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  1. It's okay, bit of a grower.... https://masonbee.bandcamp.com/track/we-were-kin-plaid-remix
  2. I've had both this and the Video Mix since release, looking back no idea how I got the Video mix but it's a full 320kps file
  3. Blowing my mind this has surfaced, we were there for pretty much all of the set inside a tree house at Glastonbury... was surreal!
  4. Been into him for a while, he's a strange producer as some things are super simple 4/4 but then tracks like Unstable Condition are incredibly layered like Plaid's work
  5. Another great package from Mason Bee, really enjoyed the Tejada remix and this is wonderful from Plaid... great on a nice sunny day like it is today here https://masonbee.bandcamp.com/album/les-hippocampes
  6. Blasted this out a few times today and well needed, does some familiar in places but no one makes a sound like that!
  7. Plaid – Maru (UNRELEASED EXCLUSIVE Orbital Mix for MAH) Orbital remixing Plaid!! You can listen back on Mary Ann Hobbs show on BBC6Music, just played a minute ago...
  8. Also if you fancy playing around with Maru... http://pppolymer.net/Maru/index.html
  9. And here it is... new single 'Maru' and a bonus 'Recall' are ready to stream now... album out 7th June https://plaid.ffm.to/maru-recall
  10. Available on vinyl: http://latenighttales.co.uk/product.php/517/sasha-scene-delete-remixes-3 Two great masters!
  11. Can you not play it in the US? Tried to rip it today from Chrome but no luck No, I assume it'll be available for a bit next week but 5:15am is a big ask, as much as I love Plaid. Ah man that sucks, free to stream here in the UK at any time
  12. Can you not play it in the US? Tried to rip it today from Chrome but no luck
  13. Plaid - Live at tauron nowa muzyka 2016 https://www.rbmaradio.com/shows/main-stage/episodes/plaid-tauron-nowa-muzyka
  14. YES. Full track is available on Apple Music https://itun.es/gb/jItTfb?i=1169504567
  15. They played Ooyu & RAB at Futureeverything back in 2010 so glad I finally have them, Odica is absolute genius and this EP tagged onto the album along with Nulls makes a really great set.
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