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  1. Totally, same mentality help secure him as the 2016 candidate as well. this episode lays into Biden's campaign pretty well, centering mostly on one of his near incoherent debate responses as well as his corn pop lifeguard story
  2. The only thing Biden has beyond the Obama association is his cool uncle who kick Trump's ass after a few beers vibe that's not totally eroding as he makes the rounds. That vibe is totally eroding as he reveals just how old and out of his element he is now. He and Trump are likely both in different stages of dementia, the former is more benign and not mean-spirited, the latter is revealing how much of a clueless sociopath he is. Biden can't remember Obama's name but he can recall off-tangent anecdotes from his youth with clarity. He's being apologized for and defended while Sanders is literally more articulate and fired up than most of his peers who are half his age. Biden is the Bush of the Democratic party. He's corrupt, he's complicit to a lot of bad policies but I don't doubt IRL he's a friendly person with genuine friendships and a career in which he thought he did what was best. That's going to completely be shut down by Trump literally mocking him IRL and spouting his faux positive populist shit. We need to call Trump out for the liar he is, propose substantive policy ideas, and not flinch when attacks from the right come flooding in. HRC 2.0 in the form of an equally old centrist white dude is not going to work.
  3. Castro literally was the only non-frontrunner who performed well. The pundits are literally manufacturing narratives and "conflicts" at this point. Same with their dismissive tone about Sanders being too serious or "grumpy." They'll talk about Castro and Sanders being too mean/negative on cable shows then literally cut to some panel discussing Trump and his cronies outrageous vitriol of the week. The amount of enabling the mainstream media in the US does for Trump is incredible.
  4. DFN will always be my favorite for subjective personal reasons and memories but I have to say of his post-Syro DJ sets, hell any of his DJ sets really, this is one of my favorites. I always get really pumped to explore a plethora of artists and producers, both old school and contemporary, after hearing these sets. This shook me out of my rather passive tendency to listen to indie rock and MOR electronic via the radio or Spotify and back to digging through bangin' techno, house, and IDM. I love how he manages to put out these very diverse DJ sets that seamlessly mix older obscure gems with contemporary underground releases with his own work sprinkled in.
  5. I think I skimmed this one years ago when I downloaded a big set of live mp3s - gonna revisit it today, thanks for the heads up! I love this era of his hardcore rave stuff - Caustic Window and early Rephlex peers.
  6. goddamn that was nice, what a great re-work I remember my wife being enamored by that track when I sent her a Jesu FACT mix that featured it
  7. same here, read up on him a lot and listened to his better known stuff but never dove deep into his old tapes he had a perspective on the world and life we should all draw from
  8. arguably the most interesting and exciting person in hip-hop right now
  9. ^ Yeah same here, I was worried she'd go into safer synth-pop territory but instead she's managed to get more accessible / poppy while still sounding novel and unique. Kate Bush gets thrown around a lot as a comparison but I agree there's a similar sense of Olsen carving her own niche sound wise and maintaining this very sincere ethos while doing so.
  10. new album "All Mirrors" to be released October 4
  11. ^ I totally slept on that project, good stuff 100% Electronica has been killing it with it's roster
  12. The mainstream media still hasn't shifted from this model, nor have many Dem strategists or centrist liberals and conservatives. This thread is one thing, it's cathartic and archival, but it is depressing how much entities like CNN, MSNBC, the network channels, and even NPR still superficially focus on his loud, outrageous yet ultimately trivial bullshit at the expense of hammering daily the sheer substantive corruption and abuse he and his cronies engage in. Even when they do lay into his actual crimes they get suckered into superficial and misleading avenues. I will fully admit I was way too optimistic and sucked into the Russian collusion angle being the be all end all and Muller investigation being it's unravelling. It occurred and it shouldn't be downplayed but the media and establishment totally got focused on the wrong player - Russia - versus simply focusing on Trump's egregious crimes elsewhere: his tax returns, his dark money exchanges, a litany of unprecedented executive orders, the Epstein connection, etc. Hell, it's taken me a while to really break free of actually being suckered in to his and his supporter's 24/7 word vomit. The sprinkling of things I hear via work small talk or via here, social media, or other forums is, incredibly, maybe 1-2% of what he's tweeted that week or even that day. I mean, part of me says it's important that there's a record of this being made to reflect on decades from now, when we can actually process it. We're still getting insights into Nixon and Reagan's persons now via archived tapes and memos. I sympathize with everything posted here but I've had to, for my own sanity, really skim past most of it.
  13. Thanks for all the details on real world roll out and the nuances and minutiae of systems currently in place and the challenges altering the status quo actually entails. I have my views on what I want done and what I think should be done but next to nothing in terms of details or knowledge about the actual systems in place.
  14. it was inadvertent - this is a good rundown I heard years ago about that https://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=114045132 this fleshes it out some more - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Health_insurance_in_the_United_States#History - before the 20th century you simply paid the doctor upfront, also a lot of states and municipalities had public asylums, wards and ailment specific hospitals but they had their problems and issues stemming from the historical context of that era (lack of effective funding, institutional discrimination, now obsolete medical practices, etc)
  15. their Societas mix is a good insight on the library music, sound track, and new age-y music they draw from there's a fairly niche but consistent scene of people doing horror OST italo-disco and arpeggio heavy darkwave stuff akin john carpenter. I put out a couple tapes by Ryan Harris that were very much in that vein. VHS head and phonoghosts hit on this sound a lot. more direct in terms of influence are artists like umberto, gatekeeper, zombi, older xander harris, stuff like this the broader new age / ambient / space music / soundtrack music / etc. they harken in terms of genres overlapped a lot back then, def check out labels reissuing or digitizing that stuff - sounds of the dawn, ultravillage, numero group, light in the attic, leaving records, etc
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