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  1. Nice :) Glad to hear this. I've got Ableton so you'd recommend I look further into Max/MSP instead? Certainly, Max can do incredible things if you put the time in. If you're less certain about getting into "hardcore programming" then Reaktor is still a great shout, and there's plenty of integration available between any DAW and the Reaktor VST/AU plugins.
  2. Totally pointless. Reaktor, Max/MSP, Nord Modular, etc. etc. etc. will give you far more flexibility than this. Why on Earth this concept went further than the rough sketches I don't know.
  3. Problem is, that would probably pose more interesting sonic possibilities than whatever this thing freaking turns out to be. JUST ANNOUNCE PLS.
  4. Just spent £200+ on PCBs. 10x10 different designs. Granted it's my job but even so, that's a whole lotta fibreglass.
  5. Wouldn't be surprised if there was at least one assassination attempt. No joke.
  6. So rather than buying a load of gospel records and playing them backwards, I'm looking for more haunting, ghostly choral stuff akin to this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q1-MY9ESIP0 and even this, at least before Moby happens: Apologies for terrible use of adjectives. GO!
  7. So I only just listened to Since the Accident and City Slab Horror in the last few weeks for the first time and holy shit this is brilliant. Very reminiscent of pre-Dare! Human League material to me. Plenty of love for this stuff.
  8. Nice to hear Clark joining in on the "Stoya" vibes.
  9. FUCK YES to people getting their gear that they wanted. *hugs all around* You're gonna have a great time / no sleep at all.
  10. This. Machinedrum DSP + Rytm analogue filter and drive section + Rytm sequencer = GO.
  11. Yeah just get them, they're so good. Really quite saddened that Elektron have decided to cull them. I'm hoping they replace them with digital machines which are just as good, otherwise this is super lame on their part to be quite honest.
  12. Fake, sadly. As Jan said, it's people trying to make a fast buck.
  13. If we sharing snippets, get some of this: https://www.instagram.com/p/BGmcfxBzBAR/?taken-by=finlayshakespeare The Machinedrum's integration with the modular is blowing me away BTW. A decent MIDI->CV converter + sending separate trigs from the RAM machines is just giving me all kinds of vibeyMEGA VIBESvibey
  14. The fact that this is more than 11 years old now. What?
  15. Those Zoom recorders are great in my opinion, especially for the cost. My Zoom H1 has done a lot of my gig recordings in the past.
  16. JOHN* IS RISEN Just took the MnM back to the studio, tried on OS reflash - nothing. Opened it up, disconnected the PCB interconnects - none of the terminals looked unclean or corroded, and cleaned with isopropyl but nothing came off. Decided to just try powering it back up before looking at the CPU/DSP board, and lo and behold, it booted. If you want a thrilling video diary of what happened... Keeping an eye firmly on how it behaves over the next week - I'm playing a brand new set in a fortnight's time, hence I wanted the MnM back so impatiently and didn't want to wait for Elektron, though I had gotten in touch with them. Either way, I'm very very very happy and going to drink plenty of beer to celebrate. *thx Sean
  17. Wellll gladly I've only lost 6 patterns worth of new stuff... which is all taped as audio whilst developing the patterns, so it's all retrievable. It's just getting the thing to boot which is causing me to panic. There are three things I'm going to try: -Reseating and cleaning internal interconnects -Replacing the CPU board battery -Inspecting the CPU board DSP + SRAM I think it's going to the be latter that has the problem - there's no reason that I can see where the test mode would report a problem caused by interconnects if the DSP and memory chips are on the same PCB as the CPU. What I think it must be are some cooked-up joints on that board. It's mounted "upside-down" at the bottom of the unit. Is there any ventilation in the MD or MnM? No. Therefore, as soon as that board gets warm, the joints are just going to go to shit after a certain time. Unfortunately, there are no photos online of what the component side of the CPU board looks like, but from the limited research I could carry out, it looks like all the chips are in QFP packages, not BGA. The former allows me to resolder/reflow the joints, the latter would not. So, I'm hoping I can so a quick reflow of everything (with a shitload of flux) and the joints will be OK. I feel fairly comfortable doing this as I used to do this as a dayjob, and in plenty of ways still do. All my fingers are firmly crossed. Will report back. I'd rather not send this thing back - I think the problems Elektron may be having are sourcing the SRAM chips for this very CPU board. If the Mk2s use the same chips as the Mk1 for the DSP RAM, it looks like they're pretty difficult to source now.
  18. Blargh blargh blargh blargh nothing but tears of sadness and woe for everyone it seems The above is meant truly sincerely, no joke. This thing is incredible and I'm so sad that people can't get hold of them.
  19. I could cry right now. Can't believe this has happened. Just telling someone about how I've gotten into taping everything from the monitors so I don't lose any magic moments, go to show him what I've been working on and my MnM craps out. I'm actually gutted. This thing has been a dear friend for so long and I'm really hoping it's an easy fix I can do myself. Sounds like a speech that belongs in Star Wars or some shit but it's so true.
  20. futureimage

    elseq 1-5

    me too, i mean srsly what is an Audeger ? sounds like an recording software Audatechre.
  21. futureimage

    elseq 1-5

    Indeed. I've just discovered this one and it's now a favourite. Remind me a little of 'y7'. SO much funkier though.
  22. futureimage

    elseq 1-5

    they use some interesting "geometric" phase-based synthesis there, not unlike what's used to drive laser animation projectors.. sounds similar too.. ....Anyone run it through an XY scope yet?
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