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  1. goddamn that was bonkers, thanks for posting this
  2. That one hit hard, up there with Bowie. His death really resonated with me and a lot of people I know, really caught a lot of people off guard how much they realized we heralded and appreciated him as a person. Sincere, down-to-earth, and never seemed to abandon who he was - just some friendly redneck kid from Florida wanting to make good rock n' roll. And goddamn, what a catalog. Even his posthumous stuff is amazing: vaporwave song I came across a couple weeks ago He's still around...
  3. I randomly caught an interview with her and Anderson on Bravo years ago, she had a fascinating life
  4. I've only heard the singles and I agree they are 50/50 of engaging and exciting sound design / tired tropes and safe arrangements. It's not bad, it's actually pretty good but I would not know it was Jimmy and Travis if I heard it blind. Not as unabashed as PC Music nor left-field or distinct as some of their peers.
  5. I thought that too but I'm still hopeful because that track they remixed is not the most apt for dub treatment, it was one of the more uptempo, percussion heavy, and less "spaced out" songs
  6. did you know Tiesto makes EDM that gets featured in kid's movies now? I didn't until my kid watched Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation
  7. Dub remix album coming out, hoping it's a bit more out there than this single, which is a bit safe/straightforward An apt band for a dub treatment though https://www.stereogum.com/2047446/khruangbin-mary-always/news/
  8. Dub remix album coming out Single sounds good, a bit tamer than I hoped though https://www.stereogum.com/2047446/khruangbin-mary-always/news/
  9. ^ Urban Strike predicted 9/11 and Trump 2:00 "Urban Strike takes place in 2001 (2006 in SNES/Game Gear/Game Boy release) and centers around the antagonist H. R. Malone, a millionaire media mogul, ex-presidential candidate, and fanatic cult leader who promotes a moralistic agenda that will expunge corruption from America and promises that his personal security force will tackle crime. Despite being considered dangerous, Malone's charisma has won him many American followers."
  10. ooh that doc is helpful i've seen multiple people geek out over one of the "lift" takes
  11. This should be interesting, Blanck Mass has always had this far more engaging and less pretentious aura to his work compared to his peers.
  12. Sure, same with LGBTQ+ rights. ACA is a mess but it did lead to this gradual normalization of single-payer healthcare among many, at least via medicare for all. The damage done by the Tea Party and GOP watering down ACA is still very evident,the medial health insurance lobby is as powerful as ever, and I worry the Dems are only going to be more and more complacent in their futile efforts to reach for some "middle-ground" appeal.
  13. He's respectable but hard to get excited for. I will say he baffles the right a lot more, he's hard for the more reluctant Trump supporters to dismiss and GOP strategists find him a lot more threatening than all of the other nondescript white dudes running. I really can't support Biden. I'll vote for him over Trump - I mean I'll vote for a sack of potatoes over Trump - but he's easily the least likable of the entire field, save perhaps de Blasio. He's literally a corporate GOP shrill when it comes to fiscal policy. There was a good bit on El Chapo about how's the kind of guy who would take lobbyist bribes not as a greedy scumbag but because they gave him some free pens and koozie because they're "neat" Chapo has probably bombarded me with snark about the field into being a Bernie voter but I will say it's been a gradual realization that Trump's election pretty much shattered any argument that Dems need to play it safe. Likewise fielding a self-described moderate/centrist means we'll get a very complacent Dem as a president, scoring only some judicial victories and SCOTUS picks with no major policy sea changes. That's what we got with Obama but he succeeded in being charismatic, calm, and intelligent. Biden is not that way. He's Bill Clinton without the smarts. He's a funny uncle who gives you a high-five and will say he'll kick Trump's ass. He's also the uncle you don't leave young girls around or lend money too. That's not something to rally behind. I'm very skeptical he'll attract any swing voters and even if he did it's not worth it. There better bet at this point is running Sanders (or in the future, someone like AOC) because it'll attract more of the 50% too cynical to vote now. The apathy to HRC was just as pivotal to Trump's win as the GOPs electoral college voting schemes and his "fuck it" appeal. Biden will be effectively portrayed as HRC 2.0 by the GOP. Even if he wins it will cripple him and the Dems.
  14. Seriously, UK demonstrations are a beautiful thing. US protests often churn out clever signs but Brits make protests an artform
  15. ^ I forgot this was another one of those mysterious early vaporwave projects on Beer On The Rug that fizzled out as soon as the genre got established took off. Mediafired (who you've mentioned before Fumi), 骨架的 and EEG Programs are in the same boat. I forgot it wasn't a Vektroid or Internet Club alias either - and apparently out of Houston TX too (Internet Club was out of DFW iirc)
  16. This. You know it when you hear it but it's hard to articulate what "it" is. Around the late 00s / early 10s it became fairly common to see reviews describe certain electronic releases - whether they be house, dubstep, techno, even poppier stuff, as having an "IDM influence" or a "nod to IDM." The thing was it was often on the nose and accurate - it's been around long enough to describe a zeitgeist of specific electronic music. It's such a varied definition and lacked a formal "scene" because it didn't really have a live setting and it was pretty much defined, listened to, and distributed online. Kind of predicted similar phenomenon like vaporwave. It's also tied to certain labels which is why BoC is often lumped in despite in retrospect being quite a different strand of electronic music.
  17. Glad I have an excuse to finally check out his music. Seen it buzzed about a lot, it's an interesting backstory. Really enjoyed all of the singles released via Jai and his brothers "Paul Institute" imprint. Some interesting electronic pop.
  18. good call I remember Kode9 saying in an interview he easily spends up to 2 years fine-tuning a track
  19. Psych rock pioneer Roky Erickson has passed away at 71
  20. Yeah that's a real testament to Colman's acting - she often plays very likable characters. My wife suggested we watched it, not sure where she heard about it. She just concluded months of long work hours and we had newfound free time to watch it together. I heard a blurb about it on public radio by chance but otherwise no previous buzz. When I mentioned it to my coworker who saw it gave a enthusiastic approval.
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