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  1. Had this thread and the afx subreddit open in two tabs and was flicking between them, slowly at first but then sped up until my cringing climaxed. after I felt dirty and shut it all down
  2. Don't bother with Bly imo , you will be disappointed if u watch it, and I want more for u than that
  3. https://igloomag.com/reviews/core-alter-m-realization-3op
  4. Yeah i was pleasantly surprised to hear this as well and hope they continue to diversify as there's obvious talent there
  5. Sometimes my beats make me sad, mainly if they're shit though
  6. Thanks for those kind words. The tracks for the next one are basically in the can! We wrote a fairly large amount of tracks for these releases; second one is expansive and can't wait to share
  7. Thanks mate! We will release all of the unreleased tracks for the 30th anniversary. I'll bump the thread then
  8. So much great new music actually coming out yet this thread is trending...... #watmm
  9. This is an interesting piece of kit to me but damn, that screen is just so god damn small its not an option. There's enough real-estate on the unit itself to have a screen twice that size
  10. We toyed with calling this EP inf_recurse at one point ... For any of those interested, this release is all digitone like the last one but with multi tracking and with using a midi loop to gain control over the FX lanes. We used the same method of exchanging the .syx files to collaborate and write
  11. Bunch of different shit in this lol
  12. Playing tonite at 8pm AEST (GMT +10) @ https://4zzz.org.au/
  13. Holy shit that is awesome news; very keen to hear this
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