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  1. It wasn't until fairly recently I firmly concluded, personally, that capitalism needs to end in order for humanity to progress. I don't think it will quite be gone the way of feudalism before I die but I think the seeds of it collapsing and being replaced are planted. This era we're in is clearly a messy and unprecedented transition stage with the post-cold war and pre-9/11 90s as a weird intermission of sorts. Neoliberalism has given us progressive changes in many social and cultural ways while simultaneously gutting what already fragile systematic stability most democracies previously had.
  2. yeah he had a turbulent life and combat experience in WW2, he was also know for his litany of off color jokes and general arrogance typical of most Royals like QEII his life is more of an interesting window into history, I feel fairly neutral about his death and see it more as a bookend
  3. I dig this, vocals reminds me of Gary Wilson and the overall sounds reminds me of BMSR, OLR, and a lot of other weird lo-fi psych of the hypnagogic pop persuasion.
  4. It's great and easy to use. Ben a got to for me in cassette dubbing when playing back source .wavs and finding the peaks. IIRC @Goiter Sanchezuses it for his production. IIRC the only complaint I've seen of it is the destructive .wav editing but that can be avoided and mitigated.
  5. NFTs are so fundamentally offensive as a concept when I was reading some article giving a primer about what they are and how they work I just gave up and said "man, this is so fucking stupid." Let's give everyone basic housing options, UBI, and publicly fund libraries and web archives to store people's creations. Give me that over this final boss influencer, hyper artificial scarcity, late stage capitalism bullshit.
  6. Pretty much. Solid Tex-Mex is up there for me as well.
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