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  1. Well goddamn it. I think the quarantine has numbed me a bit to this but I also know this will hit me a lot harder later at some point. The gravity of it and all. I've been reluctant to be "Bernie or Bust" but the latest Biden allegations have pretty much pushed me away from my previously held sentiment I'd hold my nose and vote Biden. Plenty of good folks to vote for locally, statewide, and in congress but it looks like I'll be doing a write-in or 3rd party vote for POTUS. I think I'll finally arm up as well, worst case scenario we'll see some vigilante Trump equivalent brownshirts emerging.
  2. pretty sure a few of us browse r/nottimeanderic
  3. John Prine has passed away at 73. He and his wife contracted COVID-19 and he succumbed to it. He'd beaten cancer a couple times since 1998. Good write-up of his career on RS
  4. All of Resan is on YT. 14 hour long documentary about nuclear weapons and military hegemony coupled with interviews with civilians directly and indirectly tied to nuclear bases and facilities. Both informative (still relevant now to some degree) and a great time capsule of the cold war. Seems apt for either binge-watching or throwing on as background viewing during quarantine. Probably make for some great BoC-esque sample fodder.
  5. I'm assuming this thread is about the genre and not actual found footage?
  6. Christ almighty, I don't think I've ever slept on a release so fucking hard. This is incredible. Welt's been embarrassingly low on my radar as a IDM legend, I listened to Module 2 years and years ago but never really followed him much. Diving into his discography now.
  7. Skateboarder Jeff Grosso has died at age 51. Surreal to see him posting videos of him and his kid on instagram within the last couple days. It's unexpected, an apparent heart attack. He had a great running segment on YT called "Loveletters to Skateboarding"
  8. motion in the ocean ! 😀 AHHHHHHHHHH 😬
  9. binge watched the Stranger, nice relentless thriller with a great cast started Tiger King last night, crazy subject and on top of that it's like a VICE doc shot in the Tim & Eric universe
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