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  1. Anyone got a link to just the audio of this, pls??
  2. care to illuminate a simpleton like me I'll pm you. Don't want to spoil it for those who are still on the journey through the albums. Would you be so kind as to tell me too? I half-think I know what it is, can't quite grasp it. (Which I suppose is the whole idea....)
  3. 20 more copies up on Bandcamp now. Get in.
  4. I was at Fuji and left. It's cold, torrential rain, mud everywhere and I've got nothing but shorts and a t shirt on... and nowhere to sleep. I didn't plan well.
  5. Article here: http://www.irishtimes.com/culture/music/meet-the-12-year-old-dubliner-who-s-just-directed-aphex-twin-s-new-music-video-1.2694803
  6. nailik

    elseq 1-5

    Got this reply from Bleep when I asked about physical: Hi there Thanks for getting in touch. Currently, we are not aware of any plans for this new music to be released physically. In addition, we couldn't say whether we could offer a discount. Sorry to not be able to help you out more here. Essentially, this is Autechre's store and we just sell what they provide us with. Best Wishes Bleep Stores Support
  7. nailik


    I was at the Dublin gig and this recording sounds 100x better than it did on the night. Primarily because it doesn't include the sound of dozens of pissed wankers talking all the way through it. Why do people do that? And why aren't you allowed bring them out the back to kick their heads in?
  8. The postal service finally got its act together and delivered my package today. It looks great, thanks Joyrex.
  9. Anyone in Ireland still not got theirs? I'm getting a tad miffed at this stage, I gotta say.
  10. Music has the right to (be sold with a view to the seller putting the proceeds towards the cost of raising) children.
  11. This is soooo good. Suddenly I'm brought back to being 20 again and raving my nut off.
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