm 12. Haven't lost the damn thing in 14 years which is pretty impressive considering all the phones I lost. It keeps my shit and I don't lose it so I have no reason to switch really.
  12. I want to drive to Vung Tau asap so I can get out of the city and catch some sun this weekend but the girlfriend has been preparing diner for the last hour by bashing every ingredient to pieces. Just drop the ingredients in the pan ffs!
  13. Ego


    Not sure if this one is real, but much more impressive. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IiMxKxJWHjU
  14. Check your GPU driver
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