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  1. i use an iphone (now 13, not pro) and could never figure out the best apps for improving photos. i’ve looked, but trying is expensive + reviews are just about selling. also like glitch techniques that cause sudden slopes within pictures, which isn’t done with apps but is about moving the camera when shooting? could never remember how exactly.
  2. logboy

    Brexit :(

    this depends on either ignoring evidence or not being made aware of it, with covid being the cover story for situations not being experienced prior to brexit kicking in - january 1st 2021 - long after the beginning of the pandemic. we didn’t have food and fuel shortages, rises prices, dramatic staff shortages during last year. we do now. anything remotely similar happening elsewhere is dramatically lower level - a subset of effects due to covid, without the extra layer missing due to changes at borders, ports due to leaving the EU. not surprising, any of it, but more dramatic to see it as it’s happening rather than suggested or pointed to prior to this year. and odder given determination to deny it or inability to research realities and present it easily to politicians and public in pretty dramatic levels of denial.
  3. yes, plastic. or ‘acetate’. lots of quality plastics are italian, lots of manufacturing is done in japan for western brands. there are even limits and low production levels on some plastics that are hard and time consuming to make; ‘aged acetate’ for crystal frames will survive better over time. it’s funnier at the high street level. the prices still get high - especially if you’re anything other than single vision lenses - but the materials will be noticeably better in the specialist end of the market. you’ll feel the weight, density. they’ll look glossier, solid. they’ll behave differently over time. they are still expecting you to judge just how much vfm you’re getting, so if you’re wealthy you’d not use them for long or have multiples and get more impact or mileage from wearing them. look at all the wealthy folk who’ve worn C+G over the decades. you can sense the benefit over just wearing something from a lesser brand that’s widely seen. its quite a thing in showbiz to buy high end glasses as something to set themselves apart on screen because they’re more dramatic and will come across as expensive on screen. good investment to avoid looking like an unsuccessful cheapskate.
  4. i wear cutler + gross currently. they’re solid, weighty. had repeatedly thought about them for years before i bought some. they certainly look a cut above when worn. biggest disappointment is that when they adjusted the arms they melted (collapsed because they’re hollow to allow frame to move inside) - i was due to have them replaced for free in march 2020, so not been back yet. they’ve lost their sheen + slightly oxidised, but not as much as other frames i’ve had. i’d advise buying from any brands own shop (if they have one) for reasons just like this. i went to their spitalfields shop. also really like SALT optics.
  5. i had the aiwa hs-px1000 in my late teens, 30 years ago … £200, top of the range, amazing sound. used a rechargeable battery, which was so unusual i didn’t realise they lost the ability to hold their charge gradually, so i assumed it was breaking. they now sell for a lot of money. no better personal stereo, as far as i know. a top blank tape, probably about £5 a time, from a CD, and the sound would be better than official release tapes, easily. http://www.walkman-archive.com/gadgets/series_aiwa_px_line.html
  6. anyone wondering why boosters will be needed so quickly, i'd suggest it's because of the size of the world's population, the need to keep economies going, the lack of speed possible with giving first doses across the world. there is a world outside your own country, and it doesn't just exist on the news.
  7. if you believe brits (reading this as 'english'; received pronunciation / RP) talking in upper class, english accents are being universally respectful, then i guess you've not experienced much of life in england first hand. as john oliver has pointed out, that formal use of english that involves appearing to be respectful actually hides astonishing contempt. it's a tool private schools teach their pupils, as though they're perfectly fine to say anything they wish about another person as long as they stick to basic rules of appearing to be polite. there's plenty of humour about the technique (see alexei sayle's 'the noble art of verbal abuse' for example), so you'd also get a reminder that it's a certain section of society that can deploy it. most can't, and are probably in the camp of falling for it quite often. it shows people so determined and entitled to be offensive that they've refined the tone and pronunciation to be so beyond fault that anything being said can be hard to pick up the flaw within. experience often lets you spot the flaws - drawling, derisive, bitchy, snobby - when you (rarely) experience it first hand regularly. other than this, it's usually about professions / positions of privilege and rarity that upper class find themselves in - law for example - and wanting to be clear, accurate and controlled, devoid of the various stereotypes associated with working class accents.
  8. i can't actually figure out what this means. i'd seen it, but as my brother would probably get the CD, it's only making semi-clear claims about the vinyl mastering.
  9. are these reissues actually new masters or just a new label for old ones?
  10. that's what i am thinking of. something about the way it's been reported as a massive issue in india (and some other places) as resulting from compromised or weakened immune systems which would normally tackle it. being vulnerable to other things as a result, rather than just another in the catalogue of symptoms. i am not sure the issue is far along enough in the studies. i am interested in it, but the way it's spoken of feels a little detached or as though relatively minor cases that are enough to cause hospitalisation might then pick up black fungus as a bigger issue. after all, i hear covid 19 causes multiple organ failure, so there's lots of things within or connected to this umbrella term?
  11. could be. there’s a lots of failure to understand science that’s still widespread. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2021/jun/21/anthony-fauci-emails-criticism-science?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other the one from twitter that sticks in my mind is “died with covid, not of covid”, which misunderstands terminology for recording cause of death, and forgets comorbidities exacerbate covid 19 infections. these days you also have covid compromising immune systems allowing fungal infections, which is starting to look like something that might not have covid recorded alongside it as a cause of death … ?
  12. doesn't kick in for a few week, of course. this is one of the major timing factors being used for easing of restrictions - you might offer vaccines to everyone over 18, but they all need to have been done a few weeks prior to any action to change what can be done that resulted from it having been completed.
  13. cobblers, apparently > https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2021/jun/22/windmills-of-your-mind-viral-covid-jab-hack-placebo-effect-at-best-say-doctors i've had both. arm ache lasted seven weeks from first. when i had the second, woman told me to relax my arm. she could probably see it was tense. no pain at all from the second one. that's the key : relax. just a little prick.
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