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  1. yeah - the first one has a longer pause in it, and that's the version on the warp store
  2. it's just prepping advice for the impending fall of civilisation put through a vintage vocoder
  3. it's great but it definitely feels more like a cheetah style EP of experiments with microtones rather than a monolithic aphex twin album. very happy to have it, lovely bonus for a wonderful gig
  4. god track 6 with the shifting tempos is amazing. was incredible live. so happy to have that one these all sound like they're based around microtones. makes sense since he's been talking about that so much recently
  5. got one, managed to keep it safe during deth girps
  6. exclusive record vs needing to lug a record around all day at a festival decisions... probably sold out by the time i arrive anyway lolle
  7. any way to get the digitals without spending many many buxx on vinyl?
  8. would pay unreasonable money for these trax on vinyl tbh
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