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  1. So something like this pops up when I disappear for a bit, definitely was surprised to see one of the old pseudonyms on the front page! Going to purchase after this post to show support. Anymore in the pipeline from E&A? :] Of course both of these tracks are also from the infamous unreleased tapes that Boredroom was gracious enough to share (but I'm sure took some flak for it). I remember a few old tweets by Andy mentioning they would like to remaster and re-release some of this old material, but needed to have a dialogue with Ken. I hope this is only the beginning of some gems from that period. Thanks for the effort Detuned! I will be be keeping a much closer eye out now. I had pretty much given up that any old unreleased material would surface.
  2. Does anyone have access to the Reload remixes, specifically The Augur Mix 1 and The Augur Mix 2? I made the stupid mistake of not downloading these when they were available.
  3. I love Gerard Hanson's work, particularly under his E.R.P. moniker, although a lot of it appears to be unreleased bits from his live shows. As for this track, I like it, but the others are right in saying it's no Whirling of Spirits (I know it only reminded you of it). Speaking of which, to your point - there needs to be more music like this being made, especially from Plaid themselves! I am not optimistic of either outcome.
  4. Thanks for the heads up! De:Tuned has been doing some great things recently. As for the remix, it's no Shambala. This would have been the perfect opportunity for them to explore the Detroit sound again.
  5. Hadn't heard this before, but I sure know both of the Balil and Atypic samples. What I find interesting is that I had heard something from a Lone podcast that sampled Otaku as well as the same string sample that comes in around 2:30 on this track. Check it out: https://soundcloud.com/magicwire/lone-b2b-gabriola-midnight-vapour-trail-ep12 (tune in at about 49:30)
  6. I was hoping this would have made it out on something by now. The wait continues.
  7. Anything with the name Balil attached is of the utmost quality. Seriously, we need some new Balil (and Atypic) material. E&A if you are reading...
  8. Interesting interview. I have a feeling the Oberheim Matrix 12 and Matrix 1000 are behind some of my favorite sounds from The Black Dog era. Also, it is good to see that Ed and Andy have not ditched all of their old gear. Playing live with an SH-101 and DX100 (and of course the Rytm's) is a welcome sign. I am very eager to hear this new EP. Someone better record that show tonight!
  9. I wasn't able to tune in. Does anyone know if any unreleased Plaid/alias material was played? Also, I was browsing the chat log and there was a Humanoid (Brian Dougans?) remix of a B12 tune? Does anyone have any info on that?
  10. You aren't the only one. I know there is a treasure trove of early material out there somewhere. I remember seeing Andy mentioning something (to one of the Dust's) via Twitter a while back about unreleased Black Dog material. DO IT TO IT!
  11. I don't want to turn this into a pissing contest, but Ed and Andy's work under Black Dog Productions alone solidifies them ahead of any other electronic musician in my book.
  12. WOW! The only thing missing is Stasis and Nuron. Amazing list - this will surely be a success!
  13. Disc 3 was the Rising High releases - Black Dog Productions EP + Parasight EP, which was material by Ed and Andy. From the AMA there is still legal issues regarding those releases (and probably Rising High releases in general), which meant they had to axe the original 3 Disc set. I really want to know if the rumored Balil LP on Rising High was legit. If so, maybe this is some of the material they are talking about releasing.
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