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  1. wow, from here or reddit? I've had a couple good rants in the past I suppose. one day I need to copy and archive my best ones. this entire thread is essentially niche internet historic IMHO I suppose online discussion / media is going to become further and further embedded in published work
  2. Early vaporwave pioneer Napolian has passed away.
  3. Def one of the more interesting, overall this one of the best albums I've heard this year. I think what defines "best producer" can vary, it's a hell of a statement so I'm not exactly sold on this notion he's the best right now but I certainly understand why someone would feel that way.
  4. one of the more interesting and unique releases I've heard in a while, WATMMers def need to check this out
  5. Damn, glad I came across this one on a Spotify wormhole, glad it's been acknowledged here already
  6. Damn, I never quite noticed the difference, good ear
  7. I'd read up on it and seen it mentioned here actually before in past threads. I'm a fan of Soviet films in general so it was only a matter of time before I watched it. I often peruse any podcasts that mention movies I recently watched and was enamored by and while sometimes there's nothing of note in this case there were two solid shows with episodes discussing the overall vibe and impression of the film: Overinvested and Friendly Fire. It's like the best "antiwar" film but like not in the usual definition, it's like an anti-"war film" film. It's the most de-mystifying and raw, honest, unfiltered testament to the sheer brutality of WW2 committed to film.
  8. I hope he collaborates more in the future, there seems to be a good dynamic of his own tracks seeming more fleshed out and focused this way
  9. Israel offered them weapons FYI this stuff is all very related and the whole "why do you care about x but not x" when we're all just folks online discussing current events is asinine
  10. Finally got around to watching Come and See About as visceral and engrossing as I expected
  11. I'm pretty sure I was introduced to him via WATMM
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