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  1. As much as love Scrivin I worry about burnout on his stuff myself. I wish it'd spur on more from other producers as well. Still geeking out over this though but I'm a sucker for this niche.
  2. Reminder: her brother is war profiteer blackwater CEO and the real world equvalent to Cobra Commander Erik Prince Turkish invasion of Rojava was one of the most disillusioning things to happen recently. It's disheartening and tragic, so dire the SDF has allied with Assad for survival. West Virginia elected a Democrat governor over the right-wing Trump bootlicker (and out of state corporate shrill) who was in office. This is the same state Trump won by 30% in 2016. Virginia swept both of their state houses as well. Another encouraging pre-2020 election overall.
  3. I was thinking of that film in traffic the other day, need to re-watch it. Soundtrack was my intro to shoegaze/dream pop. I've changed a lot since I've first seen it back in late high school.
  4. Yeah, those "this guy is a like a Lynch scholar" comments are indeed not hyperbole. The unfinished Ronnie Rocket insight being a good example. I'm curious if he's got any other theories about Lynch's other work. The beautiful thing about the Twin Perfect vid is how much of the evidence is in plain sight. That's why I found it still very compatible with all of Frost's input and the plethora of other references, tangents, layers of theories in paranormal, legends, obscure history, etc. as well as the core mystery and intrigue of the show itself.
  5. Before I watched the 4.5 hr one by Twin Perfect the Corn Pone overviews were the most concise, well-thought out and substantive YT videos I'd watched about season 3. I'd def rec them, especially as primers for season 3 theories / interpretations I've seen on reddit - which are wildly varied. Lot of mediocre videos seem to just re-hash that content or put out redundant click bait. The Corn Pone vids are a good warm up for the Twin Perfect video as well.
  6. Def read up on the Coal Wars as well https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Blair_Mountain
  7. Good trick or treat outing with the kiddos, nice cool clear weather. Mood was perfect: watched an owl literally fly over the center-line of our street, about 20' off the ground, before the sun went down. Managed to give out most of our candy.
  8. Exactly. The Confederate South was very class-based among whites as well, so the non-landowner rural white tenant farmers where directed to being racist as a distraction from any efforts to revolt against the wealthy elite. It's something most conservatives / right-wingers endlessly try to historically revise, especially when it comes to Appalachia, where unions and strikes emerged and the miners, detached culturally and geographically from plantations, gravitated to leftist politics in the late 1800s. President Lyndon B. Johnson once said, "If you can convince the lowest white man he's better than the best colored man, he won't notice you're picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he'll empty his pockets for you." The KKK's targets historically are another prime example. In the 1920s (an era where being KKK and anti-black was redundant for many whites) they were essentially the goons openly attacking who the rich WASP establishment elite wouldn't publicly go after: Catholics & Jews mostly but also immigrants and anyone who wasn't "Native Anglo-American." They were active all over the midwest and pockets of the Eastern coast - not just the deep south where they carried on racism against blacks and non-whites from the mid-20th century onward. My in-laws grandparents had a cross burned in front of their house in East Pennsylvania in the 1930s because they were Catholic Czechs.
  9. That shit annoys me but I completely understand why he would. He reluctantly posted on the twin peaks subreddit to address a lot of the flippant and dismissive criticism of the video, which he spent 2 years researching and editing. If I had spent that much time and energy I wouldn't force myself to have a clinical title to the video, I'd give in and give it a clickbait title as well. At this point a lot of substantive YT channels and videos have to in order to reach the same new audience as shitty clickbait titled videos.
  10. Regarding all of the discussion about oppression and the idea of "whiteness" in Russian history: that has always been a shifting concept depending on who is in power and what the context of conflict was. Just dive into the wormhole of nationalism, fascism, and white supremacy in Eastern Europe and you'll realize just how complicated, nuanced, and at times straight up contradictory it is. Vague, irrational, and even counter-intuitive rhetoric has always been a major facet of fascist and racist ideology. Exploit one groups actual class grievances and shift it to another "lesser" group using racist or nationalist claims. The Nazis modeled their early policies towards the Jews and undesirables on American segregation and sterilization, yet touted how fairly they treated black American athletes in the 1936 Olympics. They were anti-Slavic at the core, yet during WW2 millions of Slavs were collaborators along nationalistic or political lines against Western allies, communists, Jews, Roma, etc. In a sense whether someone is "white" is completely dependent on who they are comparing themselves to.
  11. I'm finally glad there's some substantive cancel-culture re-assessment coming from liberals and the left. As much as folks like Žižek have been making this point for years seeing a figure like Obama step in is an encouraging sign. There are many frustrating things about cancel culture: it completely dismisses the idea of people evolving and progressing into better citizens and individuals, it gives more ammunition to their right-wing opponents and their bullshit rhetoric, and most damning of all it completely works against actual praxis among the left and progressives in general. "Woke" tweeting and social media stuff is pretty cringe-y too but it at least serves this positive purpose and goal, even if it's naive or somewhat co-opted.
  12. ^ About 2 hours into this, yeah this is a damn fine explanation. For a 4.5 hr video it's compelling and flows well: there's shockingly no redundancy nor weak tangents, shoe-horned evidence, etc. Impressed by how consistent, well-thought out, and extremely well-researched it is so far. I don't find it to be detracting from my personal feelings / interpretations and vague thoughts of the series despite his warning for such fans. In fact he deliberately notes that he leaves out Frost's input for that reason.
  13. Totally, we already got a preview of that with Ja Rule literally starring in Christian films about the merits of grifting in the name of god anyone with a basic sense of morality will look at the convergence of Trump and conservative evangelicals with bafflement but it's the endgame of decades of grifter prosperity gospel megachurches being infused with right-wing material greed and nationalism love or hate Kanye it's undeniable he's a talented and creative individual with self-awareness and delusions of granduer that have literally driven him to mental instability and is a very, very vulnerable celerity: he's dive into this shit wasn't something I didn't anticipate but I'm neither shocked nor surprised it's occurred
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