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  1. They're all different universes and such tho yeah so no linearity is required or implied ye @xox
  2. It is cringey because the narcissism required to actually believe that someone else would be genuinely interested in hearing about someone else's aphex induced visual brainfarts almost rivals that of the great ginger himself
  3. That site has a very low editorial standard
  4. Listened to the majority of Korns self titled record yesterday. It produced a nice mix of appreciation for the drum recording , nostalgia and cynicism
  5. I heard some people were talking about a new squarepusher album on a 90s IDM forum
  6. Lol that is confusing as fuck. Yeah i didn't hate DF, especially if you listen in the vinyl order with D Frozent Aac first (why did they do that by the way, have the order reversed on CD vs digital?). There were some really neat moments on DF, but overall it was plagued by some of the issues as outlined above (sound design, fatiguing compression, lack of dynamics in terms of sound and structure), but i did see it as a move in the right direction from the 2008-2012 material. I agree with the comments above that this new track does seem to have that same effect with the mix ducking around the hat which really stuck out to me - but everything else about the track rocked and i have a cautious optimism i haven't had in years
  7. Today I drove through bush fire ravaged landscapes and couldn't see the sky due to smoke and haze and was having visions of this being the new post eco collapse reality and it was a bit sad really , then I saw that burning koala vid and it's weird yelp it was doing bummed me out
  8. Is there a way to describe simultaneous pride and disgust ? Like farting in the shower ?
  9. So wait, was the stuff on the Warp30 old unreleased early 2000s tracks, or is it this new stuff that sounds old?
  10. My life has consistently improved every day since i was born, with a sharp increase in quality coinciding with commencement of my 30s. If your life is not following the same trajectory then it is clearly your fault and some serious beating up of self should occur.
  11. My two hour drive today has turned into a 4.5 hour drive due to road closures from bushfires .
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