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  1. Some absolute cunt came into my garden and cut off this tree! I don't even know who it was!
  2. You gotta lean the keyboard against the monitor in an upright position
  3. I recently re-discovered ICO, never finished it for some reason, although I loved it. Maybe this time.
  4. I had a chat the other day with a guy from Mexico (I think, I forgot) and he kept telling me how much he liked the United States when he was there, then he went on about how "the blacks there are different to the blacks here" (in Germany), but wasn't really able to explain to me what he meant by that. Eventually he started singing praises for his host family who were "real whites" as he put it, and I still didn't get what he was on about and thought he was making a joke. Friends told me later how much they disliked the guy because of his constant racist remarks and I felt like an idiot.
  5. This is a terrible thing but we know psychopaths or people having psychotic episodes exist, so on a global scale, the real shocking part of this whole thing for me is the media reaction. This really is the best thing for them, isn't it? Guaranteed viewers, the journalist battle begins, who can come up with the crudest headline, who prints the best face-close-up of unpixelated relatives ariving at the airport? I get how the public wants to know about how and why a plane crashed. Me too, I hate flying. But I'd like to hear one good, morally understable reason for a single journalist to be at the crashsite, videotaping relatives from behind the fence. This is a real life horror story and we all like a good old front row seat. Did you catch the moment of realization on that guy's face that his loved ones are dead? Are we gonna use the frame where he's still got an expression of disbelief on his face or should we go for the one that's got full tears and mouth-covering going on? No, I think I'm feeling subtle today, we're just gonna zoom in on the frozen eyes riiiiight....NOW! A blue filter to set the mood is self-explanatory. I have no problem with the jokes in this thread or with any resulting internet meme about this. But I never cease to be amazed at the hypocritical press vultures and the self-declared celebrity spokespeople who express their deep sorrow that really has about the same emotional depth that goes along with them loosing a packet of crisps or something. Copilot guy lived half an hour from my house by the way. I flew the same route four times last year, but with another airline. I even videotaped those mountains from above, and the very first video I took on that SD card, coindidentally, was a shot of the Düsseldorf Airport's Memorial Room as I was killing time there. I made an audio recording of the (empty) room's ambience, too. That has a very eerie notion for me now.
  6. Even though I am on the exact same page and totally agree with Lump, Lyst, Candiru and Bordie, it's nice to see how this discussion is going rather maturely despite totally opposite viewpoints. It seems the opinion on the quality of an album is mostly just a matter of ones personal impression of the "artistic integrity" involved in the making. The question is ... is there someone who "got it right" or is this just a manifestation of different views on music and life in general, hence utterly subjective? I'm not sure. But still agree with the guys I mentioned.
  7. I came here to be a spoilsport and say that I find T.H. hasn't aged well at all. The longer the break I take from it, the less I think of it the next time round. I've never really "enjoyed" the album in the first place, but I gave it a chance to grow on me, which it did, for a little bit. I guess it was mostly the BoC-Withdrawal speaking, I really wanted it to be good, but I think at this point it's safe to say that IMO it is their weakest release by far. It's also really the only album by them that from start to finish sounds like the kind of music that was made because someone wanted to make it, not because someone HAD to make it., if you know what I mean. And they have mentioned in interviews how they were going through "darker times" around the time Geogaddi was produced, which is a state of mind that I think either purposely and/or involuntarily found its way into the music they created then. Maybe T.H. is the result of them literary having "not much to say" at the moment. Could also be the reason for their total abscence in the years before. Which is fine really, it's a legitimate development, they're people, not the mystical figures some fans want them to be. Of course I'd never have said that before hearing T.H. as I am way too curious a person for that type of thing, but having properly digested T.H., I'd even go so far and say I kind of wish they didn't release that album in the first place. I can't imagine them being satisfied with the way it sounds. Then again, I reckon they're the type of artists who are never 100% satisfied with what they created, which is honorable. But some part of them must have told them, this isn't on the same level as some shit we did years ago. So I hope they wait until they're actually inspired until the next release, even if it takes them 20 years. And cut down all the marketing shenanigans and fan service. Just make the type of music you want to make. Maybe I'm completely off with my estimation and they are high-fiving each other about Tomorrow's Harvest every morning, but somehow I don't see that being the case. I mean, listen to Happy Cycling (MHTRT Version), that shit was raw and inspired, not polished and hollow. Okay watmm I'm out again for a bit. See you in some weeks probably!
  8. So how was it, by the way?
  9. No but seriously he's been avoiding answering that question it seems. Ambrosia has never been mentioned again, I asked about it on his facebook page a while back I think (when he announced that something new was about to be produced and released) and he usually replies to his comments, but never about Ambrosia. Maybe he has writer's block or something.
  10. There's all these voices on watmm and I feel the same way without having heard the album yet - but the friend who was going to give it to me for my birthday said he'd rather give me Syro since he has heard Persistence of Vision and it is a piece of shit. But I don't believe him.
  11. Only 2 months late, yay! - I'm in Town again, me and my girlfriend spent the entire last night looking for some kind of bar or club with decent danceable music, no luck. Looked around Placa del Sol and walked the whole of Diagonal without finding any. Only here for two more nights - There's gotta be something somewhere ... ?!
  12. AH that is so annoying, I live there but I am in Barcelona that weekend! We could have gone to some parties and hung out with some techno nerds n shit, what a shame!!! you're only here this one weekend? And yeah Köln (Cologne) is most likely better, I don't know the inside of any clubs in my town, I think they're pretty shit, I'm always going to some semi-private home-parties, but it's hit and miss with the music of course.
  13. ^ in the movie they probably have even less detail because the creators couldn't be arsed to wait for long render times ... or were threatened by the client if they didn't finish the job in time. by the way, did anyone point this out ... ?
  14. Autechre-Trivia-Page-Number BTW
  15. I get THIS as an ad for Telecom, biggest phone company in the country - they can't be serious? Did Aphex hack Facebook-Ads as part of the campaign or what?
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