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  1. i love when i am cancelled by being paid millions of dollars to say whatever i want
  2. This might be when they rented that house and had all the press come by while they smoked weed
  3. no clue what I am seeing or reading here. evolved apes. evil apes. very cool stuff
  4. Just thinking about how brian tregaskin made a separate thread for cringe
  5. Music You’ll Surely Love - Booth/Brown
  6. i was thinking of this one. a lot going on here
  7. it's been ages since i looked at my cd but i remember the sticker having some amusing language on it right?
  8. in the past when i've had no money i've used shopping carts to help transport things. i also took a bunch of boards from an abandoned lot and made bookshelves with these and some bricks (also found for free behind a building). idk, just wandering about and being on the look out at all times helped me find tons of useful stuff over the years. maybe that can work for you?
  9. Yeah p much. Same thing with the new Baltra stuff - just so much more generic sounding.
  10. it’s like a rite of passage for a lot of these lofi artists to try to produce a “real” record or whatever and pretty much every time they do this it sucks. recently I was listening to glenn Astro’s “homespun” which is stated to be an attempt to sound “futuristic” and “current” and it’s so inferior to everything he’s done before - it sounds completely corrupted by popular notions of how electronic albums are “supposed to sound.” I honestly don’t get this at all - what made all this shit interesting in the first place was the curious and interesting production methods that lead to beautiful textures and tones. cleaning up this sound is like polishing away all the interesting bits. I guess maybe they feel like they have something to prove production-wise, like hey I can be a real producer too or smth
  11. this is a weird ask imo - why do you want someone on watmm to explain Freud’s theory of repression to you? just look it up dude
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