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  1. Excellent work guys , well done and thanks
  2. Dude is being mega prolific at the moment after his mega remix comp on Touched: https://touched.bandcamp.com/album/proswell-remixes-by-friends This being from CPU will definitely be some choice cuts.
  3. Thank you for providing me that disappointing news.
  4. @modey... i could research this but you're here so why would i do that. Is it possible to use a midi feedback loop to send midi program (pattern) changes to itself on conditional triggers? This, with the BPM per pattern could open it up to some pretty cool experiments.
  5. Although the general elements are all here I think something was fundamentally misunderstood from your sex education class
  6. Level up from Beef Ramen with egg to a nice delicious sirloin , side of buttered greens and thick cut chips
  7. Ramen with egg , Nasi Goreng with Egg , Thai Curry with no egg . One of these things is not like the other , choose .
  8. 1. Open Uber Eats 2. Search Nasi Goreng 3. Order Nasi Goreng 4. Eat Nasi Goreng 5. Post about Nasi Goreng
  9. The physicals have all sold out now . Thanks to everyone for the support and interest
  10. Oh shit I forgot Grischa ... I even hyped it as album of year in the thread
  11. Yeah it's an instructional series for parents that is entertaining for kids
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