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  1. Yeah I reckon he has tonnes of gear. His divorce sounded horrible.
  2. My Frusciante vinyl is worth a fucking fortune bwahaha.
  3. Had a few more listens finding this pretty bad still. Cant think of a single interesting moment.
  4. First listen has this as their third worst but it was in the car so entirely unfair to judge. I imagine I will grow to love it.
  5. Going to blast this album on my drive from Derry to Belfast later today. Haven't taken a half dsy after a shitty week including a classic Richie 24 hour shift on call.
  6. It's class, pretty expensive now but standard for Dublin. Serve kebabs in proper naan.
  7. Is Dr Oetker even a real doctor like me or Dublin's Dr Kebab?
  8. Damogen is much much better. This album flows really badly also. I place it just above Ufabulum but not as good as other second tier albums such as Hello Everything. Lamental is better and flows better.
  9. I'll give them another chance and give some more feedback. Medically I dont really see how they could work when my tinnitus is nerve damage. Wow that Cayce advise is garbage.
  10. I was living in Cork for a few years up to 2019. He came and played some random show there in and around 2018 in an art gallery and about 3 people turned up. Was like a Tuesday not advertised and pretty bad modular type improv. No idea why it happened.
  11. Yeah exactly the same. It/Classics and dump are my fave of his.
  12. Baroque bangers. Can't wait. Gonna be like Oversteps.
  13. I started one, mostly just photos of scenery and buildings. https://www.instagram.com/richie_sombrero/?hl=en
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