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  1. Hey guys. I think there's some confusion here and I just want to speak on that and maybe help make sense of what's going on in this thread as far as the last few pages go regarding BDB and wattm. First of all hi, hello, wassup, miss lots of you, don't recognize most of you, and in turn most of you don't know who I am, and that's how it should be and this will help illustrate my point in a bit. Secondly, I can understand why Joyrex would be defensive with Keltoi's question about the donation meter. You are the head and face and muscle of watmm and at baseline you are going to be defensiv
  2. arggh I need these tracks ludd why u take them down
  3. Yes. Colombia will win quietly. In fact they've already won it in the future without us noticing.
  4. Hey man! I quite like that Millie and Andrea record a lot. There are 2 or three really amazing tracks on there for sure. I didn't really notice on first couple of listens but I was rocking out to it one day and I realized, shit, this album is dope. "Corrosive" in particular is quite good. Here is the entire Millie and Andrea album on soundcloud if anyone is curious about it: Also I will get you a download link for the mix, it makes me endlessly happy to picture you listening to it on a train.
  5. this warms my heart. thanks ludd. hi godel :D homestar, you still have my av??! that's got to be a decade old... hi grag lol you have my av too
  6. wow, cheers and hello yall. thanks for checking it out. yeah sheatheman that scurvy track is criminally underrated, one of my favorite tracks from last year. fishermen wail.
  7. lol I vaguely recall that, I think I had some pissy kneejerk reaction to you saying i wasn't funny anymore. *shudders at mid/late-20s me*
  8. Greetings watmm. I wanted to make sure I posted this mix because there is a watmm fellow who goes or went by the Moniker "Lights Set North" and I just want them to know that their song Strangelet is one of my favorite songs ever and I play it a lot for people and they get excited about it too. I included it on this mix. Dude if you are here please post up links to more of your music. Anyway this is a mix around 120-130 bpm that I broadcast last week over on my island (please don't take this as spam I just want to be friends and enjoy the music) and thought some of you might enjoy the flow h
  9. uhhhhhhhh ... hi? here's the bandcamp link zephyr nova. have a nice day. http://futonic.bandcamp.com/album/deep-sea-creatures
  10. You're telling me! I finally get to know what I look like. The drawing I spent all day drawing of you shows flesh. Therefore I cannot post it because flesh leads to sex which is NSFW.
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