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  1. Interesting graphics. Please include relevant numbers on the y-axis!
  2. saikobjorn

    Cheetah EP

    See a Cheetah live: http://www.dyreparken.no/gepardunger/
  3. RIP Mark Bell, thanks for your music.
  4. Okay then! I didn't know you could get the mp3 file directly from soundcloud. Sorry about the misleading comment-
  5. In my opinion, flac/wav is the way to go, because if you make mp3's out of an already lossy file then the lossy conversion will be done twice. But when you do share such files, the best thing is to put something like (soundcloud rip) or (lossy source) in the filename, so people don't go about sharing the files thinking they are legit lossless files.
  6. saikobjorn

    Plaid - Reachy Prints

    This is the best Plaid album in my opinion. I love Plaid's tunes, but this is their first album since Rest Proof Clockwork I can comfortably listen through continuously several times.
  7. If you make a flac out of the 24-bit wav it clocks in at about 28 MB, the same as the 16-bit flac. So as Parsifal said, this basically means the 24-bit file is the same as the 16-bit file, with eight zeros added to each sample. Bleep may have fixed it already, I do not know. Either way, it is indiscernable to the ear, so 16-bit is good enough for me.
  8. The 24-bit flac of "minipops67 [120.2][source field mix]" is the same size as the 16-bit flac - meaning it's a "fake" 24-bit file, upconverted from 16-bit. I assume Bleep will fix this before the album release.
  9. There is a peninsula called Lizard on the south west tip of Cornwall.
  10. I love Yimino, their last album was awesome and so was Autonoe Vora. When I finish my exams I will find a nice spot of grass and listen to this and Tomorrow's Harvest.
  11. I am currently listening to XTEP, and I think it's awesome! Looking forward to the album. I haven't even heard BoC yet, but that's because I am saving it for the summer vacation.
  12. The Tahnaiya Russell track is among my favourite remixes.
  13. Thanks, Nebraska and Velazquez. I am gonna need to opportunities for getting some Bruton vinyl. The catalogue number for Fresh Treasures (BR513) leads me to believe most of this music remains unreleased to the general public, though. Brian Bennet and Alan Hawkshaw have really caught my attention. I feel their music possesses much of the same humour which makes Luke Vibert's music so enjoyable.
  14. After checking it out tonight, I very much agree. Anyone know a way to get access to more Bruton music? In lossless, if possible?
  15. This just came up on What - a selection of library music from the '70s by Luke Vibert. I thought there were just the two Nuggets compilations, and now it seems a third one has been out for a couple of years already?! News to me, probably jazz to some, but I thought some of you would like to know about it. http://www.unippmglobal.com/#/composers/Composers%20I-P/Luke%20Vibert.aspx
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