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  1. When an individual as apt at effortlessly lying can't even bullshit a half-assed denouncement of a far-right wing nationally organized street thug group it speaks volumes. He's literally talking to the 2020 equivalent of brownshirts and blackshirts. American WATMMers, get to know your neighbors and pinpoint any concerning folks in your vicinity. Make sure you know how to contact friends and family you trust. Be cautious in displaying signs and bumper stickers. Stock up like it's early COVID19 days again. If you safely and legally can, buy a firearm and ammo. While I'm a tad drunk and paran
  2. Yes, this along with his albums In Glendale and What the Broken-Hearted Do... are serious. They aren't devoid of humor but it's far more dry, sardonic, and incidental. More akin to old Randy Newman in that regard. Musically as someone else mentioned it's very 1970s pop rock / AOR
  3. Yeah I had no idea, I need to dig into Wilson's work more. Heidecker has def become more openly leftist, IIRC he's a DSA member. Had old school WATMMer Robbie Martin on his podcast recently and his sister Abby Martin on in the past.
  4. some insight on what it's like to live while a civil war is ongoing
  5. WE ARE FED UP WITH LIBERAL HOLLYWOOD AND BIG COASTAL CITY ELITISTS RUINING THIS COUNTRY literally elect trust baby lifelong democrat and tv celebrity from NYC
  6. Older fans and those who knew of him as another synth DIY/underground figure back in the day. I actually still find it wild that I see newer fans, especially people who listen to indie music or more mainstream stuff, gravitate to his WARP stuff and/or consider anything before that his "old/early" stuff. He's been around awhile now.
  7. I think he went quiet again, last time we talked I backed up some stuff from his YT channel in case it got deleted by YT back in 2018 - actually I think he contacted me to see if Joyrex could unlock his profile or something, back when Age Of came out
  8. https://timheidecker.bandcamp.com/album/fear-of-death Tim's 4th album, easily his best so far. He wrote this with Natalie Laura Mering (Weyes Blood). Not so much throwback and retro as just unabashedly timeless in it's sound and kind of a cathartic listen, def more sentimental than sardonic compared to his past stuff.
  9. Thanks for the heads up fumi. I've loved just about everything I've heard from this producer, def a standout among his other lo-fi house peers
  10. Bankhead did the left, Robert Beatty did both Currents and Magic. Dude's awesome, before his cover art career took off he was a DIY tape scene fixture both as a musician and visual artist. He's done art for both big acts and more obscure underground acts. He also uses an 00s era computer with photoshop he scored for free IIRC (or really, really cheap, it was a university desktop that was being replaced and otherwise trashed)
  11. yeah overall this fills like he's coming full circle to his sunsetcorp and eccojams era work I can hear that
  12. It was released on his label Software which was an imprint of Mexican Summer. One of the owners of Mexican Summer is literally an heir to a distillery and beverage conglomerate worth billions which is why the label can maintain a nice in-house studio and NYC office. Maybe they weren't too concerned about paying out any lawsuits and/or represses because of the coffer available.
  13. 1:50 is the most frustrating, there's a few MAGA folks like this who are actually motivated by the naïve deluded idea that they are helping. While I can appreciate that sentiment over the more typical "own the libs" reactionary zeal it's also incredibly ignorant and self-serving. 2:07 is a fair take. I don't mind the "I'll move to Panama" take either, but it's incredibly privileged. The rest the same incredible projection and weird emboldened "we're helping this country" nonsense. These folks are fairly tame and that's saying a lot.
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