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  1. I admit my understanding of medical history is not as advanced as yours. for instance, I did not know that there was a cure for irony.
  2. I’m a big history buff and I shudder to think about all the vaccines the Jews received against their will. simply devious behavior, by the nazis.
  3. yeah think I’ll go into space, just like check it out. have a look around. Just kind of see it for myself, ya know? I think it makes sense to spend $700,000,000,0000,0000 to do this. I honestly can’t even think of a better way to think of spending this money, money I made with my genius idea of selling stuff online. our society is obvious very good, rational, humane and sane.
  4. I used to work with Chris Connelly and my understanding is that Al was just completely insane and became more so over time. Paul and Chris kept things going creatively but Al has a totally destructive thing that he’s always digging into. not sure if this explains how his records got so bad but I think it does have something to do with totally alienating people around him and making really bad decisions just bc that’s what he does
  5. This mf used witchcraft to protect himself from the harmful influence of vowels
  6. I asked ade if he was familiar with rlm several years ago. he said he heard of them but never seen anything so I sent a botw link lol (I think the geteven one but I can’t remember)
  7. relatable. I was 27 when I got my first cell phone which was an iPhone. I’d say on the first day it was like I had been using it for years. I type fast af like I’m some kind of zoomer but i still the the little flat touch screen is really dumb on some fundamental level.
  8. i did this for a while but quickly realized that autocorrect is necessary not bc my spelling is bad but bc using a flat screen to type letters is actually a really shitty interface that inevitably leads to constant error. the future sucks lol
  9. autechre is 3 people. sean does “beat fuckery” and other kinds of fuckery. rob does lush pads and melodies. i, alcofribas, am the third member and I’m in charge of basslines in particular on “nuane,” “vose in,” “clipper” and “inhake 2” (which was originally called “in (take 2)” but I misspelled it.
  10. the biggest feeling of panic for me around all this was very much the sense that in some essential way there really is no one in charge. the deniers and conspiracy theorists are still captured by the big other with this; they're clinging to the sense that there is a big dad running things. in reality the ruling class are just a bunch of rworded assholes who largely have no clue what they're doing. they're experts at consolidating wealth, that's p much it.
  11. kind of a weird thing going on where people can’t see how covid is complicated? so you see a lot of deniers and minimizers emphasizing the harmful effects of lockdowns and social isolation (which are very fucked up and real) but basically ignoring the harmful effects of covid itself (millions dead, who knows how many to now have lifelong complications, etc). the fact is pandemics are bad. there’s not a chill and cool way of dealing with them. but it seems very obvious to me that without distancing, massk-wearing, targeted shutdowns, etc the situation would be way worse, many more people dead, many more sick, many businesses failing as a result of these things, etc. I think the people who are so upset only about how much lockdowns suck just don’t really want to admit how much of a massive bummer something like covid is bc that requires accepting a truly depressing fact of life. y’all are like keifer sutherland in “melancholia”
  12. rewatched Araki’s Teenage Apocalypse trilogy. I love them.
  13. fellas we got an IFer. is covid19 more harmful than the flu? simply no way to know innit
  14. i for sure know exactly what's going on throughout the entire universe. very confident about this
  15. nothing to say here, i just think this track needs it's own thread since it's one of the best tracks of all time. thank
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