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  1. Yeah I mean whatever works. I was more referring to the whole “no you’re wrong I have the answer to music” kinda thing. I’m too chill and cool for that 😎
  2. I’m so thankful i don’t think like this lol also, this is a much more interesting look at “music coming from your head:” https://www.thewire.co.uk/in-writing/essays/collateral-damage-mark-fell
  3. Cornwall, England or whatever: richard sits at his desk, squinting his eyelids almost completely closed but open enough to see into the world of imagination. He tugs at his goatee, occasionally resting his eyes on either a bust of Beethoven or a human skull. After allowing inspiration to overtake him, after his Muse delivers to his mind’s eye a Work from ‘pon Heaven, after he improvises over these in agile leaps of mental musicianship, he arises and walks swiftly into his studio. There he sets up precise pieces of gear: a Korg ps3100 is patched and all the knobs are perfectly arranged in accordance with the Master’s Will. A Roland TR-606 is programmed fluidly, intuitively, in a way that is Second Nature. The result of Study. Cables are patched into the Midas mixer and levels are set instantly, eq cuts and boosts are done almost with eyes closed, so thoroughly is the Artist’s Vision carries out by his Musical Muscles. After several Items and Instruments are thus arranged, Sir D James presses PLAY and the entire album “SYRO” was performed on these Machines. 2013
  4. @xox don’t let Brian’s “i don’t get it if it’s not in a youtube pedagogical video” approach to music distract you, buddy. i like what you’re getting at here.
  5. Doo Doo Bug - “The Greamlin” Doo Doo Bug - “The Bug” Angel Spaghetti - “Italian Music” Lucrecia Luigini - “ Venice Blue” Crandall Elementi - “A Ballet, of Sorts” Cloud Floating - “Clouds” EP The Dell Computers - “Windows” Mouse Shoes - “Spending Time Again” Ford Willabee - “Won’t You Be Mine?” The Hoses - “Hose Me Down” Winged Trio - “Jazz” pumkin - Untitled
  6. you will 100% cry when adam neely dies
  7. Yeah I don’t mean to complain about that stuff, I think it’s normal and just kinda how it goes. I think burial has a lot of skill and it is cool the way people have gotten into the music and been so inspired by it. beerwolf, you Def might be right. I can’t really remember the last few releases. Honestly, first thing that does come to mind is years ago limpyloo freaking out in a burial thread?
  8. i'm definitely not in the camp of people who think burial is a genius and sometimes when i read stuff like mark fisher or simon reynolds i think they're going full boomer cringe on how seriously they take burial's music. we're completely immersed in the era of "takes" where people can't like things without claiming how Important and Very Serious it all is. this isn't burial's fault as far as i can tell, it's just people hear something and feel a mood from it and get all excited and then go post about how it's the most important shit that has ever happened in history. from my perspective this new one is...ok? i'd say it falls into this weird realm where because it's burial we all have to really think about it and have an opinion but if this was some artist that wasn't hyped it would be posted on here by dcom or extralife and like 2 people who reply and the thread would disappear instantly. i don't think this stands out as some exceptional work and the fact that this is even a 5 page thread rn is purely bc of the fact that it's burial. this is kind of what i'd say about burial's stuff as a whole - bc it's burial, we must pay attention. but imo this is just...i guess it's not too bad lol
  9. absolutely sick artwork by one of watmm's finest
  10. the very idea of this film - Hollywood liberals doing social commentary - is just a huge pass from me.
  11. Yeah vintage synth prices went wild since covid. I bought a refurbished monopoly in feb 2020 for $1500 lol
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