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  1. One turd : extinguisher
  2. Has that been confirmed? I thought i saw some banter on the FB site where that was questioned
  3. I am of the view that creating subforums is not a reasonable way to grow content. Surely the subforums should be developed as a mechanism to house overgrown content that has demonstrated a need for its own place on the forum, not a guiding force for what we should be talking about. If we had multiple threads for every AF release, discussion around AF aesthetics, wants and wishes for future AF releases, questions around what the AF guy ate for breakfast... then at that point a subforum should be developed. WATMM is dying subforum when?
  4. Yeah i'm looking forward to it. Had a bit of a mixed reaction to S2 and the prospect of a westworld/nazi storyline isn't filling me with hope either.
  5. I'm confident that Ae will return to a more traditional sense of editing and format and then people will complain about the songs/album being too short
  6. I've got a Behringer UFX12 channel mixer that can stream each channel to the DAW via USB. Works well ,would recommend
  7. Giving this a bump because Vormaks3 is the best track i've heard in a little while. Love it.
  8. The digitone has the two layers of filters and it really helps to differentiate sounds within the mix. Given digitakt's lack of other shaping capabilities the omission of this function is mind boggling. One of the other things that the digitone has that the digitakt lacks is the ability to have the different tracks interact aside from using the NEIGHBOUR function. If you could set up choke groups like the RYTM it'd be neat, or even if you could restrict the number of tracks playing simultaneously and give preferential rankings to particular tracks it'd open it up a lot. Particularly this would be the case if that reserved processing power could be used for additional effects processing. I know that asking for a time stretch or slice is too much, but a comb filter/ring mod or other colouration mechanism would add a lot of value. There was a bunch of stuff going back and forth on one of the FB groups a while back saying that they can't add new features because the CPU is effectively maxed out but Elektron confirmed that this wasn't the case. It seems so undercooked compared to the digitone.
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