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  1. some harassed a local DSA candidate a couple days ago, were protesting the "farce of voting" or some shit
  2. Gabbard is def problematic (Indian nationalist ties particularly) but goddamn she has this chaotic trickster shit-stirring energy that pisses off the right people in the DNC. She's like Louise Belcher in Bob's Burgers or the queen bitch of any given season of any Bravo Housewives show. I hope she stays in a bit longer to deflect and/or absorb other potential establishment attacks on Bernie.
  3. I've committed to Bernie for awhile now and until last night was quietly in the "Warren is my 2nd choice" camp. I've gradually accepted her campaign was getting watered down and weakened over the last year but good christ, I did not expect her to double down on the already desperate attack her campaign and following launched earlier this week. I know a lot of leftist peers of mine aren't shocked and have been essentially pointing out they've been saying she's been a shrill for months if not years now. That said I'm still personally disheartened by just how much she's sold out not just politically and ideologically but on personal level to Sanders. Sanders literally praised her and begged her to run in 2016. Also, fuck CNN. I've given them way too much tolerance personally, basically putting up with their faults while they got lambasted via doublespeak propaganda by Trump and the GOP as "fake news." In a surreal stroke of cruel irony, they've totally lived up to the claim.
  4. Yeah the anti-rocket tech available now is incredible. The Ukraine Airliner crash could very well be a coincidence but that said... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iran_Air_Flight_655#Shootdown_of_Flight_655
  5. Something I forgot to stress about the theory that podcast mentioned is that the top brass are using their claim that "Trump picked the most extreme option" is actually a rouse to excuse a move the US military and State Department wanted to do. Soleimani was literally on a diplomatic visit with Iraq to de-escalate Shia-Sunni tensions. We exploited a country we spend billions on to prop up for strategic reasons yet treat poorly as an ally. The US literally deceived the Iraq government to obtain intel about Soleimani's movements to setup an ambush. US military and foreign policymakers are OBSESSED with Iran, they've been a de facto adversary for 40 years despite substantial potential for cooperation in against the Taliban and Al-Queda in 2001 after 9/11 and against ISIS in Syria, something that Soleimani was instrumental in militarily. We've literally been hellbent on punishing their government and population for their refusal to cooperate with us economically and strategically and as revenge for ousting a Democratic secular government in the 1950s and installing a monarch on behest of British Petroleum and anti-communist policymakers. The Iranian government has it's faults but it's less backward than Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States in terms of cultural oppression. Anti-Israeli sentiment there exists as an accessory to their anti-Imperialist, anti-Saudi, and anti-American ideologies and yet that has been weaponized here and in Europe as a argument that they are extremely anti-Semitic. Iran and it's proxy forces have never actually committed explicit terrorist attacks on American or Western civilians. They've only killed US military personnel - themselves foreign proxy fighters in Iraq - in the context or armed conflict. Iran's biggest enemies are the same ultra-orthodox Sunni Islamist terrorist groups that attack the U.S. and it's allied interests. Despite all of the literally every major US news outlet and mainstream pundit will nonetheless reiterate this arbitrary and false idea that Iran is a major terrorist supporter. It's been echoed for so long that even well-educated people start to believe it by default. I literally had to ask myself last year "has Iran actually committed terrorist attacks overseas?" because I assumed they had. One would assume we would not go into a full-on ground war with Iran because we'll lose. Yet as I type this the U.S. is still spending trillions yearly to maintain endless conflicts and operations in countries where we've lost wars. We've normalized endless wars. We've normalized the U.S. as a imperial state without even the pretense of a global ideologically struggle that the Cold War presented, now it's literally about keeping oil tankers and pipelines safe and the cash flow of wealthy elites moving.
  6. This outlined what I think is one of the more plausible scenarios: the military commanders presented Trump a number of options they were all ready to commit to, the most extreme being the assassination of Soleimani. Drone assassinations have become normalized and essentially standard fare since the late Bush era and was Obama's most damning and disappointing legacy. Targeting individuals is so common that the US has literally developed hellfire missile variants (usually helicopter deployed) that are armed with fucking knifes instead of explosive warheads. This particular operation reminded me of the broad daylight targeted killing of Ahmed_Yassin by the IDF. Even though the Israelis had been conducting targeted killings for decades it was a move that was unprecedented in the sense that it was going from targeted killings of militants and alleged terrorist operatives and moving into the territory of killing political adversaries and leaders. Trump's motivation beyond his usual delusional absurdities was to get back at the Shia backed protests that managed to humiliate the US by breaking into the Green Zone in Baghdad. The more extreme option short of actual fucking war (preemptive strikes and direct action on the ground by the US and regional allies) would be a blockade of the Strait of Hormuz which would absolutely crippled Iran and create substantial ripples in the global market, stuff on the level of the 70s oil embargo shortages. That's the one last option the Pentagon is keeping away from Trump at the moment.
  7. Totally missed Aquaphoria, def going to check out after seeing the tracklist
  8. This, talking honestly but non-condescendingly to co-workers who get most of their politics via Joe Rogan Experience and memes has been a lot more productive than trying to reason with my CHUD relatives, most of who have essentially become complicit fascists at this point.
  9. Yeah, holy fuck I had no idea just how many covers he designed until I looked it up on discogs
  10. Man, Innes' passing is one of those that reminds me of how old I'm becoming. I wore out a VHS copy of the Rutles as a kid. I didn't realize how core he was at the songwriting of that was until years later, some of his Rutles tunes are as good if not ironically superior to the Beatles originals he was both satirizing and paying homage to. He's def an underappreciated collaborator of Monty Python, as is his work with Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band.
  11. Syd Mead is my favorite futurist visionary. His influence via Blade Runner, Tron, Alien, etc. is beyond well known, for me his interior concepts and more utopian oriented stuff is what I find perpetually inspiring. His work has a far more timeless and ageless feel to it compared to many other retrofuturism peers. Here's to Mead and a brighter and better future.
  12. BBC in general is better than just about every US outlet primarily because their interviews are actually assertive and not pandering and their coverage is far more comprehensive, so much so that often you can find out more of what occurred stateside than by following stateside major news outlets. Guardian is solid as well and offers more opinion pieces. NPR is too soft lately but they still do excellent in-depth coverage. WaPo and NYT op-eds range from meh to godawful but their actual in-depth and investigative coverage is excellent. Intercept and ProPublica are excellent, the later especially is one of the boldest investigative journalist entities in existence. Vox is one of the better sources for political insights, especially US politics. Not perfect but far better and less knee-jerk than most others. CNN, MSNBC, and the other majors are corporate oriented and very complicit to maintaining the status quo. FOX is literally a right-wing propaganda outlet and proxy state run news station for the GOP. Many US local news stations are owned by corporate parent companies, Sinclair being a notably right-wing one that curtails a lot of honest coverage. Many of the better city newspapers are closing shop because they can't compete with major online outlets nor more niche community outlets. If you want to explore left-wing news and editorials check out Jacobin, Mother Jones, the podcasts majority report, chapo trap house, and citations needed. I also check out Texas Observer, Texas Monthly's features and Texas Tribune though those are obviously niche to my locale, as is Austin Chronicle.
  13. Film critics are some of the most flippant and spineless people in the media. No one wants to be harassed and doxed by shitty toxic SW fanboys and fangirls for lauding the movie at all, whether it's warranted or not. I bet you any money many critics are trying to pre-empt any kind of hysterical fan griping post-GoT finale backlash. I always think of how much they shit on the Twilight sequel, Breaking Dawn, when it was objectively 100% better in every regard than the first film. It got something like 28% on RT because every reviewer just echoed everyone else's gripes with the overall franchise and fans instead of actually reviewing the movie.
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