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  1. That recycled cassette idea is a good one. Or even something through duplication.ca - the shells are new but they use NOS tape. It's a hell of a lot more environmentally friendly than vinyl. I applaud his take (also TBH vinyl pressing turnaround time is getting crazy for many) but I'm kind of skeptical of how much he wants to seek out an alternative.
  2. First album of the year I've become obsessed with, def got that Twin Peaks Roadhouse vibe - reminds me of Dirty Beaches, Pure X, early Angel Olsen, Memory Cassette, and the hypnagogic pop of John Maus or early Weyes Blood. https://www.superiorviaduct.com/collections/catalogue/products/cindy-lee-whats-tonight-to-eternity-lp https://cindylee-w25th.bandcamp.com/album/whats-tonight-to-eternity
  3. First great post-chillwave album. Also has the same vibe as later era Chemical Brothers release: solid, few standout tracks, energetic and consistent throughout but not something that you'll call a classic I'm happy to hear the singles from this on the radio, it feels that niche of "I like this band but don't love them" I used to hold back in the 90s and even 00s - Top40 hit makers who put out fucking solid pop songs but don't really excite or engage me otherwise. Someone on reddit said this album was like getting news socks you kind of wanted for xmas. You genuinely like them, will wear them out after a long time, but there's nothing else to be said.
  4. I've found his proto-vaporwave era is a good entry point for some
  5. "I give this pretentious donkey kong country/10" - Alcofribas
  6. This aired the weekend after Trump was elected, gave me goosebumps when I saw it live. Bittersweet Tribe played SNL after Phife left us.
  7. no shit tho I had this fucking song stuck in my head back in the day often and unintentionally it got through me some long work nights
  8. This at the heart of what bothers me about Bloomberg and his support. It's so goddamn overt to compared to other establishment Dems and Republicans in the past. Even though I think "I'll vote for Trump over Bloomberg" hot take is wrong, I get the anger and fuck it attitude behind it. Bloomberg vs Trump actually makes that rather superficial "Douche and Turd" South Park episode from 2008 relevant. This hypothetical choice is that absurdly anti-democratic and disingenuous, especially compared to previous presidential elections.
  9. vote 3rd party or abstain from the general, I know Bloomberg's entire entry and campaign is nightmare material but if he gets the nom don't fucking vote for the baron harkonnen of 21st century american fascism out of spite
  10. totes, I'm sure she fell well below the maximum threshold of Mediterranean makeup
  11. This election is fucking exhausting. I look forward to the primaries being concluded, hopefully with Bernie nominated. As much my gut-reaction is to not vote for Bloomberg in the general, I'd still also have this other gut-wrenching feeling that I should vote for the biggest opposition candidate to Trump regardless of whoever it is. I often get too into my more hardline leftist echo chambers, but then I veer into the more moderate and centrist ones and it feels like the goddamn twilight zone. I will admit that many Bernie supporters are aggressive to the point of it backfiring (including the Chapo Trap House lead effort to abstain from the general if it's not Bernie) but at the same time for the DNC and HRC and Bloomberg supporters to tell Bernie's camp "to play nice" while shoving the same failed, polarizing, and flat out elitist horseshit strategy into the primaries in 2020 is infuriating, esepcially since it just weaponizes the GOP even more. If I check into the pro-Trump side, I'm reminded that while liberals and leftists are knee-deep in political sea change there's this solid pro-Trump base not just of visceral right-wingers but also of truly naive and exploited populist voters. I was reading the comments of a local New Mexico news site I follow and the paper has started uncharacteristically cranking out a lot of neutral but mostly positive sounding Trump stories and I felt like I was being gas-lighted. Most of the pro-Trump comments were by Latinos, Native Americans, etc. and they all echoed these vague rambling sentiments about how the Dems are driving them to Trump and Trump gives them hope, etc. Never any specific ideological reasons why they vote GOP or Trump. Not one substantive reason they oppose any liberal or progressive movement. Any valid criticism launched and they return a flurry of snopes-debunked psuedo-news copypastas that melt your fucking brain if you try to pick them apart. I still subscribe to the theory that Bernie will gather more new voters than Bloomberg or any other centrist could swing over anti-Trump Republicans but that debate over what the better tactic is will remain a mystery, especially since I know a couple of people IRL who have said they'd vote for Bloomberg against Trump but not voter otherwise. Then I have to also remind myself the electoral college makes a lot of this null and void anywhere the margins aren't tight. Goddamn, I think I'll vote in the primary and just fucking go offline until late October.
  12. They only care about purity or whatever racist bigoted bullshit if it's the opposition and if it works in their advantage. Tokenism is even touted at times. Fascism and white supremacy is notoriously ripe with hypocrisy, selective enforcement, and even straight up contradictions - the only constant is a group of perceived inferiority is being scapegoated, exploited, and oppressed. That's how white nationalists Trump supporters brush off Kushner, it's why the KKK went from being anti-Catholic, anti-Italian and anti-non Anglo immigrant to more broadly anti-Semitic and then anti-black. It's how the 3rd Reich managed to recruit millions of Slavs on their side against pro-Soviet partisans despite planning to ultimately kill and enslave them. There are plenty of Latino and even pockets of black Trump supporters, non-white Bolsonaro supporters, etc. They work in doublespeak, misinformation, gaslighting, etc. for a reason.
  13. Reminds me of the impact of Mark Bell's death - even with the substantial discography under his belt the death was just so goddamn untimely and the decades of more music that could of been is a heartbreaking though. Always bittersweet when so many people are introduced to the works of the more overlooked and behind the scenes producers like Weatherall only after their death.
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