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  1. wow, from here or reddit? I've had a couple good rants in the past I suppose. one day I need to copy and archive my best ones. this entire thread is essentially niche internet historic IMHO I suppose online discussion / media is going to become further and further embedded in published work
  2. Early vaporwave pioneer Napolian has passed away.
  3. Def one of the more interesting, overall this one of the best albums I've heard this year. I think what defines "best producer" can vary, it's a hell of a statement so I'm not exactly sold on this notion he's the best right now but I certainly understand why someone would feel that way.
  4. one of the more interesting and unique releases I've heard in a while, WATMMers def need to check this out
  5. Damn, glad I came across this one on a Spotify wormhole, glad it's been acknowledged here already
  6. Damn, I never quite noticed the difference, good ear
  7. I'd read up on it and seen it mentioned here actually before in past threads. I'm a fan of Soviet films in general so it was only a matter of time before I watched it. I often peruse any podcasts that mention movies I recently watched and was enamored by and while sometimes there's nothing of note in this case there were two solid shows with episodes discussing the overall vibe and impression of the film: Overinvested and Friendly Fire. It's like the best "antiwar" film but like not in the usual definition, it's like an anti-"war film" film. It's the most de-mystifying and raw, honest, unfiltered testament to the sheer brutality of WW2 committed to film.
  8. I hope he collaborates more in the future, there seems to be a good dynamic of his own tracks seeming more fleshed out and focused this way
  9. Israel offered them weapons FYI this stuff is all very related and the whole "why do you care about x but not x" when we're all just folks online discussing current events is asinine
  10. Finally got around to watching Come and See About as visceral and engrossing as I expected
  11. I'm pretty sure I was introduced to him via WATMM
  12. Two state is a fine but Israel, the US and various other governments refuse to recognize Palestine. Palestinian struggles were def worst in Jordan at one point and they were also forced out of Kuwait but I'm not sure if you are referring to that. This is so wildly lacking of so many other factors I can't waste time elaborating beyond 1. Europe was by and large extremely anti-Semitic before the war. 2. Zionism predates WW2. 3. Israeli founders technically fought the British more than anyone else during the Mandate and the conflict there in general predates and in many cases was going on completely independently of what was occurring under the Third Reich. That's gnarly, looks like something out of a film with the lens flare. I sincerely hope they stay out of harm's way.
  13. There are plenty of more modern small arms floating around via illicit trade to Gaza and likely illegally acquired from Palestinian police and military forces in the West Bank. Combloc stuff is just more prolific, US made weapons and AR clones from other Arab countries are not unheard of. That all said it's still extremely lopsided compared to the TOTL tech Israel has. Also DIY stuff is very much a thing. https://silahreport.com/tag/west-bank/ https://silahreport.com/tag/gaza-strip/
  14. Pragmatically Israel serves a major canard against Iran. Politically it's an absurdly bipartisan lobby, Democrats and liberal staunchly support it for economic reasons and naïve solidarity and right-wingers and the Republicans are further zealous because of Christian Zionist rhetoric. As much as many Arab and other Muslim majority populations of certain countries criticize and demonize Israel they've maintained backchannel, indirect, and nuanced relations with the Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, various Gulf States, etc. US aid to Israel is another MIC facet, Israel sells a lot of weapons overseas they US won't to places like Azerbaijan for example. This has also not been the case since 1948 but rather the last 40 years with it snowballing in the last decade or so. Ironically despite the hellish aspects of the 80s under Reagan and Thatcher it was mainstream to be critical of South Africa and Israel whereas now there's a bipartisan lobby to harass, bully, and stifle any substantive criticism of the Israeli government and oppressive fringe politics there in general. Reagan actually called Israel actions in Lebanon in 1982 akin to a "Holocaust." HW Bush was critical of their settlements and tried to cancel their aid for that reason. Since Clinton's well-meaning but failed peace attempts the de facto US policy has become increasingly forgiving and complicit to right-wing Israeli policies. Bush was actually more restrictive of US support for Israel than Obama and was more hands off than anti-Palestinian (9/11 and Iraq being bigger areas to focus on) and he more or less let US religious right lobbying grow. Trump completely unmasked any effort to reach out to Palestine. Back to religious and ideological underpinnings, it's one of the most insidious shifts in religious political dynamics. Terms like "Judeo-Christian" were manufactured to whitewash Christian anti-Semitism that dominated Europe until after WW2. Conservative / fundamentalist American Christians masked previous anti-Semitic views from the late 1960s onward with condescending zeal as Jews being allies and key figures in the upcoming "end times." I remember encountering it when I moved back to states and browsed the many non-cable local network channels that had evangelical programming. So much was specifically oriented toward Israel. There's towns I've driven through in rural Texas that probably have not one Jewish resident with massive Israeli flags. The biggest wailing wall replica is at a megachurch in San Antonio. I also must stress this isn't an Evangelical driven political effort, just one where they factor in a lot. Obama was unable to really do anything once Netanyahu came back in office and by 2009 Isreali lobbying was well-entrenched among establishment Dems. There's a deeply rooted liberal and Democratic oriented pro-Israeli groups and leaders which is why the political support for Israeli is about as strong and zealous in LA and NYC as it is in red states. That's also why despite so many liberal Jewish-Americans in entertainment very few are critical of Israel. For example Natalie Portman has been critical of the government but very, very careful not to appear supportive of BDS. I've wondered this over the years, I think like many Westerners, Americans especially, I grew up with a de facto pro-Israel / pro-Zionist attitude. Hell it's very apparent in my really old posts here. Because it's wrapped up with so many emotionally charged topics and historical events it's hard for many to actually re-evaluate their perspective on the plight of the Palestinians. Part of me things the fact that more and more people are rejecting the pro-Israel rhetoric is that the mask is off and they've also exhausted their "underdog" narrative, a narrative that hasn't been true for 40+ years now. The uglier side to this is the government of Israel has normalized their policies and fringe attitudes so effectively that it's political suicide for many overseas to criticize them. They literally are trying to bury and shame people into speaking up and speaking out.
  15. In the US it's not uncommon for leftist Jews who are literally descendents of Holocaust survivors to be called anti-Semitic for criticizing the Israeli government. Likewise there are right-wing Jewish-American pundits who are literally adjacent to fascist and alt right ideology. People in NY and Texas and myriad of other states can be fired from state contract jobs for being supportive of BDS. In other words they've literally made it illegal for people to be critical of Israel if they fall under certain government employment.
  16. I just skimmed it and sure enough DJ /rupture was mentioned. I remember him working on this awhile back.
  17. Sesame Street is largely public funded and has cranked out literally thousands of episodes, I feel like they wouldn't have the financial incentive to pursue a band like Boards of Canada. Hair OST is an interesting one, but with musical soundtracks there are often multiple recordings and versions of the same music. I forget which one they sampled but it's also a bassline/drum break and those tend to slide by a bit more.
  18. Oh shit, I just watched the older upload of this just a week or two ago.Prince was not of this world, he could have easily had an alternative history career as a guitar virtuoso or jumped genres as much as Bowie or Bjork. I like a lot of his stuff and love a few of his classics but more so he's one of those figures I respect the absolute hell of even though I'm not a massive fan (and I totally understand those who are) Also George would have loved this and Dhani clearly did.
  19. if this was a shreds video it'd be dismissed as too over the top
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