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  1. let's do some of those as well. it's about 2p a sticker. also we can make this thread a sticker. and douse it in acid
  2. slight different thing but i made some for secret santa people can have
  3. it's not too difficult once you start and it's more forgiving than you think
  4. mine is 'out for delivery' almost a month after i posted it :D fuck you hermes
  5. i used to use a ups.. but you can get cheaper power conditioners if you want to make sure your current is stable https://www.amazon.co.uk/Tacima-Conditioner-Frequency-Interference-Filter/dp/B000PS5700 disclaimer: i have no idea about above thing, i'd do some research for all the options before buying
  6. aphex twin in 1998 jamming live with a dubby band would definitely sound like .. anything
  7. says revolving cast of guest players
  8. iirc you can wrap electrical tape around the ground prong to check too.
  9. plug it all into a 4 way strip, then remove the ground from the plug that goes into the wall. [google this] plug computer and soundcard into the strip. report back if that works you have at least found the culprit
  10. there's phases, anyway, i have has solipsistic phases [probably more than usual] but right now, due to recent events, i am not so into it, which has led to some pretty pathetic seeming breakdowns lol there's got to be a middle ground for everyone, however.
  11. 1. go to bank 2. give money 2.5. no stage 2.5 3. profit!!!
  12. it was actually scripted by the 16 year old actors as well
  13. i've yet to send mine out yet, there's a logistical hurdle to getting in in the post, but i'll work it out once i find a tape measure lol
  14. Pretty impossible but go for it, I think you're more likely to get a direct recording off an artist if they see you trying to train neural networks, right ?
  15. Mine arrived. I think it came from Cork [where my mum lives so probably my mum]. It is [very sweet] a ticket to the upcoming Plaid, Vibert, U-Ziq etc gig at Oval Space. Thanks mum! No srsly, that's amazing. I can't wait. Missus was jealous :D
  16. but he could be recycling things he heard. so you can deffo reach that level and then have someone point out that you're following music theory then it would just be easy labels to call sounds cos someone else already thunk it i like the idea
  17. first world solution tho: don't use cups we were fine before cups
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