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  1. Right, to me macro is also the small easter eggs in say Perhalic Triangle or whatever, not and not necessarily huge shifts. It's a bit subjective but I feel like on NTS there aren't these pronounced things. Like compare t1a1 to tankakern, uviol or osla for n. t1a1 is a really long track with a lot of easter eggs potentially, while the former tracks are shorter and have maybe 3-10 of those easter eggs, and those might have a bigger impact for me then. Plus they also introduce them as new elements while t1a1 introduces less if no new elements or too many of them. Long and jammy vs concise and structured They have like no bad albums but the one I feel is the most sparse is Untilted, even though I love the atmosphere and visuals I get with it. Visuals for nts is more nature/pastoral/farm on several tracks which I can dig, haven't made up my mind on how much that makes up for the lack of interesting tracks to me so far though I think the idea that this is one of the best received ae in recent memory is kind of bad considering how good elseq is, and L-event EP as well is epic. It does feel like a step down right now but my perception changes so we'll see.
  2. this is one of my main gripes, I think older tracks have a macro structure while nts does not. tracks like parhelic triangle and uviol are repetitive but they have certain moments that break the flow and add a certain 'climax', it's more contained and obvious what the easter eggs are. all of the other tracks ive listed in the thread are like this too. also have to say, it's not like i only like ae tracks that have a macro structure, but compare nts to bine, the trees, WNSN and others and they still don't sound as good. it's like this: You might be right, i also forget where those noticable parts are, where in previous tracks i always remembered. gonk tuf hi had some moments yesterday but then i have issues finding them again. im not sure if this is better or worse overall, its still less interesting than earlier releases. well then you hit on key things i feel too. i dont have a single track that stands out to me as "i _have_ to play this over and over!" right now feed1 is a beast imo and also has a great composition, it really builds and is awesome, one of my top ae tracks (although that list now has dozens of tracks). i think the sound works, it's very tightly designed and also in your face. i put elseq up there because of the great tracks on it. feed1, c16 thread, latentcall, eastre (great atmos), mesh cinereal, freaulaeux and others, which eclipse anything on nts both emotionally and structurally i think, not to mention all their older albums, nts can't even touch'em... it's not like i love every track on elseq still. i can't point to a _single_ track on nts that clicks right now in the same way even though there are tracks which seem promising, but i'll have to wait and see.
  3. I grew to enjoy many, maybe even most, of the tracks on Oversteps, but the bigger picture really rubbed me the wrong way. krYlon in particular I still really dislike and the fact that so many people said it was their favorite track on the album made me feel like it just wasn't my party. NTS and a lot of their recent stuff seems difficult in a more visceral way, like rather than some delicate structure or clever juxtaposition they're really into these gut-wrenching, ear-piercing moments, or just combinations of frequencies that make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. There's still a lot of emotion and masterful aesthetics but it seems to be less about beauty at the moment and more about physical sensations. Like nineFLY freaks me out every time... it's like if Squarepusher's Circular Flexing was a great white shark with giant bat wings. But it comes right after g 1 e 1 which is one of the most poignant and tender harmonies they've ever done (while still being pretty fucked up!). I actually love all of l3 ctrl, I think it's one of the most brilliant things they've done in a while. I messed up the phrasing above. I just don't like the ending of four of seven, in fact I made an edit of it so that I can play the first 2/3 of it seamlessly and it's great for working on the computer. How can you dislike krylon?! it's straight up beauty. :P And yeah I hear the physical sensations thing, it's a thing that i sometimes can get in some tracks and other times not at all. it does add a new dimension to the music to keep that in mind though
  4. I agree and it's a pattern I've noticed in their latest stuff. I kind of feel like they just don't do Easter eggs anymore, or if they do they are so hidden that I'm incapable of finding them. They're still my #1 too but I think the way they make tunes has fundamentally changed and that kind of stuff doesn't really interest them now. I feel like NTS is both more relaxed/unadorned and has a greater sense of urgency to it in a way, but that's interesting in another way. I had a similar feeling shortly after Oversteps came out. I was disappointed in the direction they were going in, I think they even acknowledged in an interview that they expected backlash for the "plinky plonky" stuff. Then Move of Ten came out and I thought it was kind of silly but it grew on me and made me more OK with Oversteps although I still don't love either of them. I guess what I'm saying is that AE's catalog is a very long and winding road, and there's such an incredible amount and diversity of material. Just because you're not into the release du jour doesn't mean the next one won't knock your socks off. And if you go back to the oldies you might discover something you forgot or even never noticed before. Aha, i actually love oversteps. i also found especially some of the latter half of oversteps very difficult, but the atmosphere really clicked with me and now i love almost all the tracks. however several of oversteps tracks stood out to me as replayable immediately, while others were difficult as fuck, which happened to a much lesser degree on nts. It might happen with nts later. And yes, first half or so of l3 ctrl is great and has stuff like 9 chr0 and icari does ('micromovements' / easter eggs) which i like. I think the best example of this is M62 from move of ten, which is very subtle but is still one of the best examples for me of 'easter eggs'
  5. Aha fair enough! I wouldn't say boomy as negative for all the tracks, because it really packs a mean punch on the right tracks. Agree that it is probably less restrained, doesn't go to the same heights as elseq though I think... Tracks like 9 chr0 and icari kind of click with me though, very micromovement / M62-ish, which seems more complete now than before. Also the bass on tt1pd /might/ be able to carry the track, since it's so good with all the rest of the sounds, but for the longest time I felt like it missed something. very unrestrained tho Comparable but I think elseq is at least mastered very different which makes it sound different, not sure on the actual production techniques
  6. well, I think objectively feed1 and latentcall have a fuller sound than anything on nts, unless you disagree? it's hard for me to make a statement about what is objective or not but I do feel that it is very different from previous releases. how we value that difference is harder. and yes, the points are subjective, but we can still talk about what's different and not different, if you disagree that nts is different from previous releases than its gonna be hard to have a discussion though
  7. lol no idea what you're talking about
  8. Well I can hope... It feels different this time but who knows
  9. it will sound overly harsh but yes, I think NTS lacks the depth and the compositional quality that earlier ae had. There are several problems, including lack of sound quality, good compositions, good climaxes, a lot of cheesy ambient, and no single track I can point to as a 'blockbuster' track that I want to go back to and listen to a lot. No track has the mindmelting puzzling difficulty of earlier ae. I find that every track sounds exactly how I imagined they would after taking a break since the first listen. On Elseq and previous releases many tracks didn't make sense until several listens. This 'difficulty' is gone on NTS. Osla for N, feed1, latentcall and os veix3 all are much better in all dimensions than any nts track, just to pick random examples. I listen to NTS now and there is almost nothing. Four of seven, clustro casual and ninefly are the single most interesting tracks to me, as they are original-ish for ae and relatively fresh. column thirteen, glos ceramic and tt1pd all have the the signs of blockbuster tracks but the two latter are too straightforward without a payoff, which makes column thirteen one of the top tracks on there. This 'straightforwardness' is a big problem to me. feed1 and latentcall are relatively 'straightforward' but they have a much better composition. those elseq tracks also have traces of all the previous ae tracks that have this form like irlite, osla for n, ilanders, tankakern, parhelic triangle, uviol etv, with a good 'payoff' and composition that makes me want to relisten a lot. nts has none of this. This is the most accessible ae release since the mid 90s I would argue and it suffers from it. Regarding the 'cheesy ambient' bit, the tracks are pretty, but they feel a bit derivative and almost like they don't belong. this includes 'all end', even though bladelores is cool. they don't have anything new to offer i think and as such are a slog to get through. The cavernous ambience of quaristice and the weird gamey/baroque/wahetevr ambience of oversteps is way more interesting. last part is just the sound quality itself. it has a softer more "synth patch"-esque sound, and not the more complex sound of elseq/etc. I don't know exactly how to explain it other than each sound sounds thinner and less full. so overall, and I'm very open to my mind changing on this, but I'm not sure it will, nts to me is a kind of unfinished jam that doesn't work in the same way as earlier stuff. i love ae but i just had to write it, they are my #1 and I don't want to sound so harsh :P
  10. I think Wonky has some genuinely brilliant stuff on it - 'One Big Moment', 'Stringy Acid' and 'New France' are up there among my Orbital favourites - and is overall leagues ahead of Blue Album, which is really poor. It's still a step below their '90s material - stuff like 'Straight Sun' and 'Never' is pretty generic - but I think there's definitely some emotion and drive in there. Apparently I didn't listen close enough when it came out, I just checked it out and yes, you are right. Wonky is a lot better than I remembered it to be. Some good buildups, chords etc... Very strange feeling for me personally but whatever. Good, more excited for the new album then
  11. Oddly lopping the last two tracks (Kappafects and Maghellen) off DEG makes the album sooo much better and actually seems to make the structure work properly by ending with the Pelomen Vapour trilogy Hmm I'll have to give that a go.
  12. I feel like Orbital's last good album was the Altogether, everything after that just lacks the emotion and drive. Kind of similar to how I perceive Plaid. Plaid had Tekkonkinkreet in 2006 which had "White's Dream" which was classic awesome Plaid then almost nothing after. And yeah Bola too. Bola had Gnayse which was amazing and then a huge dropoff after. So not expecting much but we'll see
  13. I totally understand the view of entorwellian and I think it's a good feeling to have because it pushes you to be better and not get lazy. I had a period where I was super strict on not using samples (ready for use samples that are unaltered that is, not sampling in general) and it pushed me to experiment a lot more with from scratch stuff. All that said, nowadays I don't really care. I've made enough from scratch sounds and enough different combinations of techniques that if I use a sample in a track and I feel the track needs to be that way I will let it stay. I always strive to make from scratch but it totally depends on how I arrive at a certain track and so on, and nowadays I like to have a lot of fun and just do whatever. I feel if the main idea of the track isn't communicated in any individual sample, or the combination of the samples by default (as in, the rhythm, the melody, the mood), then it becomes a new original thing that is mine.
  14. I am one who has picture associations with everything. Autechre to me is not remotely only aliens and space, but also oceans, marble, castles, fruit, plants, I mean it can be anything. NTS as a whole to me has been more green and "pastoral" and plant like, more colorful than elseq which is more brown and gray and like a combination of machines and flesh and hard structures. Edit: just for kicks. Confield is alien and space and "dark night" (and the matrix-ish) Draft is ocean, ships, branches, very "dry" Untilted is this far distant future, very gray and white and cover fits perfectly Quaristice is space, caves, caverns, but also shit like roads at night and like half urban landscapes and tunnels Oversteps totally changed with this marble / greece / weird waterfall / pale brown / white building things
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