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  1. I have, it's lovely. Weird how much it shifts the tone. I can't say I like it more or less than the other version, I do return to it less often though but sometimes it feels more apt to listen to. It's more of like a driving tune or something if that makes sense.
  2. Oh man, I had a copy of that but sold it when I was scrounging up for cash and parring down some of my tapes. Since then I picked up the LP version https://www.discogs.com/release/13102531-Jefre-Cantu-Ledesma-In-Summer I watched this while not sober and it was something else, def appreciate it differently, especially the second half. it was already one of my favorite tracks of all time
  3. yeah it's been awhile, I haven't been online much here or elsewhere TBH 👋
  4. He had quite a career after that jump. As an active duty USAF pilot he was assigned to Vietnam for combat on 3 tours with a total of 483 missions, the last of which he was shot down during and captured. After retiring in 1978 he got into ballooning and set records as a solo balloonist and consulted others in their efforts, including Felix Baumgartner in his jump.
  5. this was more emotionally moving than I expected
  6. Stumbled upon the sample source for "Fabric of Space" this morning I feel like someone else posted it, honestly not sure how I didn't notice earlier. 1991 Sample.mp3
  7. The world spins. 1956-2022
  8. Hell yes, this was always such an interesting project. I know all that outrun / "cyberpunk" stuff is popular now but I felt Kuedo's first album encapsulated that sound and aesthetic before it was trendy, and did it better than most.
  9. Season 1 is excellent. 2 was good, 3 was...a mixed bag but overall. I've not had a burning desire to watch 4 yet for that reason. Season 1 of Westworld was incredible as well but I've haven't been motivated to watch more of it. I feel asleep trying to watch the season 2 opener. Granted it was late but like, I clearly wasn't awaken by the episode's content. Anyone watching Outer Range? It's like Longmire and Yellowstone with all the crap I don't really care for taken out and replaced by a general concentrate of generic brand x-files and twin peaks weirdness.
  10. chad contractor with used 90s japanese mini truck versus virgin commuter bro with lifted heavy duty extended cab I have a 4runner now, I have no qualms getting it dirty and actually using it for DIY stuff and field checks at work. Before that I used my Scion xB to haul all sorts of stuff. A EV truck would also be a backup generator of sorts. A place I used to work at that uses Ford 250s for their fleet looked into ordering a Ford Lightning, the only reason they didn't was they couldn't figure out an efficient way to charge it outside (they don't have a garage). The irony of EVs is that American infrastructure just hasn't caught up to make them as cost-effective and appealing to most drivers.
  11. If I ever get a EV it'll be on of those new Ford trucks, hopefully built in a UAW factory.
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