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  1. This album, like every release, is amazing!
  2. I live in NC. Going if I can get tickets. Seeing Aphex live is on my bucket list.
  3. Wonderful! Plurabelle is so beautiful!
  4. https://savirhankar.bandcamp.com/releases Too bad this track didn't get a proper release.
  5. Does this mean digital downloads are available for purchase? No? Oh, ok then.
  6. https://soundcloud.com/zvld/time-walk WOW!
  7. Now that Aphex has played this live and the hype is strong can we have a digital release? No? Oh, ok then.
  8. This is about all I listen to atm. So good....
  9. As long as the wait has been, think I'm gonna hold out for the Longridge LP. Digital pls.
  10. 998 Miles from my house. 14 hr drive. I'm in sales and December is blocked out for vacation. Maybe next decade.
  11. Again, it really doesn't matter WHO any of them are. As long as they keep releasing these fantastic tunes I'll buy them. C'mon RLR! Can i haz digitalz pleeez?
  12. If he claims he is not Heorge then maybe he shouldn't stream a Heorge track during one of his jams on Youtube.
  13. Not really. What's more likely? Steinvord made 1 album and then never released any more music. Then this guy comes along trying to sound just like him. Sucessfully, I might add. Or, this is Steinvord under a different alias. I'm gonna choose to believe that this is the continuation of this artists output. I love it. The guy's live streams on YouTube are nothing like his releases. Which leads me to believe there might be some other aliases.
  14. Funny. I think they're all the same person. Seriously, any other recommendations? Yeah. Time is a factor. I heard most of the tracks almost 2 years ago
  15. Care to share who's done it better? I'm really into it. Would like some suggestions.
  16. Who will release an album first? http://kingdeluxe.ca/upcoming/ https://soundcloud.com/occult-research http://soundcloud.com/zvld Yes please. http://141414.net/album/bazilleon
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