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  1. I finally gave this a listen last night, enjoyed it a lot more than Memories Of Cindy. Felt a lot more fleshed out as a concept and musically better executed.
  2. Lot of replies here that will keep you busy and hopefully figure out what niche styles and artists you like. If you really need to see stuff from this or last year that's highly recommended RA's EOY lists and spotify playlists are always solid.
  3. They're real people but enhanced with great editing of hours of footage. He's a young American Louis Therouex - he's mostly able to stay deadpan or at least sincere and he really strives to let people speak without judgement. There's indication he does retakes after they say something amazing or absurd, he's seen mouthing the same words of the interviewees. I think it's 21st century gonzo journalism in vein, more Kino-Pravda than Cinéma vérité. It's a fucking excellent channel, and his looting video was an indication he's got a fundamental basis in doing journalism. He's also done more surreal stuff via his patreon. There's literally one of him interviewing pornstars throughout a full scene.
  4. it's like he's having a conversation with his own half thoughts
  5. this one really bothered me, regret watching it
  6. Forgot to mention the 88 ads actually pushed FB to finally remove Trump ads for the first time. That's saying a lot considering how chickenshit they've been toward the POTUS and his campaign.
  7. Round up of the Trump campaign dog whistles turned bullhorns recently, most of these in the last few weeks: Today the Trump store unveiled a shirt with a Eagle logo with the same layout, ratio, and aesthetics as the 3rd Reich Iron Eagle 88 ads put out on FB calling for supporters to rally against leftist enemies using the same concentration camp symbol used for political prisoner Trump touted his admiration for the "good bloodlines" of note antisemitism proponent and Hitler business ally, supporter, and apologist Henry Ford. He has praised good bloodlines / "good DNA" in the past specifically his own "good German genes" Trump store selling a commemorative baseball at $88 instead of more typical rounded off or retail style picing of $87.99 Retweet of a supporter yelling White Power kept up for hours before staff and a black GOP elected official convinced him to delete it
  8. Yeah 3/10 is insanely harsh, 5/10 I can understand but I would give this more of a 6-7 range objectively. One of the biggest surprises was how much the vocals / singing didn't stand out as a major change. They were already doing a little bit on past albums and they served as another "instrument" so to speak, so much so it'd be a moot point to hear the songs without them. Very different compared to the dynamic they had with Leon Bridges on the Texas Sun EP. This album took a far more background listening / cohesive vibe to it than past ones. Some standout songs (the singles mostly) but otherwise most of these were very much groove and jammy workouts with less overt riffs and hooks as they had in the past. It's progress for them and not a misstep or anything but I was a little underwhelmed.
  9. there's another as well, parcel I think? bunch of video mirror sites as well for stuff deleted elsewhere - stumbled upon one a while back that confirmed someone I knew was indeed an anti-Semite and white supremacist. all of his usual public shit is dog-whistles and "trolling" otherwise
  10. stormfront just will have to buy more server space
  11. this is the most terrifying and hilarious thing I've seen this year, sums up where we are mid-2020 perfectly, it doesn't look remotely real. it looks like a contrived effort to create a meme and not what it actually is - delusional armed white privileged unmasked and open toed their firearms handling is atrocious too - I'm shocked they didn't shoot each other
  12. I have a couple dozen or so, hot wheels or same scale. Had a lot of micromachines as well - sold the sets in garage sales (regrettably, they sell for a lot now on ebay) I like to browse the hotwheels wiki and this for some nostalgia bingeing Also sold most of the 1:18 and 1:24 ones I had. Gave the scores of hot wheels cars I had to my kid. I had ones I collected when I was a bit older and then I had the ones I actually played with - of those my favorites were a cop car with actual working lights and "siren" - i.e. bitcrushed sound clip - and this mercedes and jeep that had opening doors. Really loved the ramps and carpets of towns and roads. Day-cares and waiting rooms often had these 80s era sets with car washes and other cool shit for cars to go in. There's some cool IG accounts of people who make insanely detailed/realistic custom 1:64 cars - either in specific racing colors or very weathered looks. EDIT stuff like this https://www.instagram.com/atydpradana/
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