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  1. yeah there's the grifters and the smug GOP establish asshats along for the ride but Miller really encompasses the Himler-eque fanatics who not only 100% believe this stuff but are doing everything they can legally to institutionalize the most vile policies and ideas behind Trump and his supporters
  2. finished Stranger Things season 3 I cannot think of another season of another show with such a literal dull and sluggish start that gradually picks up momentum to the point where I was genuinely wanting more at the season finale - to my own surprise actually really hope they wrap it up with season 4, as much as they salvaged it I feel like they are stretching it already and the series needs a conclusion for it's own sake legacy wise. making a concluding movie wouldn't be a bad idea
  3. binge watched Dead To Me, recommend it - it's like a lighter funnier version of Big Little Lies
  4. ugly delicious really has carried the torch for Bourdain's shows Netflix's street food series are great as well
  5. I forgot to post this too but this interview with Alan Moore at 32:10 reminds me of Season 3's reveal
  6. I really need to dive into Lost Highway and all of his other films. I've seen and read all of the Twin Peaks material but beyond that Dune and Blue Velvet are the only Lynch movies I've seen.
  7. It's Heartbreak Ridge but with 4k HD jet porn. Looks like a fun, needless, and predictable rehashing of the first films iconic scenes. A i can't retire / this is all I know / i don't play by the rules" vibe akin but with some commentary on drones. ironically Top Gun had dogfights that were plausible in 1986 but by then aerial warfare was BVR (beyond visual range) and missile-oriented and just about every 'dogfight' after the 70s in combat has been that way - tense and fascinating - but stuff that doesn't translate well for action in movies. Here's the rub, it's going to run this course and get wacky in the last 30-45 minutes. Some wacky convoluted plot involving them having to use a F-14 in storage will occur - it will be Iron Eagle-esque in the 20 minutes. to quote a YT comment they'll say something like 'the F-35's aviotics are hacked, the F-18 is too slow / short range, we can't launch F-22s or F-15s off a carriers" etc. Or they tie in Iran's existing F-14 fleet in somehow via some disguised secret mission. I can picture it now..."It's an old code, but it checks out"- says vaguely Iranian Star Wars Imperial officer He's going to be tasked with some Iron Eagle-esque mission requiring him to fly an old F-14 that will 'rise from the ashes like a PHOENIX, use the retired long-range AIM-54 PHOENIX, and then when the day is won he'll pass on his legacy to a young pilot with the call sign...get this, PHOENIX. Then he'll get his mid-life crisis on and ride off into the sunset on his motorcycle while some younger pilot flys by the way Lightening McQueen races Cruz at the end of Cars 3.
  8. IIRC moomman is another kek / alt right meme (fuckers appropriate everything) but anyway I will always consider it a retro classic that vaporwave appreciated "This is probably what the inside of Ted Cruz's head looks like."
  9. https://eqwhy.bandcamp.com/track/kellz
  10. Syro is a real testament to how obsessive he is about equipment and recording / composition / arrangement process. In the past he had albums heavy on analog production, then an era of digital tools, and I feel like after Drukqs he made this goal of utilizing the best of both worlds in the same workflow. I feel like Analord and Tuss were part of that era of him honing in on how to utilize all of the niche, obscure, and rare gear he had.
  11. That's a bummer, I think that makes her the first of the Wonka kids who passed away. I love that film and of the bad kids I always found her role to be one of the funnier roles, her character had a bit of moxie. She was in some episodes of Dark Shadows and IIRC was part of the casting call for Exorcist but her parents declined upon reading the script.
  12. I worry he'll go hardcore right-wing if he gets more active. I say this as someone who was a Ron Paul fan / budding libertarian when I joined this forum back in 2008 or so. In hindsight I was doing it as a contrarian to my own leftist tendencies (I went from centrist to angry leftist in late high school and early college) and to try to salvage some family relationships (which was naive and regrettable in hindsight). The hypocrisy of the Tea Party and more apparent right shift of the GOP got me back to moderate then liberal sentiments by 2012. Whatever sincerity and truly "social progressive/economic conservative" / small government ethos remained in 2008 was completely excised and appropriated falsely into the current populist far right paleo-conservative / fascist soup that is the GOP now. So if someone has been maintaining "libertarian ideals" through the current populist right movement of the last few years they likely won't revert to more liberal or progressive stances and instead get radicalized by the alt right or, at best, cynically indifferent. That said, it might be possible to swing some people back from alt-right rhetoric, especially younger cynical folks who are still fairly detached from actual voting and activism. I've been binge-watching a lot of "breadtube" and "left-tube" videos lately - contrapoints, shaun, philosophytube, etc. - what's remarkable is these channels all emerged as a reaction to the very consistent swing of previously apathetic or nonpolitical gamers, reviewers, contrarian skeptics/atheists/academics (sam harris, jordan peterson), people who watch rogan or dave rubin non-political YT celebrities and their followers toward this anti-PC / anti-SJW sentiment and hysteria (gamergate was the flashpoint) and then toward more iffy right-wing and/or conspiracy stuff via pragerU, ben shapiro, saragon, infowars, stefan molyneux, and a slew of other dogwhistle heavy racists, fascists, anti-immigrant, anti-semitic, anti-LQBT, anti-feminists, etc. Many of these "lefttube" figures were non-political themselves and literally found their own content and/or feeds littered with alt right clickbait, so they came up with reaction videos - ones notably more fleshed-out production, thought-out arguments, and in-depth retorts. It's just as much a reaction to right-wing views as it is an alternative to the more knee-jerk, topical, and strawman reactions from many liberals and progressives which come from understandable frustration and anger but do little if anything to actually encourage more substantive leftist ideological ideas or proposals. I find them a lot more encouraging, even calming, compared to the years I've spent watching say, politcal satire via SNL, Daily Show, or binge-reading r/politics or even this thread. It's cathartic but ultimately fatiguing mentally, leaving a feeling of unresolved anger or gloomy futility. The thing that is the most fascinating, and why I brought this up, is when you read the comments and discussions on r/breadtube there are a lot of people, zoomers teens and college kids mostly, who have attested to being brought out of far-right and fringe beliefs that they were sucked into years ago. So that means some those depressingly cynical internet-obsessed edgelords and keks online are actually getting rehabilitated when alternative narratives are presented to them. I just hope that more are to come, and that more will actually manage to get out of their understandably nihilist bubbles and vote the current regimes out.
  13. Goddamn I randomly and coincidentally came across this last week - 70s and 80s pop music had a lot of songs penned by essentially unknown songwriters who worked behind the scenes as studio and session musicians, producers, engineers, etc. This is def one of the more obscure ones though. Hazard's version def showcases the inherent energy and punch of the song itself, Lauper totally took it to a different level that would have never been done justice by most other pop singers. The switch from male to female perspective radically alters the scope and context of the song. It's got a lot more emotional resonance than I could ever appreciate as a kid when I heard it - surface level it's fun 80s pop but I can only imagine how the line like "Some boys take a beautiful girl / And hide her away from the rest of the world / I wanna be the one to walk in the sun" cut deep for many people. It's akin to Cohen's Hallelujah being covered by Buckley, Reznor's Hurt covered by Cash - credit is due to the writers but it's almost as if they put something out there for a more fitting musician to finalize it's potential.
  14. you can't be for real lol Either glibness or trolling.
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