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  1. not sure what you’re talking about m8
  2. This thread is an interesting look into perceptions about art/artists. People seem to have a very defined sense of what an artist is supposed to be and do. A basic premise I’m seeing here is that artists who make records are supposed to continue to make and release them, under the same alias, at regular enough intervals that it doesn’t feel like too long of a wait to the consumer. The artist should create a product that the consumer desires, the demand of the consumer seems almost more important than the desires of the creator. I simply do not get this. If the Brothers never again release a single snippet of music to the public, so be it. As it stands we have a beautiful, timeless catalog of releases that will satisfy and stimulate for the rest of our lives. That they are not proceeded by something new will never change this glorious fact. Further, supposing the Michaels are still making music and are interested in releasing it - there are so many legitimate reasons for taking long stretches of time before bringing something to the public. Maybe they’re in a fight, and they can’t decide who gets to play the AN1X and who has to be on tape degradation duties. Maybe Marcus has a really annoying kid who’s always bursting into the studio and being like “fuck you dad Tycho is ten times better than you’ll ever be” and this upsets Marc, so much so that he gets performance anxiety and is undergoing an immersive depth psychology treatment that has plunged the family into financial danger resulting in Mike having to get a day job to cover costs. Maybe they’ve decided to shape their craft to such a meticulous degree that they’ve been refining the compression on a single snare drum for 7 years. We don’t know! But just let the brothers be! Imo
  3. hmm. surprising to see so many putting DF at the top. to me it’s over-long and fails to feel coherent. some good tunes, some meh tunes, does not kick ass like other records.
  4. sean has been saying this since like 1995 i like elder philosopher sean but i miss autechre's bad boy sean : (
  5. lmao he turned to stone there
  6. that was rob arriving to jam
  7. "i like the picture of you two kicking snow" "so do i, it's very wholesome" lush
  8. cancelling my The Brothers Patreon after this
  9. "did you ever try to kiss rob in the studio" "no"
  10. wow here is a pic from a while back when i first got my pro-one, it kicked off a lot of really fun recordings and is one of my favorite things. fucking legend. rip
  11. never gets old. him telling the guy to role play in the house, then saying they can’t role play on the roof. Lmaoooo
  12. woah, that rules. RIP legend
  13. yeah so I was obviously ranting and touching a number of different things. Mostly I wanted to push back on the claim that the were pedos doing illegal shit, meaning they shoulda been locked up. I’ve no doubt they did shit like that but from my view I don’t think the video qualifies. And in general I tend to push back on this sexual absolutes. I think Coil et al absolutely crossed many lines, which is a big part of their work. For me that drew me in as a young person, I found it fascinating. But I found a lot more there, a lot of spiritual and personal depth and a lot that was relevant to the gay experience. So perhaps I’m a bit defensive about it idk ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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