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  1. so this way when at all the Red Moon parties or bonfires or whatever the fuck they're getting up to and their mates come up and are like "hey remember when you were THS? The Horne & Sandisons?" they can be like "lmao what? no, THS is something else. we actually using THS all the time" and then they can point to their album titles and be like 'see, it's something super private and cool you'll never know about." but all their friends actually know. this is one of the main reasons BOC are so private, they don't want this information getting out to the public they're still carefully trying to manage all their closest friends to convince them they were never originally called that. and it wrecks their creativity in the studio since they're spending so much time trying to come up with more TH and S names.
  2. here's my theory so far: one of their bands names was The Horne & Sandisons but then Marcus was like I want to be called "Eion" they can't know we are brothers. So they decided on Boards of Canada (BOC - another mysterious set of initials, I'm assuming B actually stands for Brothers) and then they had to kick the Horne guy out bc he no longer was needed. However, they needed to cover their tracks so they started telling everyone THS actually stood for Turqoise Hexagon Sun. Then they kept using T and H and to a lesser extent S as a way to make it seem like it was never about The Horne & Sandisons but was actually other more cool stuff.
  3. I was thinking about the name “Turquoise Hexagon Sun” and how it’s cool but also wondering about it, how they came up with it. They used this to describe their “group” or “bunker” in early interviews after MHTRTC came out so it’s been around as more than a track title from very early on. Then I thought THS probably stands for something else originally (maybe the H is for Chris Horne, the S is for Sandison?). Then I thought about how T and H appear throughout their album titles: MHTRTC, [geogaddi doesn’t fit], TCH, TH. They also have the Trans Canada Highway ep, as well as High Scores. This is simply something I am pondering please do not come into this thread to ban me. You can post “lol” and stuff but I will talk to the mods if you say I should go over to twoism or whatever.
  4. this is the best boards of canada album sorry to offend
  5. off topic but i would never in a million years press play on a video with that thumbnail the third link has. goddamn lol ok, i'm intrigued by this
  6. tbh new music plays less and less of a role in my musical discoveries each year. idk why this is, exactly. like d-lo, this year i listened to a lot less music and found less new stuff than previously. however...without doubt the music i listened to the most in 2022 is Motionfield, so i'd say his record Injection would have to be up there for me for AOTY. "Injection 7" plays when you go to heaven. another strong contender for most-listened to is Posle Vsego. this guy is amazing and i need more from him. to round out my trilogy for sure deepchord's Functional Designs is something i've come to over and over again since i first heard it. imo the best deepchord album - totally immersive. Skeemask ISS007. beautiful Zane Trow Traces. glad this guy is releasing music again! Purelink Puredub i am in the 90s again and it rules MPU102 is lush. i did not enjoy the tracks with beats as much as i did on the first LP but the synth tunes on here are super nice. Cristobal Tapia de Veer Smile Soundtrack bruh this was surprisingly good Space Dimension Controller Tiraguon Recordings Vol. 1 hell yeah dude. that break down at 2:49 in Tiraquon Acid Funk goddamn i'm cum Jodey Kendrick Village of the Damn Fine i mean, yeah. honestly, this is more than i thought i'd be able to come up with. from 2021 that i didn't get into or hear until 2022: Wil Bolton Cumulus Sketches this is literally music for floating in the clouds Ocean Moon Adventures in the Rainbow Vortex Datassette Zetex The Night Monitor Perception Report 3 Matthew Herbert Musca sometimes cringe but when it bangs it bangs
  7. Great recommendation. “Light of Worlds” is a fave of mine: absolutely gorgeous warm layers of instruments, serving some incredible compositions.
  8. No, not at all. I think good music sounds good on a low budget. I do have nice headphones and a small home recording studio which is where I listen to music when I’m really trying to appreciate mixes and productions and stuff but it’s very much a “bedroom studio.”
  9. From a production standpoint I’d say the mid-late 70s is among my favorite eras. I think there was a really high level of musicianship and production coming together off the tail end of some of the experiments and technological developments from the years prior that just hit such a peak then. I can listen to albums I don’t even like from the 70s and just be totally amazed by how cool they sound. Like, I can’t stand Yes but the other day I was listening to random tracks and just being like Goddamn every instrument sounds so nice and rich and placed perfectly in the mix here. I think this is why I get such a boner for Syro, I think this is Rdj in a kind of 70s-esque mode of production - lots of lush gear used to make this rich realm of production.
  10. from my perspective i do not buy into this vision of musk as a visionary for the future. e.g., whatever impact he has had on EV he has simultaneously used his influence to undercut public transportation programs that could likely have a greater impact in this area than selling teslas. he has done this through deception and manipulation of the public/markets. that's about him being a megalomaniac who wants to monopolize the future, not just benevolently provide for humanity. i think the $44 billion purchase of twitter is a further example of exerting his wealth to expand his dominance on society with intention to mold it after his own image rather than open it to a more "free" future. his tenure has made it very apparent that he is a political reactionary, a liar, and more or less a buffoon. i don't think the billionaires are going to save us! edit: agree to disagree though. you're position is thought out and inoffensive to me so we're just some lads posting here in lushness imo
  11. This is kind of weird to watch. Your contributions to this thread consistently attempt to portray Musk to Cool Car Guy and minimize his life’s work of being a total asshole. “people he was standing near.” Yeah man, Jared Kushner happens to be there, Musk wasn’t even aware he was there bc he was using his Brain to focus on the automotive industry and commercial space flight only. Hobnobbing with vile, corrupt political reactionaries is not something he would do, totally out of character for him, merely a coincidence. he made some mistakes on twitter dot com but basically he’s a benevolent car ceo. come on lol
  12. Alcofribas


    I spent a long time - indeed, an embarrassingly long time - hanging on to my marriage. I so wish I could go back in time and tell myself to gtfo so much sooner than I actually did. There’s an inertia that’s very easy to give into, the gravity of just doing the thing you’ve been doing, staying still, resisting the change. Once I let myself go the route of change it happened pretty quickly that I felt myself moving in the right direction, finally.
  13. Was fun for the first 5-10% then became insanely tedious and drawn out, endlessly cycling through gags and bits with the exact same point. Movie felt 8 hours long. The constant happy endings were cloying and irritating (every possible multiverse is just relationships that work out wow) and the ultimate “it is what it is” acceptance felt completely unearned after like 6 hours of goofy ass action scenes.
  14. Alcofribas


    Best not to even entertain questions like this. I recommend withdrawing from the temptation to analyze her intentions. I also recommend against leaving out the letter or any other tactics to convince her to change her mind. if you are hanging on to some chance that she may reverse her decision, two things to consider: 1. She’s likely not going to be tempted by appeals to the past. She wants something different now, so any chance at all that you’ll get back together would have to come from something different between you. 2. If you do get back together both of you will have to deal with this rift between you which is a lot of emotional baggage that could absolutely sink the relationship later on. imo best to just consider this a done deal, it’s already happening, don’t hold on to the past. Again, idk you or your specifics but this is my advise from having gone through it and knowing many others who have. I’ve literally never heard anyone say they wanted a divorce but then changed their mind bc their spouse pointed out some old letter or other thing from the past.
  15. i only listen to releases in limited edition silver cases so i will likely miss this one
  16. The next album will be a Download. digital files.
  17. he already said several weeks ago they were looking for someone to replace him, this is just posting buffoonery
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