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  1. It sure would be great if you could still buy these ISDN transmissions 😞 Edit: overlooked the link to FSOLdigital in the article -- you can still buy it!
  2. Northern Lights ζ Mizar out now. Aleksi likes a spot of shimmer reverb, innit.
  3. NewSchoolScience


    Yeah, agreed. After the earlier post-split albums they've just been making decent but pretty run-of-the-mill techno. Nothing like the original Black Dog stuff. I don't think Ken has much to do with it any more though? Well, it's always the annoying, embittered Dust Science brothers, Martin and Richard, you hear from these days anyways. They take themselves way too seriously, like they think they're the UR of Sheffield or something.
  4. Phantasia VI out today 🙂 PHANTASIA VI by Aleksi Perälä
  5. NewSchoolScience


    Come back Boredroom, bring us volume 2 pls
  6. The first time I heard Geogaddi was at this:
  7. It's from 1992 I believe. It's got some rough cut / demo versions of tracks from Bytes (Caz etc.) and Spanners (Psil-cosyin etc.) on it.
  8. Yeah, I believe the cassette was given away at a really early tBd live gig.
  9. I've definitely heard of this fabled Balil album. IIRC it was something to do with Rising High Records dropping the ball and getting into licencing issues with Warp? I have the tBd live jam sessions volume 1. Ken wasn't happy about that making it into the public domain. Volume 2 never seemed to see the light of day 😞
  10. BTW, how bad is the mastering on Bytes? I'd really love to see Warp release a remastered version of this.
  11. I'd recommend the albums Bytes and Spanners like @thumbass has said. Two of the best albums of all time. Anything they did after the Plaid split just isn't the same, although I really like Silenced (the tone reminds me of Spanners). Oh ... and can we get some big love for 3/4 Heart pls -- the very best they've done I think (except for Psycosyin).
  12. Aleksi has released 20 (TWENTY) hours of music this year ... and there's still loads to come in the Northern Lights and Fantasia series. Unreal.
  13. This reminds me of the RA article about Drexciya that kicked off an identity politics SJW furore in the 313 hyperreal email group a few years back 😕 https://www.mail-archive.com/[email protected]/msg108087.html Oh dear, I can see that Denise was still at it two years later before getting banned: https://www.mail-archive.com/[email protected]/msg108804.html
  14. Awww man, that sucks. The 'On A Journey' and 'The Art of Music' albums are great, listened to them a lot back in the day.
  15. £41 for the CD to the UK is ... eh ... extortionate, but can't resist 🙂 This gem will be passed from father to son for generations to come.
  16. We'll be told the real track names once we arrive at the Colundi commune.
  17. Haha, yeah. The cover art is awful. I agree. The music, thankfully, is superb!
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