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  1. Agree, it's my big pet peeve among a lot of media in general. So much of reddit seems like a consumerist circlejerk. Lot of retro stuff is just endless recycling and not forging new content with older existing aesthetics. That Dreadful things figure is from an IG account that does more parody and homage oriented homemade stuff though, it's an exception.
  2. yes but only if that was coupled with playing a note on his detuned synth and recording it to tape and using said image that metaphor is the iffiest part of the video though I love that video more for the fact that it introduced me to Ott's work overall as a music critic. I appreciate his stance and I'm glad he put it out there but I'm neutral on the album itself. It's an engrossing loop and I think it's one of the few 9/11 referencing works of media that is generally sincere and not too corny nor problematic. Shackleton's "Blood On My Hands" is another but for very different reasons.
  3. he'll get some MIC oriented job but in terms of prestige / power, yeah
  4. Also this badass motherfucker is now the Senate Budget Committee chairman. As I said earlier, things seem less bleak.
  5. Like I'm stilly salt he was the nom who beat Trump but this is a reprieve. We have a president outlining a COVID-19 plan, not denying it's death toll. We have a president supporting $15/hour minimum wage. This stuff is small but it's encouraging. There's a shitload of work to be done but things are a little less bleak.
  6. This might be an expat thing. After all India a few pockets have communist leanings, Kerala in particular. Kind of reminds me of Mexico where hardline left-wing sentiment has always been strong but all but stamped out politicially with few exceptions like the EZLN controlled Chiapas. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Communist_Party_of_India#Present_situation True, but man the Overton Window is so goddamn warped here and post-Tea Party / Post-Trump that a centre-right neoliberal like Biden is a shift back to the middle.
  7. I mean yeah, "at least I'm not a fucking Nazi" is his biggest strength
  8. wife works at the TX state capitol and they've closed for today and tomorrow, I think every state legislature building has
  9. he swore by mono but his hair is stereo AF in that picture
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