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  1. chatmm on this site is sick

  2. i need to be drinking

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    2. triachus


      its important to stay hydrated

    3. Brisbot


      Just don't drink as much as that lady in the wii contest.

    4. Hugh Mughnus

      Hugh Mughnus

      pitter patter


      lets get at er'

  3. Sucking on my titties like you wanted me, calling me

    1. Goiter Sanchez

      Goiter Sanchez

      Fork the pain away.

  4. we. are. back.


    1. Salvatorin


      an updoot for you, sir

  5. my neck, my back, lick my pussy aaaaand my crack.

    1. chronical


      my lopez, my mopet and my cloaked gomez

    2. Hugh Mughnus
  6. we did it fam. dr lopez is back

    1. auxien


      who? you look like this other user known as poopypants

    2. dr lopez

      dr lopez

      this account is a social experiment

    3. triachus


      there was nothing social about those pants

  7. i would really like to be dr lopez. not Dr lopez. Thanks.

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    2. auxien


      thou art poopypants now and forevermore

    3. Hugh Mughnus

      Hugh Mughnus

      Dr. Poopypants. Show some respect aux to the wonderful m.d.

    4. ghOsty


      lol sorry doc, but this is kinda hilarious

  8. i dont know how to swtch forums


    1. Joyrex


      Click on the icons on the forum index at the top to "Table View"

    2. dr lopez

      dr lopez

      ok thanks joyrexdf

  9. what about em?

  10. Hmm I don't think that was me, but it is very good. It's very sad that the director died. They actually showed it at my Uni because the other director went here and then he came and spoke about war n shit. Cool stuff.

  11. sup.

    I'm surprised your trollin has enough mileage to keep me lollin. I'm impressed.

  12. freedom freedom freedom oi!

  13. you were last active today, fool! You exist! come back :) we miss you! tht tne is a wanker and you need to come and be a dick to him.

  14. i like ur avator

  15. yo. doesn't vamos kinda suck sometimes?


  16. Well I'll miss you!!

  17. Imagining Paulie saying "dick butt" is :D

  18. Paulie Walnuts has been a near never-ending source of amusement for me, I hope we share the same amazement at one of TV-doms best supporting characters!

  19. Torgooo!

    Sorry I left some chewed gum on your pillow.

  20. Nice av. Wonder Showzen is one of my all-time favs.

  21. lol is your av supposed to be you in Tom goes to the mayor?

    Heeeelllllllooooooo Sneaksta303.

  22. Well the real question is: "No need to hide" or "thunder and lightning"?

  23. I liked Pajama sam better.

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