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    Great idea for the idiots like me who were dumb enough to not buy tickets when Autechre rolled through America. FInally got it downloaded after waiting forever. Can't wait to see what's inside. Thanks Sean and Rob for this amazing Haloween present.
  2. Sources or swing out on the grape vine you came in on http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2015/07/rumour_nintendo_isnt_bringing_devils_third_to_north_america I'm betting they took a gamble on Itagaki's reputation, and waffled on it. Another company will be publishing it, in fact. http://www.siliconera.com/2015/07/10/devils-third-wont-be-published-by-nintendo-of-america-but-it-is-coming-here/ I just love the total confusion surrounding this game right now.
  3. Absoluetly. Poster/download code bundle would be instabuy from me. This is on another level of awesome.
  4. I totally forgot about this game... looks VERY dated. I totally get this sentiment (since this originated as as ps3/xbox 360 title and has gone through like 2 or 3 engine changes) but it still makes absolutely no sense for Nintendo not to advertise this game considering they bought out the publishing rights for it. It's like the exact opposite situation with Bayonetta 2. They put down the money to fund the development of this game and (regardless of quality) to not advertise it is literally throwing their money away. And it's like Nintendo is incredulous of the fact that they are losing m
  5. not so disappointed anymore, but definitely was feeling bit let down initially. starting to feel like nintendo had different strategy this year to last year. this year nitnendo seemed to be about games that are going to be more immediately available, showing off 2015 releases and promoting games coming out soon/holiday season. last year nintendo were alot more about just showing off heaps of games and even demo-ing 2015 games (teasing star fox, showing off mario maker, splatoon, yoshis woolly world.. even zelda). i was expecting a similar reveal of new games this year, but ins
  6. Okay this is gonna be long-winded and rambly...so just hold on while I work this out but I just finished watching the whole Nintendo digital event and it's really strange to me and this is coming from someone who absolutely loves Nintendo. It's like: Let's focus on all the amiibo-crap while ignoring all the games that are actually coming out. Let's put out a trailer for the new Fatal Frame after the digital event is over. Let's completely ignore Devil's Third even though it's dropping in August. Let's spend the majority of our time showcasing every feature of the awesomeness of Mario Maker (
  7. So wait - you MUST buy the Amiibos in order to play any of the bonus levels? Makes sense, as long as the bonus levels are not a majority of the game's content. Yeah they're are like 20 challenege levels for each amiibo that when you complete you end up with a couple of unique pieces of gear....in all honesty though the amiibos aren't totally neccessary (even though they're super fun). The challenge levels are just variations of single player levels (like play through the level with only a limited amount of ink or a certain amount of time or a certain weapon). Also, the pieces of gear you
  8. Been playing Splatoon for days now. Easily the most fun I've had this year with a game. Seriously this is like Nintendo's version of Counter-Strike yet is totally unique. Also loving the whole timed release of maps, modes, and weapons. Seriously to have a new map every other week is insane. It all adds up to a game I'll be playing all summer.
  9. and user0000008673 has this video on his sc profile https://youtu.be/08pWM_67W3M
  10. https://soundcloud.com/wagon-christ-cheesetracks just found this one and i don't know if its been brought up. tracks 2 and 3 have a familiar sample in them. not necessarily related though sounds decent
  11. manage to find these two tracks. they're really short by the way (might be excerpts) Caustic Window - CAT0189.mp3 Caustic Window - TAPE.mp3
  12. If Autechre can have a 5 cd boxset, why cant AFX have a 12 cd one...just saying. Or how about an AFX subscription service? Pay 10 dollars a month and make this the year mental
  13. that second cover is what I was thinking of. Thanks, you're the best.
  14. is there any way you could increase the size of the logo and text on this one?...i really like it.
  15. https://soundcloud.com/user48736353001/4-acid-organ https://soundcloud.com/user48736353001/18-mello-punchy
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