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  1. yeah this is like a good actress album. recommended
  2. this is by far the best he's done. really didn't groove on the first one and the second one was not much better, but I found myself enjoying its schizo style. worth a listen.
  3. Tintin the movie or tintin in general. Both are good btw
  4. how does this work? in my years at watmm i don't think anyone was "shamed" for being banned. we maybe laughed a little at zazbanned and when remy maranthe did that hilarious one-post instaban. If anything, the mods were targeted for banning them. seems convenient that now no one will know if they've been banned or not, certainly eases the heat on yourself. I for one would love a list somewhere accessible on the site of currently banned members. edit: also big shout out to 420ourange. he was a funny poster and then he got banned and we all kinda forgot about him.
  5. age of adz ruled. sufjan is a serious talent even if he's gay and christian
  6. i think because joyrex realized (4 years too late) his av was a picture of robbie martin? which i guess is against the rules too? didn't know that having an av of an old member who asked to be banned was worthy of a lifetime ban. maybe we should add that to the rules list so other people don't make the same mistake? just a thought
  7. eugene. joyrex has made it look like he hasn't been banned
  8. given the wealth of amazing electronic music out there, past and present, it boggles the mind why people would spend money and time on this. it's only because of media coverage.
  9. 1. bans cool watmm member for talking about pedophiles 2. proceeds to call another cool member (me) a pedophile 3. makes thread called im ashamed of watmm sometimes that's about name calling can't make this shit up folks
  10. damn.. if only all the cool people who made this place funny and chill weren't kicked out
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