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  1. Woolies are allegedly spraying them down on the regular. Saw it in action today
  2. I just did a quick search and saw it for that ... Didn't dig in heavily . Sounds great
  3. Seasonality of Covid19 and life never returning to normal again
  4. Got an alert for this but haven't listened yet ...glad to see a bit more action from his camp
  5. Qantas and NAB shares in about 2 months... Get in and cash out in 3 years then about me a beer
  6. Hating on Richard Devine Most IDM 2006
  7. Depends on what you're looking at . Any entry level synths released in the last ten years are all pretty reasonable already IMO without about a 30 to 50% discount being standard ... I would not be recommending some obscure and expensive vintage synth as an entry point
  8. Not to be a cunt but .. it comes naturally to me . There is going to be so many bargains on the second hand market over the coming months with all of the unemployment in the hospitality sector ... it's a good time to be acquiring second hand gear . A second hand analog4 gets u 4 tracks and a sequencer straight off the bat, and it has stereo ins as well so you could get another device as well to sequence and use it's ins without need for a mixer or bigger sound card . Start with a utility work horse and expand into specialisation
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