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  1. I don't think Tom sounds the cunt in that story. If man doesn't want a photo taken of him fair enough.
  2. maybe it's Sean doing that in the jazz thread here.
  3. Good luck to him but have not liked the direction he has gone in since Rakka.
  4. This one is a blinder: https://theheatwarps.com/2020/04/14/miles-davis-quartet-751969-newport-jazz-fest/
  5. Great releases but finding it a bit hard to keep up!
  6. Could you stop ruining this thread with shit memes please.
  7. New song sounds quite promising, meant to have latin influence but reminds me more of taiko drumming. Glad they are back. Alleged US tour this autumn then Euro festivals next year.
  8. Self-help books are mostly a sham industry.
  9. K is incredible. Also his Labyrinth 08 set that mnmlssgs published is my favourite mix of all time.
  10. I work in psychiatry and was presenting on zoom to a regional autism group the other night. Really inspiring to hear Sean talk openly about his neurodivergence and a lot of it resonates with me also. So rare to hear a master be so unpretentious. Like what other band active for over 30 years hasn't lost the plot? Utterly fantastic video and weirdly relaxing? Like when I had down time on my on call yesterday I was watching it and it chilled me out which was beneficial as I had to stay an hour late to help a drug addict choking on his own vomit.
  11. I'm trying not to buy records now that are expensive due to deliberate paucity alone these days. Boomkat were saying it wasn't their fault it was the label's, but comes across as more of an art posturing price than anything, I mean the coloured vinyl was £25, same price I've paid for Farben Texstar vinyl press. Love Dozzy, love the music, but something is wrong here.
  12. It's really good but LP priced like a double for 24 mins of music. A shame from that point of view.
  13. Got this recently for a fiver second hand. Had never heard of it. Really enjoyable! Super bright almost high-life guitars. Really prominent bass fusion. Tip!
  14. Absolutely huge. Didn't see this coming!
  15. Sleazy moved to Thailand and mentioned rentboys in his Wire interview but was clear that none were underage, as far as I recall.
  16. Didn't like Rakka much so unsure about this one. Wish he'd make some more wonky dub techno but he has earned the right to do what he wants.
  17. I see this got a Tone Poet release but it's nuff expensive.
  18. yes, a digital only compilation that is no longer available.
  19. Don't get the hype with them. Same as Bicep. Not very good!
  20. It's probably my favourite too.
  21. Do you know what. Someone convinced me to listen to this and it's not as bad as I expected. The piano is more classical than jazzy which is a shame but it sounds like the soundtrack to a Nordic crime drama. Reminds me a bit of some of Francesco Tristano's piano/electronic stuff. Was hoping for more of a Metallica Lulu disaster, but this ain't it.
  22. I've seen videos in twitter in passing of alleged Russian executions north of Kyiv of civilians. I'm finding the constant flow of info and dis-info very difficult to parse and navigate. On the one hand, it could very well be propaganda but perhaps I just want to believe that to shield myself from the horrific truth. At face value, it looks correct and I have no doubt Russia is the aggressor and has committed atrocities. Kyiv summer tracks is one of my favourite releases from the last couple of years. Hope you're well man. I miss your beautiful city. I see 20ft Radio are doing a fundraiser and I've donated. Give me a shout anytime.
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