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  1. locustlx


    Great idea for the idiots like me who were dumb enough to not buy tickets when Autechre rolled through America. FInally got it downloaded after waiting forever. Can't wait to see what's inside. Thanks Sean and Rob for this amazing Haloween present.
  2. Sources or swing out on the grape vine you came in on http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2015/07/rumour_nintendo_isnt_bringing_devils_third_to_north_america I'm betting they took a gamble on Itagaki's reputation, and waffled on it. Another company will be publishing it, in fact. http://www.siliconera.com/2015/07/10/devils-third-wont-be-published-by-nintendo-of-america-but-it-is-coming-here/ I just love the total confusion surrounding this game right now.
  3. Absoluetly. Poster/download code bundle would be instabuy from me. This is on another level of awesome.
  4. I totally forgot about this game... looks VERY dated. I totally get this sentiment (since this originated as as ps3/xbox 360 title and has gone through like 2 or 3 engine changes) but it still makes absolutely no sense for Nintendo not to advertise this game considering they bought out the publishing rights for it. It's like the exact opposite situation with Bayonetta 2. They put down the money to fund the development of this game and (regardless of quality) to not advertise it is literally throwing their money away. And it's like Nintendo is incredulous of the fact that they are losing money on their games not selling. Games sell when you advertise them to people and E3 is absolutely the place to advertise this sort of game. Especially when you consider that this is a shooter/melee game made by the the creator of the Ninja Gaiden/Dead or Alive series. Like there is a rabid fanbase of devoted Team Ninja fans who have been eagerly awaiting this game since 2010 (regardless of graphical quality issues). Eh whatever I'm still super excited for No Man's Sky though. Game looks like it's gonna be so much fun.
  5. not so disappointed anymore, but definitely was feeling bit let down initially. starting to feel like nintendo had different strategy this year to last year. this year nitnendo seemed to be about games that are going to be more immediately available, showing off 2015 releases and promoting games coming out soon/holiday season. last year nintendo were alot more about just showing off heaps of games and even demo-ing 2015 games (teasing star fox, showing off mario maker, splatoon, yoshis woolly world.. even zelda). i was expecting a similar reveal of new games this year, but instead it was more promoting the games that will be coming out 2015 while keeping tight lip on anything bordering into 2016. not a terrible strategy, but it's a 180 from last year and having those expectations for new stuff to be revealed is more or less where the disappointment came from. i dont exactly think nintendo fucked up or anything anymore tho, it honestly just feels like they had a different strategy in mind with how they were handling e3. Honestly, now that I'm looking at this from a new perspective, the worst part about Nintendo's presence at E3 was really the digital event that started it off. That's been the only sore spot in the majority of their coverage. Their Nintendo World Championship thing was a brilliant way to capture that feeling of Nintendo nostalgia and whoever thought of bringing that back deserves a promotion. The ongoing Treehouse stuff on Twitch has pretty much answered every question about all their games for the next year and they showcased a wide variety of both first-party, third-party, and indie games. And it wasn't just like a trailer but it was like substantial 30-45 minutes showcases of those games. Like watching those 3DS demos of the Metroid and Zelda games has gotten me hyped for their eventual release because you could see the excitement of both the people playing and those who developed the game. I think it was a mistake to have that mini-Nintendo Direct before E3 that announced the Smash Bros. DLC and Earthbound Beginnings and it would have made more sense to include that stuff in their digital event. Like imagine the amount of hype they would have gotten if they had announced Roy, Lucas and Dreamland 64 DLC in the middle of that digital event and then at the end done the old Apple 'one more thing' and shown off Ryu and his stage DLC and then to announce that all that would be available as soon as the digital event was over. I also think it was a mistake to slap the Metroid Prime license on that 3DS game. Don't get me wrong it looks like it's going to be a solid game mechanically but it would have had way more hype if they had announced it as a new IP or even called it something like Metroid Galactic Federation Force. Unfortuantely when Nintendo fans think of Metroid Prime, they think of two things (the "god-tier" console games or the substandard DS Hunters and that one pinball game). So announcing another Metroid Prime handheld game has lowered the expectations for a good majority of individuals. I still don't understand (Well I understand that they don't expect them to sell well and so they don't want to devote a lot of marketing money to those projects) why they refuse to show Devil's Third or Rodea: The Sky Soldier especially when after the backlash occurred they mentioned that they are only focusing on games coming out in the near future. It's like they forgot these games are releasing in August and September, respectably. And finally it seems weird that Reggie is trashing the current VR tech since most people think of Nintendo as innovators in the video game world. Like they're are certain times when I just wished the higher-ups wouldn't make public statements because it's just easy cannon-fodder to stoke the Nintendo hate bonfire.
  6. Okay this is gonna be long-winded and rambly...so just hold on while I work this out but I just finished watching the whole Nintendo digital event and it's really strange to me and this is coming from someone who absolutely loves Nintendo. It's like: Let's focus on all the amiibo-crap while ignoring all the games that are actually coming out. Let's put out a trailer for the new Fatal Frame after the digital event is over. Let's completely ignore Devil's Third even though it's dropping in August. Let's spend the majority of our time showcasing every feature of the awesomeness of Mario Maker (which it will be...pretty much infinite mario now), but only show two levels of Star Fox 0. Let's announce the multiplayer portion of a 3ds metroid prime hunters game as if it was a totally new ip the day before, then the very next day showcase a metroid game that absolutely no one wanted (oh yeah and as an extra f-you, this game doesn't even have samus) Let's ignore the closest thing we have to a new f-zero/wipeout game (FAST Racing Neo) and talk about how cute amiibos are (sorry i really hate this whole amiibo craze if you can't tell) Everyone wants Animal Crossing Wii U edition...fuck it let's make an Animal crossing/mario party mashup from hell (oh and btw if you want to play this you have to buy at least one amiibo) Let's make amiibos for the new skylanders game (because fuck it we don't make games anymore we make little toys that 30-year old men hoard for the potential future profits [beanie babies anyone?]) Oh yeah and we also have Xenoblade Chronicles X (but our fans don't care about epic rpgs...unless you add amiibos to them, right?...) I mean I get that Nintendo has like 10 Nintendo Directs throughout the year to announce new stuff but still you think they would have capitalized on the hype machine that is Splatoon and be like hey btw we also have some paid DLC planned for it after august or even something as simple as opening up the whole amiibo thing and giving players something like mario's hat or link's tunic or samus' arm cannon. Like this whole event just solidifies how out of touch their whole marketing department truly is. Like crap we saw Microsoft provide more hype for Metroid through their Recore trailer than Nintendo did all throughout their presentation. And they completely ignore the fact that it's the 25th year anniversary of that franchise (all they had to do was just port metroid fusion and zero mission to the 3ds...simple stuff) and instead we have to celebrate 30 years of mario (even though we had already celebrated it's 25 year anniversary). I'm honestly speechless at how inept Nintendo's marketing department truly is.
  7. So wait - you MUST buy the Amiibos in order to play any of the bonus levels? Makes sense, as long as the bonus levels are not a majority of the game's content. Yeah they're are like 20 challenege levels for each amiibo that when you complete you end up with a couple of unique pieces of gear....in all honesty though the amiibos aren't totally neccessary (even though they're super fun). The challenge levels are just variations of single player levels (like play through the level with only a limited amount of ink or a certain amount of time or a certain weapon). Also, the pieces of gear you get from those challenges can easily be outmatched by pieces of gear you can buy once you're level 20. They are definite cons to this game that will be fixed throughout the summer come August (ie. the ability to join battles with friends as a team and not get shuffled around every map, 3 maps on rotation instead of 2 every 4 hours, more maps and game modes, "splatfests" so you can get some free rerolls of abilities and not have to spend 30,000 gold) but there are also a lot of mischaracterizations in reviews of this game as well (ie. mandatory motion controls, general nintendo hate for choosing a more "kid-friendly" aesthetic than a typical shooter). But as someone who can easily get burnt out on multiplayer games that offer too much (looking at you battlefield) this whole staggered release schedule (not to mention Nintendo's willingness to engage with the community) is absolutely refreshing to see. Especially considering the fact that everyone seems to think the "wii u is dying quicker than the Dreamcast". Note: My Nintendo Network ID for those that want to add me is: locustlx Second note: I just realized how much I love using parenthesis (It wasn't intentional...except this time)
  8. Been playing Splatoon for days now. Easily the most fun I've had this year with a game. Seriously this is like Nintendo's version of Counter-Strike yet is totally unique. Also loving the whole timed release of maps, modes, and weapons. Seriously to have a new map every other week is insane. It all adds up to a game I'll be playing all summer.
  9. and user0000008673 has this video on his sc profile https://youtu.be/08pWM_67W3M
  10. https://soundcloud.com/wagon-christ-cheesetracks just found this one and i don't know if its been brought up. tracks 2 and 3 have a familiar sample in them. not necessarily related though sounds decent
  11. manage to find these two tracks. they're really short by the way (might be excerpts) Caustic Window - CAT0189.mp3 Caustic Window - TAPE.mp3
  12. If Autechre can have a 5 cd boxset, why cant AFX have a 12 cd one...just saying. Or how about an AFX subscription service? Pay 10 dollars a month and make this the year mental
  13. that second cover is what I was thinking of. Thanks, you're the best.
  14. is there any way you could increase the size of the logo and text on this one?...i really like it.
  15. https://soundcloud.com/user48736353001/4-acid-organ https://soundcloud.com/user48736353001/18-mello-punchy
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