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  1. The track is stunning, thanks Rob and Sean and ae_store for the download of it.
  2. I was thinking III, and maybe Effector. The ones that are more "psychedelic" than dark.
  3. To me this has similar vibes to (cEvin Key's) Download, when they are being a touch trance-y.
  4. One of the very very very very very few artists worth a very real damn. Keep this guy, annihilate the rest please.
  5. It's already been blocked by Warp for copyright infringement, if we were looking for proof that the set was to be released at some point ! It may not be proof of anything, other than not letting the Google/YouTube monolith sell ads and profit off their work for comparatively nil return.
  6. I hate this band, everything about them, complete meatheads, utterly moronic music, they represent everything shit about metal etc etc. But this one song is so unbelievably amazing. Doesn't make sense....
  7. There's also the "can't ever recover from the first album" brigade. I'd include: - Liz Phair - Goldfrapp
  8. Everything Ministry ever did after Paul Barker left. They were already going down but this was just off a cliff. Everything PJ Harvey did after Is This Desire? *EXCEPT FOR* the first two-thirds of White Chalk, which for some reason is back on form. Everything Shihad ever did after Killjoy. Tri-rep, Draft, Quaristice and Exai are all wobbles in my book, but only cos the others set the standard so high. Every second album they tend to come back up, if they really work. I think you can tell when they are unfocussed/distracted. Alva Noto: after Unitxt, Univrs really was a pile of piss.
  9. I saw Peter Wright mentioned already but not sure if anyone posted tracks. He's a guitarist from New Zealand. If you know the NZ scene you probably know who he is. It's ambient, but it seethes.
  10. outofhand


    Maybe cos promo is naff? If you're looking for it you'll find it. If you're not, you won't.
  11. +1. Bumping this cos it deserves it. Good luck finding a CD copy.
  12. I highly recommend the "Outre" album by Portal. Mindbending.
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