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  1. I'm excited for Kid A era rarities hopefully this year, Thom alluded to super plans for 20th anniversary. I'd say there's a lot more interesting stuff in the tank from round then compared to OKC.
  2. If I ever start Sombrero Fest I will ask him to play b2b with Lanark Artefax.
  3. Have people received their vinyl? I can't remember when it's out, haven't got mine yet.
  4. Nah, you're a wee child who can't wait for official release. Embarrassing. Shove your privilege.
  5. Anyone criticizing this album before it's even fucking out should be expelled from the party and/or executed.
  6. I'm absolutely fucking furious that someone posted a scallion as an image supposedly representing a leak.
  7. Went 5 years ago when Ae and Squarepusher were there. Overall it was good, but I'd not rush back either.
  8. Didn't realize he'd done a lot of soundtrack work the last few years. Need to check it.
  9. Can anyone identify what colour block jacket Tom is wearing in press shots?
  10. Quite interested to compare this to Damogen, which was the best album of the 10's.
  11. Got an internet radio (fucking class) and trying to find good local stations around the world or internet stations. Currently listening to: WWOZ - heritage station from New Orleans playing jazz etc... Half is Enough Radio playing minimal out of Romania. Looking good recommendations for banging stations from around the world. Obv aware of NTS etc...
  12. I like his new look. Looks like he is fronting Muse lol.
  13. It's very good, just unfortunate for any album to have to follow Ultravisitor.
  14. 2020's are fucked lollllllll. No seriously, someone please help.
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