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  1. i heard about that during the Texas blizzard and it warmed my heart more than the actual heat from my friend's house who still had power
  2. is this the crocodile hunter bit? I'm laughing just at the memory of it
  3. This one is hurts a lot. Norm was a brilliant and unique comedic voice. He was inherently humorous and refreshingly normal yet perpetually adjacent to the bizarre and absurd. There was always this insight and wisdom behind his often overtly anti-humor and dumb jokes. I've binged watched and returned to his bits on youtube for years and years, especially when I need a mental reprieve. I wish he could of stayed for a few decades more but I'm grateful for his time he was on earth.
  4. Nice. I actually had the "Ferric Bliss" and "VHS Headcleaner" playlists in an ordered sequence for the first few dozen songs but then I just started throwing other tracks in. You could probably play them on shuffle in other words.
  5. @zero and @ignatius I bought mine online and picked them up via a FFL. Even my shift on gun ownership hasn't warmed me to the idea of buying or selling as a private party to private party. Not just morally or legally but pragmatically, seems sketch. TBH regardless of politics it's a big no no among most online gun communities, not just because of app and site policies but legally overall. In fact people perpetually follow and discuss ATF regs (which are TBH often arbitrary and contridictory), NFA forms and tax stamps, stricter state rules like in CA and NY, etc. Those nuts with big collections of gucci ARs and stuff will spend time and money ensuring they are violating any laws, even if they despise them. Again this is the online community of enthusiasts, collectors, hobbyists, etc. The one legal loophole I do see often is 80% recievers. These do not have serial #s and often are criticized as "ghost guns." They are legal to buy, build legal firearms with (i.e. AR style semi auto rifles, glock style strike action handguns) so long as they are personal use only. If you sell them or mod them illegally it's a violation. ATF is testing the water with these but they are still an option. It is not the same as 3D printed either, the components are publicly sold via authorized venders and makers. A lot of people using them are not paranoid anti-Fed nutters but geeks who want custom DIY models or people on a budget who want to aquire a self-defense gun without dropping a lot at a local gun store. It's an interesting topic often more nuanced than people think. 1st time gun ownership exploded last year as did numbers of non-white, non-CIS, and non-right wing owners and buyers. Ironically the rules and regs and fees deter law abiding working class and vulnerable folks from owning and getting training, those who are wingnuts gladly exercise their privilege in open carry states and have no qualms with spending money to buy more needless guns and hoard ammo. 2020's unrest and close call of 4 more years of accelerated fascism def pivoted things. I would not be shocked if things come full circle and Republicans start passing gun control again the way they did under Reagan in CA and elsewhere: as an effort to deny minorities and poor people from arming themselves as communities against corrupt local governments.
  6. Remington has new owners, they went bankrupt and assets were divided up. Probably new owners doing. They were declining in QC since the Freedom Group bought them in 2007, the gun violence lawsuits just accelerated it. I'll DM you but you might be able to find a group to shoot with. SRA and LGO are pretty big now, there's another one I've done meetups with that is moderate to left. TX doesn't have public ranges but I know many private/pay ones are professional and apolitical - obvs. you can't bar RWingers but many do focus on safety and inclusion. It's been a big issue for POC, LGBTQA+, and liberal and left-wing enthusiasts.
  7. Yeah man, that kind of toxic gross bullshit is still very much around and TBH a huge reason I didn't get into guns earlier. It's like a lot of other hobbies and subcultures I guess. Underground electric drowned out by EDM, big ass expensive trucks overshadowing actual 4x4 enthusiasts. Obviously with guns this is amplified 100x over.
  8. I've been obsessively seeking out BoC esque stuff in the meantime, I could send you some playlists
  9. I'll check this out, based on the description looks right up my alley. Also I meant to DM you about something @fumi - I feel like you wrote a book? Or at least wrote stuff on a blog - I'd like to ask more about that but I could be mistaken.
  10. Hey y'all. Yeah it's been rough the last few days. I have to say I'm fortunate to live in one of the cities, specifically regarding my kids going to a school district like AISD. In the same state that some school districts are firing people over teaching "critical race theory" our superintendent actually issued a statement when George Floyd's killers were sentenced about how inspiring Darnella Frazier is, the teenage who captured the video in a situation she and most others would feel completely helpless in. The PC war waged by the right is pretty much putting half of the country in a state of deluded fear and anger detached from reality. A lot of suburbs and exburbs get very reactionary and right-wing very fast, honestly considering those areas are changing the most demographic wise (i.e. it's where a lot of working class and non-white residents can actually afford to live) I expect those places to get more heated election wise and in things like school board drama and law enforcement abuses. Next year's election will be wild, I keep hoping something will break, there's a point where this increasingly vitriolic and deceitful platform can't sustain itself either in rhetoric or illegal and unconstitutional power grabs and loophole exploitation. There's a good chance Abbott might actually lose their primaries (deservingly) but to more extreme opponents. It might be enough to actually prompt Dems to retake the majority for the first time since the 1980s. This is a blue state that stays red because so many vote naively for "small government" Republicans, don't vote because it's so difficult to even do so or get informed, or completely tune out everything out of pure disillusionment. The mask is off more than ever. It's not like the past was better, but even then the worst racist and old white good ole boy legislators still passed laws and achieved goals in things like improving and modernizing the state. They weren't these reactionary clowns hellbent on openly destroying the public good in the name of cynical, angry, and often religiously apocalyptic right-wing populism. My pet theory of Texas and the US in general is pretty much the same - things are better and things are worse, and honestly the US has always had these parallel and contradictory trends. The gains in progressive social laws and norms, general standard of living, and in access to tech and commodities is incredible but at the same time public services, infrastructure, and protections have been completely gutted and the gap between working class and the rich and powerful is obscene. Poke around r/boringdystopia to get a reminder of how absurd things are. Anyway, been awhile since I posted here. Hope all is well. Was laid off this summer but returned to work and even have an office now where I can listen to my cassette tapes. Funny enough I also inadvertently got into firearms as a hobby (2020 Election freaked me out, I felt if the Nazis had guns why shouldn't I?) and and found a niche of - get this - left-wing gun collectors and plinkers. I was even talking to a few on a discord about how much we like Boards of Canada. Reminded me of y'all. Still pretty much the same though, when the going gets weird the weird turn pro.
  11. wow, from here or reddit? I've had a couple good rants in the past I suppose. one day I need to copy and archive my best ones. this entire thread is essentially niche internet historic IMHO I suppose online discussion / media is going to become further and further embedded in published work
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