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  1. This is a very nice release. It sounds very well formed, like it was created in a vaccuum of sorts free of external influence. Very keen to hear what's next.
  2. This sounds quite nice; some really similar sound design elements to lanark though
  3. i listened to this earlier today and yeah, i don't really get it. it sounds really well done but not something i think i can appreciate like the others in this thread.
  4. https://schematicmusiccompany.bandcamp.com/album/xiz10s Melted_Self returns with an EP consisting of 6 tracks. For an optimal listening experience, listen to each track one at a time in the prescribed order. Side effects include but are not limited to: dizziness, irritation, euphoria, headaches, and in some cases, mild amusement. Synthesis and Sequencing: Iridium, T1, Digitone, Cubase. Artwork: Andrew Bates Mastering: Roc Jiménez de Cisneros
  5. Yeah these are a case of the Mk2s being a significant step backward.
  6. That synth would be GAS triggering if it cost 1/3 as much
  7. My GAS is at its lowest point for 5 years and that's OK.
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