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  1. Kris Weston was never on warp but he's bonkers and hates everyone so i bet he would join the cause
  2. Tuchel doesn’t look like a manager, just a weedy fan
  3. very influential in pop music, first to really perfect stage shows with choreography and costumes into something beyond its parts. great producers, great songs, phenomenal set on her in her prime. https://twitter.com/Madonna/status/786105573364359168?s=20
  4. paris city final. city might actually win
  5. i like listening to their music while making dinner
  6. the porn is back and its HOTTER than ever!! tapatalk seems to be the same as it was prepr0n. thanks jr
  7. he’s obviously wrong and wtf are you doing on this site if you don’t like in sides. An ur-text
  8. noooooooooo. Was lucky enough to have a drink with him once. very weird conservative guy but an awesome actor. diabeetus
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