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  1. welcome to fascinating world of audio frequency equalization...
  2. it is tho. names like anal cunt are fine with me but this one is just in such poor taste
  3. my neck, my back, lick my pussy and my crack
  4. music is fine but the name!! extremely offensive. such poor taste
  5. agree with xxx and sweepstakes, and not my earlier post in this thread (lol) Obviously the vocals, especially "KingJet" are very hard for me. That lackadaisical style of singing which is prevalent these days is grating beyond belief. My brain just shuts down. I know this to be a fault with the music and not me because im smart and beautiful and have good taste in music. the instrumental tracks are quite fun at times, and obviously show off their production chops - which are ample. Will keep listening but I feel like my mind is already made up about the vocal tracks.
  6. loving this. plaid-y as all plaid. for the last decade of plaid i would say this: 1. reachy prints 2. polymer 3. scintilli 4. digging remedy but they're all quite good! and yes that elektron EP is really excellent.
  7. this does seem up my alley. sadly the CD is sold out... argh. Well maybe just digis then
  8. facepalm react all you want m8. just look at the roster of that record label he's on. embarrassing stuff for brooklyn no-nothings. just realized this guy was in fuck buttons. case closed lmao.
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