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  1. I think I skimmed this one years ago when I downloaded a big set of live mp3s - gonna revisit it today, thanks for the heads up! I love this era of his hardcore rave stuff - Caustic Window and early Rephlex peers.
  2. goddamn that was nice, what a great re-work I remember my wife being enamored by that track when I sent her a Jesu FACT mix that featured it
  3. same here, read up on him a lot and listened to his better known stuff but never dove deep into his old tapes he had a perspective on the world and life we should all draw from
  4. arguably the most interesting and exciting person in hip-hop right now
  5. ^ Yeah same here, I was worried she'd go into safer synth-pop territory but instead she's managed to get more accessible / poppy while still sounding novel and unique. Kate Bush gets thrown around a lot as a comparison but I agree there's a similar sense of Olsen carving her own niche sound wise and maintaining this very sincere ethos while doing so.
  6. new album "All Mirrors" to be released October 4
  7. ^ I totally slept on that project, good stuff 100% Electronica has been killing it with it's roster
  8. The mainstream media still hasn't shifted from this model, nor have many Dem strategists or centrist liberals and conservatives. This thread is one thing, it's cathartic and archival, but it is depressing how much entities like CNN, MSNBC, the network channels, and even NPR still superficially focus on his loud, outrageous yet ultimately trivial bullshit at the expense of hammering daily the sheer substantive corruption and abuse he and his cronies engage in. Even when they do lay into his actual crimes they get suckered into superficial and misleading avenues. I will fully admit I was way too optimistic and sucked into the Russian collusion angle being the be all end all and Muller investigation being it's unravelling. It occurred and it shouldn't be downplayed but the media and establishment totally got focused on the wrong player - Russia - versus simply focusing on Trump's egregious crimes elsewhere: his tax returns, his dark money exchanges, a litany of unprecedented executive orders, the Epstein connection, etc. Hell, it's taken me a while to really break free of actually being suckered in to his and his supporter's 24/7 word vomit. The sprinkling of things I hear via work small talk or via here, social media, or other forums is, incredibly, maybe 1-2% of what he's tweeted that week or even that day. I mean, part of me says it's important that there's a record of this being made to reflect on decades from now, when we can actually process it. We're still getting insights into Nixon and Reagan's persons now via archived tapes and memos. I sympathize with everything posted here but I've had to, for my own sanity, really skim past most of it.
  9. Thanks for all the details on real world roll out and the nuances and minutiae of systems currently in place and the challenges altering the status quo actually entails. I have my views on what I want done and what I think should be done but next to nothing in terms of details or knowledge about the actual systems in place.
  10. it was inadvertent - this is a good rundown I heard years ago about that https://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=114045132 this fleshes it out some more - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Health_insurance_in_the_United_States#History - before the 20th century you simply paid the doctor upfront, also a lot of states and municipalities had public asylums, wards and ailment specific hospitals but they had their problems and issues stemming from the historical context of that era (lack of effective funding, institutional discrimination, now obsolete medical practices, etc)
  11. their Societas mix is a good insight on the library music, sound track, and new age-y music they draw from there's a fairly niche but consistent scene of people doing horror OST italo-disco and arpeggio heavy darkwave stuff akin john carpenter. I put out a couple tapes by Ryan Harris that were very much in that vein. VHS head and phonoghosts hit on this sound a lot. more direct in terms of influence are artists like umberto, gatekeeper, zombi, older xander harris, stuff like this the broader new age / ambient / space music / soundtrack music / etc. they harken in terms of genres overlapped a lot back then, def check out labels reissuing or digitizing that stuff - sounds of the dawn, ultravillage, numero group, light in the attic, leaving records, etc
  12. ^ The elephant in the room with healthcare is that substantive change will have to involve the elimination of the healthcare insurance industry. The challenge isn't the idea of medicare for all or single-payer not being feasible but instead the behemoth of lobbying and propaganda and legal warfare the healthcare insurance industry will unleash. It will be exhausting, it will come at the cost of putting some people out of work initially, but these are people who work for an industry that LITERALLY makes money without actually contributing anything. They are a legalized mob that shakes payments out of both patients and hospitals. It's worse than the subsidies coal gets now. I mean, christ, could you imagine such absurd protectionism being applied to the steam engine industry back in the late 1800s / early 1900s. The institutional stuff can be done, Bernie has pointed out that we rolled out the census, social security, and medicare before the internet, computer databases, and while much of country had no access to electricity. Likewise the people who work for the insurance industry could transition to an expanded government single-payer system instead of their current crushy yet completely soulless jobs or hawking overpriced medicine and grossly unfair premiums and coplay plans. Sanders and other simply can state that openly without being decimated in the mainstream liberal press or by their right-wing opponents. If a good number of people can be convinced our absolutely shitshow or a healthcare system was worth keeping the same back in 2009 and onward than they will certainly buy into any lies about single-payer and/or medicare for all.
  13. Beyond the featured artists, BoC and RDJ in particular... 1991 R.E.M. Memory Tapes John Williams James Horner Brian Eno Jefre-Cantu Ledesma Townes Van Zandt Angel Olsen 0PN Matthewdavid Washed Out NMESH B-52s Slowdive Grouper Elizabeth Fraser Vektroid George Harrison These artists I like just as much for their interviews and personalities: Johnny Cash Weyes Blood Neil Young Fenriz Zappa Tom Petty Kode9 Jello Biafra Few I loved but kind of got over (still like a lot but their newer stuff doesn't do it for me): Grimes Flying Lotus U2 Weezer Interpol
  14. totally, there's so much self-awareness and caution taken by amateur music reviewers and writers these days - good, bad or ugly stuff like his original guide were unique and endearing efforts
  15. Here's the old one. Good times, spent many hours on there exploring stuff that was new to me back in the day. I had used allmusic.com before that to explore genres but that was on shitty DSL in high school, when I came across this it was nice to hear sound clips so readily. http://techno.org/electronic-music-guide/ That is fucking amazing! Yeah he was upfront on his subjective opinions and knowledge in the past, one of the first glaringly obviously outdated aspects of his past site was his dismissive entry of uk 2-step / garage which ironically spurred on so much music of the mid-00s onward. He also had a lot of seemingly redundant entries for arbitrary breaks and techno sub-genres. It was still a great overview, especially for when it first came out.
  16. Classic logo, looks good in green. Might finally pull the trigger and get one thanks for the heads up
  17. There's already a longstanding relationship between the US and Denmark over Greenland that was cemented after WW2 for it's use militarily. Truman offered to buy it in 1946, essenitally solidifying the North as a Canadian-U.S. line strategically but was declined. The US still has a major radar base there, one that has consolidated dozens of previous cold war era monitor stations and the Danes have allowed it to exist despite the US fuck-ups in the past, most notably a B-52 crash which required extensive cleanup of radioactive debris from nuclear bombs and an ultimately abandoned nuclear powered underground base called Camp Century. Iceland and Greenland have both cooperated with NATO to serve as strategic bases against the Soviets despite being a non-military country and a remote territory respectively. Both were occupied by UK and/or US forces during WW2 to prevent the Germans from invading and also to destroy German weather stations. This is one of those situations where the US military brass is letting Donald do Donald, because he's completely clueless about the nuances of the actual Danish-US relationship and it's context within NATO and broader US-European strategy. It's another chapter in managing his stupid public rants in the past with longtime allies. The Space Force thing is another good example - the US military was planning such a force for decades already - indeed the actual plan is simply building off the existing USAF space command - so they're just letting Trump talk out of his ass in the meantime. I've fallen in the trap of getting too worried about the credibility and integrity of US foreign relations being jeopardized by Trump permanently, if anything some in the US state department and military are actually capitalizing off of it in a way where they can do things and blame him. The bigger hurdle is about how much it's damaged more progressive and experienced personal pool in those entities - perhaps Trumps' worst legacy has been how much he's gutted federal agencies directly or indirectly. Either way, Donald is perpetually eyeing it over his globalist business agenda - he gleaned some report about the Northern passage opening up for trade and wants to develop it. That's his only interest in Greenland. It's the same reason he took a liking to the DPRK, it's a massive market to be tapped. It's why he's so eager to strengthen ties with the Sauds, Turkey, Philippines, Brazil and why he wants to wheel and deal with China - he sees them as ideal authoritarian capitalist economies. Likewise his arbitrary hardliner approach with Iran, Venezuela, and Cuba has nothing to do with ideology or human rights concerns. Those countries simply refuse to negotiate and bend to US pressure. It's just an overt expression of the realpolitik approach the US has taken - Dems and GOP but mostly the latter. As with any other facet of US politics Trump is just openly saying and doing negative things the US government and it's leaders have done more subtly for decades. The biggest issue is instead how much he's shifted the possibility of nationalism and fascism truly taking root in US politics both on the national level via the GOP's platform and scope and in the form of localized militias and vigilante groups.
  18. This was posted in an existing thread on the Aphex sub but worth a thread here. Full of great anecdotes and insight into the label's origins and heydey. https://www.residentadvisor.net/features/3509
  19. indie rock behemoths for sure funny enough I think the song I've heard the most is a deep cut from an EP my wife (then gf) put on a mix CD for me back in the mid-00s
  20. "Intro" - crowd sample, post-film screening perhaps? "Death drop" - There's a momentum to this that has a heavy metal tinged VGM boss battle vibe from a 16-bit Dune game never made. Or just straight up EBM / industrial. The electronic elements remind me of Hello Everything era Squarepusher sans breakbeats. "House Vs. House" - Another track with a cinematic / montage feel to it. Really dig how this utilizes 90s trance synth stabs and europhoric rave elements, akin to Lorenzo Senni's work, but with more heavy percussion. Dig the more ambiguous, hard to decipher vocals. Some of Aphex Twin's stuff on Syro and Tuss has a similar approach, where the heavily effects-laden vocals serve as a melodic element and riff. "Hush Money" - I'm just going say it - this sounds like something cyber-goth kids would dance battle to and I fucking love it. You know those late 80s / early 90s rock meets hip-hop collabs like Anthrax meets Public Enemy or the Spawn soundtrack that merged big beat electronica with alt rock? This is like goth metal meeting New Jack Swing or nu metal meeting late 90s urban music. I feel like this harnesses elements of 90s alt rock, electronica, pop that most people have steered clear of instead of embracing and re-appropriating. A lot of indie artists get close, Visions era Grimes comes to mind, but never really dive in fearlessly. 0PN's G.O.D. played around with it a lot as a concept but remained experimental. Burial's Rival Dealer is about the closest thing I can think of in terms of unabashed appropriation of saccharine 90s music we collectively loved but felt embarrassed about later. "Love Is A Parasite" - I think I write this earlier, there's something so teenage-y angst about the tone of it, along with a tv or movie sountrack vibe, like Initial D if it was set in some Mad Max wasteland or some alt rock / electronica theme song of a late 90s / early 00s TV14 action show on WB, Disney, or Nick but with these industrial, EBM, and breakcore vibes. Love the suite that comes in around 3:15. "Creature/West Fuqua" - Ahhh yss motherfucking organs. I was expecting some retro horror OST italo-disco or arpeggio heavy stuff or dungeon synth but delightfully surprised this turned out to be more of an interlude track with harp. "No Dice" - I don't have much to add not said earlier, so I'll say this: Black Lodge High School Musical "Wings of Hate" - Evocative track title and the opening matches. Def Curse of the Golden Vampire / Machinegirl / vibes but with really heavy blackgaze instrumentation. I haven't heard anything quite like this, lot of familiar elements but blended in a unique and novel way. Jogger's classic "NEPHICIDE" and Fire-Toolz, some of Torn Hawk and much of the Orange Milk catalog all come to mind, as does Kid606 classic albums that married cheeky samples and rave tropes with more experimental and serious glitch and breakbeat production. One of the more fun, engaging, and interesting albums I've heard this year. I don't think it's AOTY or anything but I like the direction this project is taking and wish more musicians were taking this route of unpretentious sounding stuff, even if the write-ups are the opposite.
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