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  1. this was more emotionally moving than I expected
  2. Stumbled upon the sample source for "Fabric of Space" this morning I feel like someone else posted it, honestly not sure how I didn't notice earlier. 1991 Sample.mp3
  3. The world spins. 1956-2022
  4. Hell yes, this was always such an interesting project. I know all that outrun / "cyberpunk" stuff is popular now but I felt Kuedo's first album encapsulated that sound and aesthetic before it was trendy, and did it better than most.
  5. Season 1 is excellent. 2 was good, 3 was...a mixed bag but overall. I've not had a burning desire to watch 4 yet for that reason. Season 1 of Westworld was incredible as well but I've haven't been motivated to watch more of it. I feel asleep trying to watch the season 2 opener. Granted it was late but like, I clearly wasn't awaken by the episode's content. Anyone watching Outer Range? It's like Longmire and Yellowstone with all the crap I don't really care for taken out and replaced by a general concentrate of generic brand x-files and twin peaks weirdness.
  6. chad contractor with used 90s japanese mini truck versus virgin commuter bro with lifted heavy duty extended cab I have a 4runner now, I have no qualms getting it dirty and actually using it for DIY stuff and field checks at work. Before that I used my Scion xB to haul all sorts of stuff. A EV truck would also be a backup generator of sorts. A place I used to work at that uses Ford 250s for their fleet looked into ordering a Ford Lightning, the only reason they didn't was they couldn't figure out an efficient way to charge it outside (they don't have a garage). The irony of EVs is that American infrastructure just hasn't caught up to make them as cost-effective and appealing to most drivers.
  7. If I ever get a EV it'll be on of those new Ford trucks, hopefully built in a UAW factory.
  8. Hey everyone, I used to pop in here a lot, mostly to talk about cassette tapes and stuff like that but also share any tidbits I gleaned from incessant but ultimately unused research I'd do myself. Embarrassingly I sort of overthought and waffled on ever actually making music. Years and years have gone by and now I'm in a position where I have a strong itch to do it but no idea where to start. I do have basic and focused ideas on what I want to do and use thankfully, so my questions are more about hardware and software recs. I'll list my basic questions: A good affordable audio interface. I have Tascam US-122L but it's in use with my tape dubbing setup. Ideally I'd be feeding in a MIDI instrument, the tape decks I will be sampling, and potentially my microphone for an acoustic guitar I would sample and stretch out. That's it, I have multiple decks but they will be handled with a Realistic tape selector box so I don't have to swap cables. I also have a stereo graphic EQ to run these through. Doing 44.1khz or whatever, no need for something crazier sample rate wise. Free or cheap DAW - something like Garageband or even Audacity which I personally have used the most. I think Reaper is a contender. The other alternative is Reason 3.0 - I saw a copy at a thrift store for $20 and it's tempting, esp. since I used to play around with Rebirth RB-338 a lot. Solid monitor speakers. I have good headphones, I have a pair of AudioTechnicas I like and use often. Would be nice but maybe not essential... A "digital drum machine" or some other sequencer - part of my plan is to sample and loop drums, breakbeats, percussion and other elements from my obscure cassettes. A way to sequence and loop them would be nice. This is partly why that copy of Reason seems appealing but a good VST alternative would be nice. Reliable and recommended free effects and syth VSTs - I used to have a short list of some but any y'all think are essential and flexible are fine. Like offhand the "TAL Noisemaker" comes to mind. Anything with delay reverb or either eccojams and or dubby AF stuff is ideal. I don't plan to use synths much yet. MIDI Controller - I have an Alesis MIDI keyboard that still works but no MPC style pad or anything like that. I think it will do though, I will try to bang out stuff and fix it as needed in a piano roll. Lastly - what the hell is the bare minimum computing requirements to run all of this? I have two old computers that would probably work but I don't mind getting a used laptop or PC for cheap. Knowing a good RAM and hard processor cutoff would be helpful. Thanks! And let me know if you have any questions. Maybe to give a better idea of what I intend to make stuff like VHS Head, 1991, early BoC, early 0PN, and stuff like that all come to mind. That and more broadly leftfield "beat music" kind of stuff.
  9. This is the most painfully clear example of why we need to defund cops and give teachers pay raises. The decades of this "I AM THE SHEEPDOG" killology bullshit training with LE has literally given us wannabe spec op cops who will gladly use an AR-15 at some bewildered citizen but refuse to engage with an actual killer slaughtering children.
  10. He's been doing a lot of very style specific music it seems. This should be interesting at the very least.
  11. Bandcamp Press Release Phillip Sherburne feature and interview at P4k This is an unique and interesting one that I found very engrossing. Chanting and pow-wow drum samples coupled in tactful electronic production. Look forward to hearing more from this artist.
  12. Also I should note that as much as the right-wing and self-claimed "apolitical" firearms people are the ones who are obsessively protective of the 2A and shout out the growing minority of diverse and moderate to left gun owners there's another frustrating aspect of this: Hollywood and mainstream media loves guns. They love the the way they look, they love them as part of the rah rah American ass kicking and de facto military propaganda, and to an absurd level most films use and handle them in ways defying anything close to realism and safe and proper handling. The really tragic and godawful flashpoint that obsession lead to someone getting killed on a film set in New Mexico, and it happened because they hired a non-union unprofessional prop master to save money. I'm not pointing this out as some kind of gotcha about liberals or something, just another facet in how contradictory this county is about a subject and detached and/or numb people are when it comes to the reality of violence.
  13. It's been on so long I forget when I stopped watching. Season 14 or so sounds about right. 10, 11, and 12 have some strong episodes but it started to shift then. Seasons 3-9 are gold. 1 and 2 are often given more lukewarm assessments but I really like those seasons and watching some of them with my kids.
  14. One of the paradoxical aspects of guns in the U.S. is that law enforcement was playing catch-up until the 1990s. Before a string in shootouts most police were armed with revolvers, shotguns, and bolt action rifles if they had special sniper units. After 9/11 when the government funding coffer was unleashed cops all the way down to local rural levels have actually managed to arm themselves better than the typical US infantryman was in Iraq in 2003. Modern gun manufacturing has shifted a lot in just the last 10 years, from a purely sincere sporting, hunting, and hobby point of view it's a golden age. The AR isn't popular because it's this grotesque killing machine but because it's literally the most affordable and effective and all-around firearm for people who want a primary gun. From an outside perspective it's also this accelerated hellscape of toxicity, cringe, and reactionary rhetoric and iconography that has been commodified and normalized like no other past time. Cops and select military forces aren't getting surplus rifles anymore, they are directly buying stuff from niche makers who then sell the same stuff to civilians. There's a pretty good Behind The Bastards episode about how different the 90s were, when there was more of a divide between hunting and sporting gun owners and the right-wing nutters. That latter camp was once pushed back on by mainstream Republicans, now they are catered to. Guns in the U.S. used to be a de facto staple of anyone who had a farm or ranch and/or needed to hunt to subsidize their income or literally feed their families. That shifted in the 20th century when most acquired cars, started living in cities and suburbs and large towns with municipal services, roads, etc. By the 1980s and 1990s though militia and other far-right folks were the ones largely arming themselves with semi-auto rifles and they steered the NRA to politicize heavily and double-down even as mass shootings occurred. That's created this understandable divide between these toxic deluded gun owners and non-gun owners confounded by this complete lack of sensible ownership and regulation. Guns have been a long gradual facet of American history and culture that has shifted and ebbed and flowed in a lot of complicated way, and I say this not as some cop out because part of the violence and struggle among the maligned, discriminated, and poor citizens was at times leveled out by guns being accessible those who were oppressed. The aspects of the labor movement and the civil rights movement in the U.S. is full of incidents where armed workers and armed minorities pushed back enough to survive. It's why historically gun laws targeted minorities and the working poor first. The first open-carry bans in the US were made by Ronald Reagan because the Black Panthers began patrolling their own neighborhoods. It's no coincidence that the NRA and GOP wingnuts never bring up public and subsidized marksman ship and safety programs - they don't want everyone to own a gun responsibly, they just want their peers on the right to. It's really grim right now. Gun laws aren't going to happen and even if they did they hypothetically they'd had zero impact on the elephant in the room: the fascists are armed, the complicit cops are armed, and the swaths of people who probably should be armed - moderate, liberal, and leftist Americans trying to salvage this country to have things like basic rights, healthcare, public works, social services, etc. are the only ones actively pushing regulation. Regulation that historically has only made it harder for poor people and minorities to legally own and carry guns, especially in cities where cops have more or less and free pass to use them when and where they want. Where it has been implemented it's clunky and arbitrary and inefficient (CA, NY, etc.) There are at least 300 million firearms in this country and no way they will be regulated or responsibly dealt with until this country implodes into some Syrian or Balkan like scenario or systematically shifts to a progressive socialized state. The state of Ukraine as Russia invaded when civilians were arming up to protect themselves - that could very well be the average American soon. God forbid and things break and fascists start to implement martial law and breakaway states and go after groups of people they hate, the cops and military are not going to be there to protect the vulnerable. The solution is not gun laws, the solution is undoing and replacing this capitalist neo-liberal about to turn fascist government the U.S. is currently governed by.
  15. This is more of a behind the scenes famous person but Colin Cantwell passed away. He was the original creator of the iconic Star Wars vehicles, having drafted them and made kitbashed models for Lucas very early on in pre-production. He also worked on 2001 Space Odyssey and Wargames and consulted for computer companies among other things. He was fairly obscure and pretty much a footnote in Star Wars fan knowledge until he auctioned off some of his original models and concept paintings in 2014. Although it was belated recognition he travelled to many fan events and did some interviews in his twilight years.
  16. Fred Ward has a hell of performance in my favorite film, The Right Stuff. He even looked a bit like the real Gus Grissom. He'll probably always be remembered for Tremors which is one of those movies you watch to remind yourself why you like movies in the first place.
  17. Excellent reads, I feel like there's such a gap and absence in the discussion of sampling regarding this aspect of sample volumes, comps. sample packs, etc. It was such a bedrock in the music both in mainstream and more leftfield and underground music but thinkpieces and video essays rarely seem to touch on it.
  18. Saw this on Fluorescent Heights' IG Solidariet med Ukraina (ett digitalt blandband från Zeon Light) by Solidariet med Ukraina (ett digitalt blandband från Zeon Light)
  19. Yeah I remember when I mentioned this to my wife she noted that just as many in our generation were just as cringe-y and into detached extreme stuff but without being online the way kids are now. It also explains how so many do big 180's from alt-right stuff to progressives and leftism, or at least back to a more moderate empathetic baseline as non-shitty people.
  20. It's a double-edge sword, the kicker is from all of the people getting sucked into the town crier spouting horseshit model that is now weaponized misinformation, conspiracy cults, etc. there's another segment who are hyper-aware of it and forging their own online and offline communities that are positive and aiming to make things better. we have more Nazis running for office than ever...we also have more SocDems running for office than ever too. The the internet has ultimately killed the comfort of a baseline when it comes to media, the news, political spectrum, etc. It was flawed but it at least made it easier for people to have a common thread of fact and knowledge to pick at when debating and discussing things with their own personal views in mind. So now we are the this big sea change and the problem has been exponentially worse because media literacy, basic civics, and a rational normalized idea of what's right and wrong are all severely lacking, in the U.S. especially. The new generation is smart and more emphatic as a whole, but the extremes have also grown worst, i.e. people with sociopathic tendencies and shitty parents aren't just occasionally acting out in school shootings but actually feeding into broader toxic and regressive movements like incel culture and alt-right and fascist beliefs. It never ceases to amaze me see a smattering of kids on IG who are literally non-ironic monarchists and anti-democratic traditionalists or on the other side unironic CCP simps and auth-left apologists. I think things will generally settle down and get better but it's going to be a long-ride in the meantime. Some Ukrainian crew member disabled a Russian owned yacht in Spain a day or two ago, flooded it out IIRC. well goddamn it now I have "Batdance" stuck in my head
  21. Yeah I agree, your breakdown is a good example of the more realistic and skeptical take that we should have. I think what makes Ukraine a bit different is it isn't domestic, it's international and literally involves potential global and nuclear war. The more establishment folks can bullshit their way like weasels on domestic differences, hell the shameful brushing under the carpet of January 6 is a good example, but this is something that establishment Republicans have Pentagon and corporate technocrat backing on. It's more than just a holdout of a few Republicans who still have some values, there's a pragmatic aspect to opposing Trump and his base on this issue.
  22. They want to. They actively and overtly prefer to believe in this hidden knowledge or belong in some club against "the others" for the sake of continued dopamine hits, false purpose, and an escape from any kind of humility or reckoning. I know college educated people fall into the wormhole of the anti-vax anti-mask sentiments. I have relatives and family friends go from reasonable and average folks to believing flat earth conspiracies or being full blown MAGA purely to chase their quest of spite and reactionary ire. My 6 year old and his classmates have a far more mature sense of empathy and logic than a lot of adults in this county. They don't fall for this "post-truth" bullshit, they actively embrace it. We broadly all here see this stuff for what it is - pure lies, delusional and illogical beliefs, hilariously contradictory and nonsensical claims, and to them it's this warm blanket of self-confidence and self-meaning filling a void they don't want to acknowledge, let alone deal with. It's abyss and it's the same phenomenon that has occurred in the past when major portions of a population get wrapped up in movements that lead to death and destruction. There are plenty of interviews and written accounts of Germans who no just became Nazis but willingly killed civilians, rounded up Jews and other minorities, participated in the invasion of other countries and regret only that Hitler lost. They by all technical means will swear they are not racist, anti-Semitic, or evil but just patriotic Christians saving the world from godless communism. While this has been a long time coming, since Reagan really but def after the Tea Party, Trump unmasked a dark reality that a sizable part of this country is fascist and more than willing to embrace authoritarianism for superficial gains and mental highs than work together with others to improve this country's core problems. Another side is perfectly willing to stay apathetic and/or complicity with enlightened centrism or stubborn refusal to appreciate how serious things are. The fact that this over and illegal invasion is making people double-down and not ease up speaks volumes. There are elected Senators literally blaming this war on leftist being obsessed with pronouns. It's that fucking absurd but it's the norm in this day and age.
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