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  1. The only way I'll pay for this site is if it helps me find my Asian Soulmate as promised
  2. I was drinking warm glasses of piss way before it was cool/cured covid
  3. Just tell me if it's Good or Shit I can't be bothered to read everyone's long multiple word analyses. Good? or Shit? (btw these are the only possible two classifications of all art)
  4. I've been cancelled by my wife's entire family for sending her unvaccinated antivax cousin the dancing african pallbearers gif after hearing the news that she has covid. The joke didn't go over as I'd expected
  5. Actually there were 253 (UK) working days in 2021. Let's say he took weekends and bank holidays off like the rest of us, he actually recorded and published a track for every 0.92 days. 1.08 tracks per day. Do you think he still has a body or has he just become pure IDM?
  6. Are you saying, in 2021, aleksi recorded and published a track for every 1.3 days? Wtfuq
  7. I wonder if that russian knockoff burial is still ripping off good burial or has he also moved onto shit burial? I can't remember the name
  8. Can't decide whether to buy it or just wait till I hear the whole thing for free via adam curtis films
  9. Will I like this even though he's been Cancelled on twitter?
  10. I knew someone in the early 00s who somehow already knew she was a fan, before she even did herself, because he used to talk about it all the time. He also wouldn't shut the fuck up about the mars volta, and also stunk
  11. I heard on darkweb reddit that Windowliker got it's name because aphex is one of cornwall's top glassblowers, is this true?
  12. I have a bad back AND a newborn baby, so I win in excuses to not see pusha yesterday Woz it good any1?
  13. Ok...same account on twitter has a continuing clip of the poor souls falling off post take off if you're desperate to see it. I wish I hadn't.
  14. There are videos on twitter of desperate Afghans clinging to the side of that plane as it takes off from Kabul, and falling to their deaths. I won't share. Grim.
  15. I have friends in Afghanistan, a married couple and their two young daughters. They made arrangements for the wife and daughters to move to Dubai immediately after the exit was announced. He left a few days ago. He (was) a government minister. They would've almost certainly all been murdered. They are in bits about the friends and colleagues left behind. It's so fucking awful.
  16. The only shit thing about watmm is people bringing other awful bits of internet with them (for example the monthly jordan peterson thread)
  17. I don't care what this is, I'm only into Julie D James now and her important work on Welsh climate
  18. Genuinely the main reason I'll be buying, so my money can be redistributed amongst watmmers affected by the biggest electronic music scandal since moby diddled natalie portman
  19. It's just a total failure of leadership. Fossil fuels for leccy production should've been phased out years ago. Decades. As soon as nuclear became viable. Knock that on the head and we take a HUGE step forward. Most problems would be solved, we'd just have to deal with cow farts. Remove all fossil fuels from energy production (completely possible, just needs political will), ban sale of new fossil fuel vehicles NOW, with permanent scrappage, buy back schemes for carbon emitting vehicles (completely possible, just needs political will), ban use of single use plastics in ANY application, standardise materials so everything can be 100% recycled via curbside waste collection (completely possible, just need political will). Political lobbying should be banned. These industries need to legislated the fuck out of, because they won't change on their own (at the speed we need them to anyway). They need to be forced. Even with air travel and sea freight. Just fucking strongarm them so they're forced to chuck money at the problem and come up with better solutions. They're not going to change until they HAVE to. I shouldn't be having to make the choice over buying loose carrots or a plastic bag of carrots in packaging that says "not yet recycled" on it. Why the fuck is that choice up to me? Fucking legislate
  20. The world gubbermints have massively dropped the ball. https://grid.iamkate.com/ Why is the UK's energy mix still averaging 42% fossil fuel? I remember being taught all about this in primary school in the early 90s. We should've gone majority nuclear yonks ago
  21. I only use Facebook for looking at the group for the estate where I live, for juicy neighborhood goss. Probably check a couple times a week. I'm also in the watmm Facebook group but it's shit?!
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