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    Hell yeah! My inside scoop is that this initial run of releases is the stuff of legends!
  2. Had the snip last week and have existed in the space 5mins after being whacked in the balls ever since.
  3. Let's see what fate this thread faces and if it's any different to those which came before it.
  4. Wait, aux has stubbornness in his family? i just fell off my chair. Seriously though, that sucks man.
  5. One of the best out there right now. My understanding is that he has some more releases coming out this year and that this is only scratching the surface of the sonic landscapes he will be sharing
  6. I watched The Woman in the Window because i wanted to see how a cast with Amy Adams, Gary Oldman, Julianne Moore could get such terrible reviews and yeah, i understand now.
  7. Tomorrow War was the worst film i've seen in a while. I can't believe they pushed ahead with making and releasing the film given how lame the dialogue was.
  8. Second track is dope af. Getting RISC CHIP vibes from that third track.
  9. Yep. Now waiting to see what if anything will get ported over to the RYTM. I'd really love to have the second filter added to the RYTM but i know that doing so will mess with the 'all analogue filters' and this will upset a bunch of people
  10. The good thing about this thread is the inclusion of important details that i omitted in my thread about the same subject a few hours earlier.
  11. Spotify threw this at me today ,: Should mention that apparently there is a new remix too from that Nevermen album from 5 years ago: https://open.spotify.com/track/3ERefPtdVk4Vg3JQP4bZxl?si=SlFe0CR1SMeZKNjv_k2Vxw&utm_source=copy-link&dl_branch=1
  12. I'm consciously aware of making bad decisions but do it anyway
  13. Had my second shot today ... been feeling like shit the last few days with a cold. Feel like shit now too, just with an achy arm
  14. Is that in response to my message? If it was, i said 'this is too much music for me", not "too much music". I also followed up with if people want to listen to it , great. I wouldn't say it 'bothers' me but there are some of us who are long time fans who want to support the artist, who have always made time to get across their discography but are no longer able to do so.
  15. Mods please rename thread to " I'm Dcom , threadstarter from WATMM, AMA"
  16. I'm in the 'this is too much AP music for me' camp but as a fan i don't really think we get to dictate anything to the artists in terms of what they release and when. If we wants to pump all this music out and people want to consume it, go for it i say.
  17. Serious answer tho: Ae, Afx, Team Doyobi, pre-colundi AP, NHK
  18. I'm not sure if you're taking too many drugs or not enough
  19. Core Alter / William Fields / Calum Gunn / Notein / Synalegg Imagine if a label existed with all these amazing artists in one place.
  20. This would be my favourite Mu thing in quite a while. Dig it a lot.
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