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  1. I'm hoping for an international hype campaign unrivalled in the IDM / Braindance universe that will culminate in the announcement of a single four track 20 minute EP with bonus track
  2. I wasn't disappointed in the finale because the previous episodes had beaten anything resembling a high expectation out of me. I have no issue with the conclusions drawn but the rushed nature of the story telling didn't provide the context for them to be palatable or meaningful . It's crazy that in Two and a bit years all we got was 13 episodes of half baked bullshit to close out what could have been one of the best series
  3. I'd pay up to fifty dollaridoos to see Schwarzenegger fly kick Durst
  4. 20 month old is having night terrors regularly so half the time I wake up it's to the sound of him screaming like he is being stabbed
  5. Really good that Sunn album but i find the panning of the guitars a bit offputting on headphones. Great sound though and i do prefer it to Kannon
  6. Have a presentation to do tomorrow that has been overcooked so its dry and tasteless
  7. The only David Lynch film i've seen is Inland Empire and i've never watched Twin Peaks
  8. I'm really into the first 4 tracks and the last tracks. Not a fan of that Boc track that recycles the drum break from Oversteps
  9. Thanks for the words Wobs and darrie... interestingly wobs at the moment I am remixing / using all my old Reason tracks as source material for this stuff so you weren't far off ... no intelligence was used tho in the making of the musics
  10. I've been having less pointless thoughts since the upgrade has made my WATMM experience so much less enjoyable
  11. Accomplished piece . Wasn't in to the twinkly sounds as much but liked the retrigger/stutters on the kit ... preferred the last third of the track the most
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