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  1. lol this is kind of a "shallow" way to see it but for the time being I consider SIGN good because... Well, I've had Metaz form8 and r cazt on repeat a bunch of times. And that has been my typical ae listening style - finding tracks I like and then listening to them on repeat endlessly. I didn't find that at all with NTS when it came out and it sucked but I gave it another go after SIGN came out and now I've listened to elyc9 7hres on repeat dozens of times. So yet another few tracks that I can put on the "list"... good... It takes a while to judge albums as a whole because it takes me ages to
  2. this is dumb but i put on nts after having not listened to it for a year, and i never liked it, and now all i want is to listen to elyc9 7hres for the rest of my life. from start to finish. not sure what happened back then, curious if there will be other surprises later (first listen now). also gonk steady one stood out tonight as well.
  3. It has that exact same text and format on all pre-orders so it's just the script of the website, as they released them all after stream. Not sure why they don't just "release" it as usual though. And we know there's 2xlp and 1xcd (I would like to be wrong about this)
  4. Although i have to say in addition to the above, this album isn't like a warp speed advance of music or anything crazy innovative ofc, but i am very soft nowadays and haven't even listened to music for a couple years much and so I don't have the forward momentum as much. But I do remember the years after confield, waiting for draft, then came untilted, then quaristice, and then eclipsing with oversteps, as each record sounded completely different and new and I was totally into it. it was a crazy period tbh. Then came exai and i sort of felt like it didn't have the same momentum, i st
  5. the only tracks that don't click with me are au14 and th red a Oo r cazt is the most soundtracky - traditional thing they've ever done i think. psin gives me 90s gescom vibes and i just have to love esc desc, especially the beginning and ending. although its the first track i remember from them that seems like it can get 'worn out' like hearing a pop tune over and over again. so nice tho si00 just has an interesting atmosphere and feeels nice sch mefd has a great atmosphere and sounds so ilike that metaz form8 is melancholic i would say, and really nice m4 l
  6. the bitrate for r cazt flac is 666 kbps. not sure if it's just my player 😛
  7. i gotta say was awesome. incredibly beautiful in places but also very interesting technically and really huge sounds. a few tracks with the lush pads stand out on first listen as instant classics.
  8. Right, to me macro is also the small easter eggs in say Perhalic Triangle or whatever, not and not necessarily huge shifts. It's a bit subjective but I feel like on NTS there aren't these pronounced things. Like compare t1a1 to tankakern, uviol or osla for n. t1a1 is a really long track with a lot of easter eggs potentially, while the former tracks are shorter and have maybe 3-10 of those easter eggs, and those might have a bigger impact for me then. Plus they also introduce them as new elements while t1a1 introduces less if no new elements or too many of them. Long and jammy vs concise and st
  9. this is one of my main gripes, I think older tracks have a macro structure while nts does not. tracks like parhelic triangle and uviol are repetitive but they have certain moments that break the flow and add a certain 'climax', it's more contained and obvious what the easter eggs are. all of the other tracks ive listed in the thread are like this too. also have to say, it's not like i only like ae tracks that have a macro structure, but compare nts to bine, the trees, WNSN and others and they still don't sound as good. it's like this: You might be right, i also forget where those noti
  10. I grew to enjoy many, maybe even most, of the tracks on Oversteps, but the bigger picture really rubbed me the wrong way. krYlon in particular I still really dislike and the fact that so many people said it was their favorite track on the album made me feel like it just wasn't my party. NTS and a lot of their recent stuff seems difficult in a more visceral way, like rather than some delicate structure or clever juxtaposition they're really into these gut-wrenching, ear-piercing moments, or just combinations of frequencies that make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. There's stil
  11. I agree and it's a pattern I've noticed in their latest stuff. I kind of feel like they just don't do Easter eggs anymore, or if they do they are so hidden that I'm incapable of finding them. They're still my #1 too but I think the way they make tunes has fundamentally changed and that kind of stuff doesn't really interest them now. I feel like NTS is both more relaxed/unadorned and has a greater sense of urgency to it in a way, but that's interesting in another way. I had a similar feeling shortly after Oversteps came out. I was disappointed in the direction they were going in, I think th
  12. Aha fair enough! I wouldn't say boomy as negative for all the tracks, because it really packs a mean punch on the right tracks. Agree that it is probably less restrained, doesn't go to the same heights as elseq though I think... Tracks like 9 chr0 and icari kind of click with me though, very micromovement / M62-ish, which seems more complete now than before. Also the bass on tt1pd /might/ be able to carry the track, since it's so good with all the rest of the sounds, but for the longest time I felt like it missed something. very unrestrained tho Comparable but I think else
  13. well, I think objectively feed1 and latentcall have a fuller sound than anything on nts, unless you disagree? it's hard for me to make a statement about what is objective or not but I do feel that it is very different from previous releases. how we value that difference is harder. and yes, the points are subjective, but we can still talk about what's different and not different, if you disagree that nts is different from previous releases than its gonna be hard to have a discussion though
  14. lol no idea what you're talking about
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