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  1. to me, trump runs the country like a company, treats the population like employees. those that aren’t loyal are ostracised and punished as though separate concerns, of no purpose or value as though not his responsibility as though they should side in order to be accepted back, which is cruel and divisive. other countries are treated as competition or supporting services, hence the direct requests for assistance and reliance upon provision of money and favours as though suppliers. it’s not like people anywhere in america voted to be ordered around or even put at risk of life-ending circumstances like removal of funding or pushing for localised civil wars for not voting his way, instead of having someone work for everyone’s benefit and allowed to continue their free choice to vote according to how well the overall picture evolved and progressed without the conflict and hatred.
  2. i see you’re in plymouth. i was in plymouth when this came out. at uni there from 93 to 97. virgin megastore was almost a daily visit when i took a walk around a few shops in own. this was on a listening post, with a small display with other records on besides it, at the downstairs corners small door. i’d bought everything from ‘on’ there, but this and RDJ album were too expensive for me or i just didn’t spare the cash to get them at the time. i can remember the day FSOL ISDN album came out too, with an entire display of limited discs getting pretty much sold out within a day. this was my kind of music then, and i did pick up some stuff like squarepusher plays, bubble and squeak ... lots of students were into this kind of thing then. i’ve still got my SAW2 from virgin plymouth, and i kept the receipt, too. bought day of release.
  3. yandex can be very handy. copy and paste or even submit photo. https://translate.yandex.com/ I bought it 38 years ago and used it for several years, followed by a modular synth 、 Then I fell asleep in the warehouse because I no longer use it. It is now out because there are no plans for future use . I think that the MC-4 is a tight performance compared to the sequencer of the personal computer. Operation - Since the operation of the push switch was uncertain, after removing all pusin switches from the base plate, like a picture We disassembled and maintained all the switches for the reason of the Switch contact failure. The Switch used for the MC-4 will not work due to aging ( almost all of them will be impure and the Switch will not work 、 Non-maintenance items will no longer be used as products . You have already confirmed the operation of the Switch. - There is a part of the input / output terminal where the Jack is inserted and removed loosely, but there is no problem in the operation . Appearance There are fine scratches near the right side of the acrylic board, and there is a sense of use in its own way, but there are no noticeable scratches and dirt. Please download it from the URL below. http: //lib.roland.co.jp/support/jp/manuals/res/63206072/MC-4_j.pdf?_ga=2.60105711.352260924.1583115392- 566813324.1582900835 After the goods arrive, it will be returned only if there is a failure of the underlying operation, such as a switch failure within 1 Week ."
  4. i prefer discogs for it's focus on selling just music, but i would prefer it if i could define the weight of packaging so it could be accounted for when setting up shipping rates for buyers. this would avoid the situation of people placing orders and having to wait for it to be weighed and set, thus no "you showed some interest, you must buy" scenarios. also, no failure to checkout from uncertainty.
  5. where you based? USA tends to have easier access to multi-zone players - check amazon USA : you'll see a fair few that are modded, and there are often players that can be had cheaper that have hidden code systems to change zones too, that you might find in B+M stores, but i'm not aware of specific models as much as i'm aware people have located these things that don't bother complying with locking zones and attract an audience because of it. UK has less access - most modded ones from specialist retailers here are cheap players with hugely inflated prices for mods. one solution that suits a wider audience is to have a cheap player from more than one zone - A+B zones covers most ( USA is A, UK is B), so a USA and a UK player helps; you can look at amazon UK for those and import easily, i think. problems can come in the guise of cheap players giving up the ghost, or with changes in BD authoring of discs that stops more basic players knowing how to bypass them. one with updatable firmware via internet would help this issue. i have a modded oppo. it's solid, does lots i don't need it to, but they stopped making them. they've often updated firmware over the years.
  6. could never figure out which richter albums were entirely new material and which were partly new. is there a lot of re-releasing older stuff as part of new soundtracks? puts me off that i think there is. too much of it, somehow.
  7. berwick street, especially 'sister ray' & 'ambient soho' (now defunct, was across the road from the original SR shop on berwick street) was somewhere that was a primary spot for music in the 90's. you could be sure you'd pick up lots of electronica in there, and it particularly seemed to dominate mail order via the NME during the decade also; think they had a relationship with labels, especially WARP, and they'd get the lion's share of releases like AFX 'hangable auto bulb' because of this. reading those adverts was very often the best way of knowing what stuff was new, because they crammed so many little titles in their list, and the ad took up a fair space on a page. got lots of stuff there very cheaply that was essentially past releases left hanging around for years, then suddenly disappeared and became valuable - lots of rephlex stuff, or things like GAK. the shop it seems to occupy now had a far larger range of electronic stuff back then, and it's where i picked up more 12"s than i could find in SR. found those early 'photek" releases in there. was very well stocked and staffed. reliable, always on the ball.
  8. logboy

    WARP 30

    honestly thought warp was done by 10th b'day. the identity had certainly changed enough they weren't recognisably the same somehow. odd it's now thirty.
  9. Bloke cleaning old synthesiser goes on 9 hour acid trip after touching LSD-coated knob https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/weird-news/782055/lsd-acid-drugs-synthesiser-1960s-psychedelic-video
  10. the umbrella suits my taste, but the construction of it is super cheapo. it's a £6 umbrella with a poor print idea on it (inside, anyway) so ... i would have like aphex x london undercover > https://londonundercover.co.uk
  11. i've been seeing them live for 20 years now. still prefer the early albums, but listen to most of them pretty regularly. quite surprised, given how mimi seemed to frown upon alan's noisy takes on some tracks when played live pre-'drums and guns', that they've done what's essentially a noise album now. the side project he & steve do seemed to be an outlet for that side of what they'd like to play, but now they've embraced or accepted noise can be used more heavily in low to balance the quietness that is probably too expected by too many. everything else seemed so calm by comparison, now seems like a foundation for a gradual increase in the range. The live show has gotten to almost complete perfection in the last few years. So tight. So confident. As beautiful as the records but louder and more intense and in your face. For those new to Low, Secret Name is the first album I listened to and was just blown the fuck away. I celebrate the bands entire catalog at this point. But Double Negative was the Low album I was waiting for. Dirty and intense and different like Drums and Guns felt, but dark and harsh like Secret Name and Curtain Hits The Cast. 1000 Stars. Tempest is my current favorite track. It has everything. That volume level is my shit.
  12. got my CDs today. just popped in here, see curves are occurring. my box slightly dipped. looking closely, suggest box is actually too big for the amount of discs.
  13. ... take a guess at the locations in which the tracks were recorded. five overall, three recorded in cornwall, two in london. might also relate to the locations shown in the video?
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