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  1. Track featured : https://www.btrtoday.com/listen/glitchidm/at-it-again/?fbclid=IwAR0kstT5hLQmHCEBetgE4RKCgv_-KSXCqmpiLYkcXIRpgKYUZQ6g8k1L7FM
  2. That is a very achievable thing to fantasise about . In fact for only 10.99 your dreams can become a reality . Ask Jeff Bezos how
  3. Thanks ! @dingformung we traded a sysex file back and forth for an elektron digitone
  4. Here's a track from the project that Eczem and I have recently completed:
  5. This is Hexagon Sun: A Video on Boards of Canada
  6. Haha thanks man ! Have another album of FM based stuff that I made with another WATMMer locked and loaded
  7. So i picked up a RYTM2 end of last year second hand from a studio for a really good price; when i got it i realised it had some major issues with the pads not working (activating multiple pads etc, couldn't use scene or performance macros). I was lucky enough to be able to send it to the distributor to get fixed as i was able to obtain the original purchase information. When i got it back the recorder trigger would then trigger the BPM menu; select the cow bell, and activate chain linking, but would not let me record any triggers (lol). I was talking to them about it at the distributor and he
  8. Its not as much about recording as it is having to set up a computer to use hardware; i'll most likely end up recording straight into Cubase rather than the SD card but i hate having to lug my laptop and set it up every time i want to play around. My set up is on a small desk that wheels in and out of a wardrobe; i can see if i had a dedicated space that was already set up each time that soundcard/laptop setup might be more efficient.
  9. Picked up a Tascam Model 12 yesterday; selling my soundcard. Really nice little unit
  10. Anyone reminiscing over 80s era transformers should check out the new series on Netflix ... My mum was cool enough to save a bunch of mine from when I was a kid and now my kids play with them
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