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  1. i inhaled a dose of a corticosteroid and now have a sore throat 🙂
  2. Punching through the last two seasons of Silicon Valley; not terrible.
  3. Just listened thru again. It is really good! 3rd track, "Ground Fish" is superb
  4. Got some new headphones recently that boost the hi freaks and now i'm struggling to mix
  5. They are ok; certainly not bad. I don't mind the rawer nature of these tracks compared to Compro which was a bit too polished for my liking. I figure maybe as he puts out more stuff it will provide a bit of context for these releases.
  6. My hangovers are multi day affairs now and have stronger guilt / shame / anxiety components than before
  7. Thanks for those kind words @eczem! Glad to hear you're enjoying the tunes @cobra
  8. ive been dumping about 90g of hops straight into the kegs in hop sacks for the last 12 months when i've been doing pale ales or IPAs. By the time you get to the bottom of the keg it is absolutely incredible lol; maybe even too much
  9. Flicked thru earlier as well. It is obviously very clean, tight, polished and well put together; but not something that i'd revisit frequently. I'd love to hear it on a banging system tho!
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