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  1. It's amazing how much great skate footage is online now - I used to have to rely on the THPS and Thrasher PS1 vids or a chance viewing of contest footage on sports networks during AM hours in the UK. Knew or one or two kids who had some old VHS but that was it. Speaking of someone posted one here of a recent skater and he ends with a fucking darkslide down some stairway concrete wall and it looked unreal
  2. this, I have no problems with the plot endgame itself, but there's no denying just how piece-mealed, sloppy, and crammed this season was
  3. Yeah this was a lot better than I expected, I enjoyed it a lot and found it way more engaging than I expected. Same very cohesive palatte as I expected but well-composed and more subtle melancholy vibe to it. Kind of reminded me of the Analord series in terms of having more depth than a casual listener might expect going in. "Laconism" was the most intriguing - had a kind of Pye Corner Audio / Phono Ghosts spectre vibe to it.
  4. I remember this show from when I was a kid. Ratburn Rats is Arthur's teacher was a bachelor who volunteers at a doll hospital on the weekends. His coming out was inevitable. There was an episode of an Arthur spin-off show that was pulled due to pressure from Bush's sec of education in 2005 because a same-sex couple was on it. It's ridiculous people were cancelling something this innocuous.
  5. I've fairly familiar with "hipster lo-fi house" - big fan of 100% SILK, L.I.E.S., Opal Tapes. but that mix has some new names and infamliar tracks for me. Way more to Lobster Theremin's catalog than I realized.
  6. Yeah this, the mixing is off but I agree that's it cuts deeper than some audio gripes - it's a decent rap but it just doesn't gel overall. The above track is alright as an instrumental: decent beat, a break from the jazz noodling, but nothing that has a trademark Flylo weirdness to it. I hope it's a sign that this album has some diversity in sound but I dunno. I have a feeling it will be disjointed or MOR. Either way it's no where near as bad as I'd worry it be, the singles have been better and better.
  7. finally watched the finale, some personal stuff came up Sunday so i couldnt watch it live my coworkers talked so much shit about the episode it almost tainted the experience for me. Sure the season was rushed, sloppy on some details, etc. but christ almighty some fans went from shameless gushing over the series to thinking they were fucking Pauline kael or roger ebert with their hot takes. Total bandwagon faux intellect critical bullshit, albeit with some good memes. If it truly was a disappointing waste, why bother talking about it so much? At least this thread had earnest criticism early on. On board as someone adequately satisfied with the finale. My half serious half jokingly prediction was it'd come full circle as if all that death was for nothing but to have another targaryen meltdown, a kingslayer, a Stark regent in the north, tentative peace in kings landing. Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  8. had no idea she was only 7 😞 YTMND is officially offline, NPR changed their Morning Edition theme song, and no this
  9. Regarding abortion: Abortions should be legal, safe, and rare. A lot of women who are pro-choice are personally anti-abortion. There is no goddamn reason for anyone to dictate what a woman does with her body and her womb. I should note too the US "pro-life" lobby is fervently anti-birth control and labeled them "abortio-faciets" pushing to ban them outright. Already they've succeeded in doing to in the form of taxpayer funded family planning and healthcare insurance coverage. I should note they have not pushed it on the male side via condom or vasectomy bans. The absolute lack of basic moral empathy is astounding. I only respect someone who is "pro-life" if they are just as fervently anti-war and pro-taxpayer funding social services for single mothers, children, and impoverished citizens. If they are truly that consistent we'll talk. Few of those that vocal fit that criteria. The absolute lack of pressure for males to receive equal punishment and legal responsibility under these new laws is fucking disgusting and highlights how this is all religious right personal control.
  10. Totally - and I say this as someone who is open-minded into that stuff in terms of reading about it and all - the history, context, etc. The reality is it's been normalized and commercialized to comical levels in may parts of the U.S. I'm glad it's not polarizing but it's also become this faux movement of ersatz beliefs and practices. I wonder how many older hippies and nonconformists think about it. Like how actual unique small town cafes, honky tonks, and diners are now replaced with Cracker Barrels and mega gas station fast food joints playing CMT and hanging the same lame-ass "country" decor up. Skim any SoCal based reality show on Bravo and the degree in which new age spiritualism and even occult stuff is openly embraced by upper middle class folks and the 1% is kind of baffling. Machinedrum got into these in the last few years after leaving Berlin and going to LA and hilariously his music is slicker, safer, and more mainstream than ever. I'll stick with OG and underground new age stuff.
  11. Lot of great cold war sheped pop culture and obscure media mentioned on this blog, We Are The Mutants, seems fitting reading for BoC fans. Bit more broad in scope than the usual UK-centric hauntology but nonetheless plenty of articles on that as well.
  12. I think this blog would be of great interest to anyone on this thread: we are the mutantshere's their about page info: They take submissions for articles FYI
  13. joshuatxuk


    Lot of good stuff here worth a read
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