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  1. Damn man, thank you for the kind words ! Very glad that you enjoyed it. Re: it sounding good , that is all aux's credit as he did the mastering on it and he did a great job ! Yep working remotely has never been easier than now with the ability to trade .syx files directly. They went thru a number of permutations and even now when I listen it's hard to remember exactly where different parts came from or how they ended up how they did. I was also lucky enough to be able to get a bit of a view under the hood of aux's patterns and can now steal his techniques and appropriate them as my
  2. Who would be in your dream band and what would each person do ? Rules : 1. Members have to be alive and will use current skills , no throwbacks to yesteryear versions 2. No two members in the Dream Band are allowed to have played In a band together before
  3. Is Capital really the master of Capitalism ?
  4. Where are the WATMM analytics at ? Does this thread have the most sustained activity of any in the last 24 to 36 months ? Even the Collapse thread would drop off the front page but this one is a highly persistent and virulent strain
  5. Hope this is the start of a new wave of archival releases . I understand that there are loads and loads of mortal and chemist recordings sitting on hard drives
  6. https://igloomag.com/reviews/0-syx-radial-schematic Fuckin Popstars M8 , where's my Collab with Ariana G at
  7. Marxist thread on the front page
  8. It's crazy that elektron has a CEO that views the users of their products as labourers and not artists
  9. I can't wait until Elektron moves towards a subscription service for their firmware so if you don't pay one month you can't use your equipment anymore.
  10. Maybe they are going to launch a line of products pitched below the models series to compete with the korg monotron market
  11. We are never going to get another flagship elektron device.
  12. What was SDEM's set like? More jungle/dnb like last time?
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