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  1. Alright, I'll be lambasted. Foals' forum used to be decent, but then it got taken over by Warner and it turned ultra-shit. Might be still worth a shot if it exists though.
  2. You need a (serious) lot of (serious) gear to pull enough current to worry about it. Think many-many-channel analogue desk + tape machines + + + + + + We have run all of this off one 13A plug before. No worries. In fact, in the below video, I think we were only running off 3x 13A plugs:
  3. Poly mode is still something that blows me away every time, particularly with experimenting with differing LFOs per voice. So good.
  4. Anyone saying that the MS20 Mini isn't good enough, for the price, needs their head checked. I had a brief play with one and, in comparison to both originals and the kit reissue I've played, it's the same synth. It just feels smaller... because it is...
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xYmtkMeqjxk YES!
  6. Could you elaborate on why you suggest the MS20, other than the obvious fact that it's also an analog, MIDI-capable monosynth with a keyboard? I've been eyeing them, they just seem really fun and cool looking, like nice stress-relief. I have a Microbrute and it's OK, I never really use it. I probably wouldn't use the MS20 much either, really, I'm practically talking myself out of it now, ha. Again, ultimately biased, the MS20 is my favourite instrument of all time, and has been for a while now. It's the heart of our studio - we use it for plenty of synths BUT also processing, and I think this is often overlooked, but those who know use their MS20s all the time. Even recording bands, I tend to run plenty through the MS20 - drums, guitars, vox sometimes, etc. etc. etc. IT'S JUST BRILLIANT K?
  7. I'm biased as fuck because I did a lot of the in-house testing of the BS2 whilst it was in the final stages of development, but it *does* win hand down over the Arturia synths. The only thing I'd say you -should- maybe contemplate is the Korg MS20 Mini and, now, Minilogue. The MS20 obviously doesn't have presets and a sequencer and proper MIDI and etc. etc. etc. It might be worth you listening to this - Elektron Machinedrum + Monomachine + BS2. BS2 is doing a lot of the whacked out sequences as controlled by the Machinedrum.
  8. This is what I thought but then... ...this is what I thought also. I just wanna play those longer strobey ones across a massive PA with a really bright projection. All the way to seizureville.
  9. New shit! Channel's back up! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9pV9mwnaeVA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D9X9r2QYFlc
  10. Obviously this isn't Ae and I'm not trying to insinuate that whatsoever, but that Per one has so much of a Latent Quarter vibe:
  11. Unfavorable Semicircle
  12. Exactly what I thought. Couldn't find ANY entry on this at all over here though.
  13. Surprised there wasn't a thread about this YouTube channel before now - doing a search gave me absolutely nothing. There's a load of conspiracy shit about it over at the Reddit, but I'm more interested in the content itself. Some of it gets pretty "IDM" or whatever: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dmrGzzW4eTc
  14. First EP is now up here yo yo yo yo: https://lickingorchids.bandcamp.com/releases
  15. One Moog Mother-32 + Roland RE-201. From my recollection, two takes, then two tracks of those takes processed.
  16. Absolutely killer score. Have wanted this since the first episode aired.
  17. New compilation out from Anti-Ghost Moon Ray, home of Gazelle Twin, Bernholz, Great Pagans and more. I'm very happy to have submitted a track to this - the people behind AGMR are absolutely lovely. The compilation generally is really great and has a nice flow to it, and all proceeds go to Medecins Sans Frontieres. Here's the blurb: Purchase here!
  18. Thank you guys! I think both of us had a bit of a semi-unsaid "this sounds like Bjork so let's make it more Bjork" attitude and direction. Having said that one of the tracks sounds more like Portishead... but we went in that direction with that track too More to come soon I hope!
  19. For those who are *really* interested, the below shows up a few very interesting effects and some absolutely amazing musicianship: 7:40 onwards is a particularly "whoa" moment.
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