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  1. Listed my Yamaha AN200 on ebay @ https://www.ebay.com/itm/334329114773 It's great fun & you can go deep with the PLG150-an board using the AN200 editor, or just use the board in a MOTIF rack! to hear the amazing PLG150-an check this out nice overview of the whole box here, but the real secret is the board & editor (free eg demo'd at 4:45)..
  2. anywhere one can find theez?
  3. not sure if trump's curtness is more sinister tho than other potus.. it's almost more transparent, like business-as-usual. not that that's refreshing or anything, but it makes it harder to maintain illusion of moral US foreign policy. I worry trump has become a magnet for frustrations, like he's the problem (of course he is, but its all fucked, much bigger than trump). like US doesn't kill journalists, politicians, civilians
  4. you guys are out of the cult turn in your copies of sawii and deactivate your soulseek accounts
  5. the bit that sounds cirklon is cuz its the cirklon, what other sequencer goes that deep?
  6. me too w/ the repeated listenings .. melodies opening up, serious magic here afx or not, i can't stop listening to it gives that intensification for the feeling of life that I associate with aphex magic yeah i believ
  7. think there's a correlation between your father and your belief in god
  8. like a monologued mix of CIRKLON3 .. painstakingly shamelessly afxy, enuff to create doubt,.. funky either way, especially that vocal sample
  9. anybody know if ghostcode has a bandcamp or proper release?
  10. if its got 3d, he's got my money
  11. listened to this while watching this https://gfycat.com/HeartyRewardingBrant ..glimpse into the jenkinson studio?
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