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  1. I tuned in to see the shit crowd and all I got was banging acid and cool visuals ... Disappointed
  2. Why is it that the people I've known who have tried to figure that out stopped after their first go ?
  3. Ffs I didn't even know what one of those caps was until right now . Good one Spi
  4. Holy mother fucking shit balls. Vlad just released the manual for the pulsar23 and i have to say i've never been more excited for a piece of kit in my life.
  5. Good question and what you do obviously comes down to how seriously you want to take it. To get the absolute best result then for sure, sending it off to someone who is going to deploy their professional skills and gear will be the best way forward... but obviously comes at a significant cost. For what its worth, i tend to generally work on my tracks individually and just try to make sure my gains of the different tracks are similar enough when i initially export. Once i have a bunch of tracks that i want to release together, i'll dump them all in another project file and start tinkering with compression etc on each track, then apply a basic chain of limiting, eq and compression on the master. Doing this allows me to cut up my tracks and apply different EQ settings to each movement if i want to accentuate certain phrases, whilst making sure that the overall sound of the release is consistent and cohesive throughout...
  6. Hi there, To be fair. This is good music, like autechre. Very much like autechre in fact. Now i don't want to somehow turn that emoji upside down, but it seems, to my naive ears at least, that you have downloaded the elektron packs that were generously made available by the gentlemen from Autechre and have made some changes to those patches, and then played them out live, whilst pretending that you are in fact responsible for the sound design and sequencing. If my hypothesis is correct, this is a severe abuse of trust and you have tarnished the IDM community. Please respond to these allegations in 1000 words or less, no emojis.
  7. Hmmm, not sure about that. The idea of purposely vaping weed without any THC in it is not something i've engaged brain with unfortunately. You could just keep the plant matter that is left over after a proper vape and vape it later when you want CBD
  8. Just get a dry product vaporiser imo and reduce the introduction of unnecessary variables
  9. Hey, any of you guys got any tips for IOS or Android generative midi sequencers? This one looks like it has some cool features.
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