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  1. Didn't think I'd get to see them live in that era but out of the blue they announced a Belfast gig between a Scando and Japanese tour. Basically didn't promote it and arena was half full. It was literally the greatest thing that ever happened to me at the time. I'll never not love them even if they are probably Torys.
  2. Really quite impressive. The best of his recent remixes, along with Go Go Penguin.
  3. They all came out w/ Amnesiac as it had singles. Fast - Trak The Amazing Sounds Of Orgy Trans-Atlantic Drawl Kinetic Honestly, I'm pretty disappointed as I was much more interested in hearing creative process of these sessions, even the blips had more cool stuff than this new release. Those are just the official ones listed, I'm sure there's tonnes of fairly developed stuff not released.
  4. Dunno why this doesn't include all the B-sides from the era either.
  5. Funny how they toured this material originally with the No Logo tent tour.
  6. Think second in trilogy has actually been attributed to Concrete Desert.
  7. I see CITR (Vancouver Station) has started posting new episodes of The Jazz Show after over a year. I was worried it had ended. Anyways, the shows going back decades are an absolute reservoir of essential knowledge. https://www.citr.ca/radio/the-jazz-show/
  8. Recorded this 3 hour mix that went out on Belarus' wonderful Radio Plato. 3 hours of relaxed/balearic music 105-120 bpm. Enjoy!
  9. Really saddens me I'll never get into this. Phantasia I sounded wonderful, listening to a total of 5 second clips for 30 seconds but I'm utterly fatigued and punch-drunk. And drunk.
  10. Put the vinyl on again yesterday. Truly astounding. My favourite album by them now.
  11. Track 2 is great, would def be into a complete dub album.
  12. Bedwetting techno aspect to his sound. Shed does it much better.
  13. Will then randomly bomb some houses near Warp HQ but never Warp HQ.
  14. Might do a boomkat thread v Israel Palestine conflict random quote thread. Not sure I could tell the difference.
  15. Boomkat knows what it is doing and I am here for it.
  16. Yeah my boxset came, pretty good. My weird neighbour stole my hoodie though. I'll keep you all informed as to developments.
  17. Bought this despite having OG and Squarepusher Plays. I'm quite stupid really.
  18. Yes I was there for a week in May 2019, sadly just after Closer Festival! Very friendly, good shops and bars. Diskultura was class.
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