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  1. Talented dude . This sounds pretty great
  2. Dude on here has one of those and sent me some clips a while back - really impressive piece of kit and there's nothing else in that price range that is comparable
  3. i had my midlife crisis a few years back so i'm going to die at 72
  4. https://kaer-uiks.bandcamp.com/album/plus-minus credits released February 18, 2021 krx037 / krx037ltcd / krx-obds-nr2 Written and produced by Patrice Curtillat Remixes courtesy of the respective artists Mastering by Felix Foerster Design by Daniel Glaser C+P 2021 Kaer’Uiks PB71215 Had some Poborsk back in the day and pleased to see him putting out new stuff with Kaer'Uiks. There's some remixes on here by Kindohm and Vibert too which should please some WATMMers
  5. At least then you will be able to send screenshots of your own release
  6. So it will be called [~]? You fought the system and won?
  7. Out on Spotify now ... Sounding pretty good . First track is beautiful AYE . NHK vibes on hyperfin.e ! Good job man that's dank af
  8. Aye , thanks for the bump . I have what I consider as a sequel to this coming out in April with some peeps that I'm looking forward to sharing with everyone here as it gets closer. It has a few other elements I've dabbled with in other releases though that aren't featured in Pattern Shift. There's also a collaboration with another WATMMER in the works thats pretty heavy with the A4 that is sounding pretty good to me and should resonate with anyone who enjoys this one - keep your eyes peeled for that too
  9. Don't let it get to you man . The tunes are excellent and timeless and this little hiccup will be a tiny blip in history
  10. When I was using Distrokid I had to change the name of a few things as it wouldn't accept things like = , ( ,) and so on. I found that confusing as well given some of Qebrus's track titles and how Spotify had no problems with those
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