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  1. who tryin to dunk on some foos in Rocco Socco?! i have an idm league which is [AFX] but the team name is "Intelligent Dancers"
  2. Original link here! https://www.instagram.com/p/CEfGZK6gYnC/?igshid=1k3y5qojfwfnc
  3. as my curiosity is answered, the same time, my heart is content! ❤!
  4. i'm currently homeless and staying with my cousin in LA, we had to stop by Costco to get some food and there was basically almost nothing in the frozen section, most of all the bread was gone and all the cold medicine was gone.
  5. yeah, i seen't it, just didn't wanna get in the mix, but i am thankful for it.
  6. correct, so where does it stem from? cuz what yer doing is clearly trolling. trolling is a sign of desiring attention by making disruptive comments in order to achieve the self gratification of "the lulz". so once again, homie. where does it stem from?
  7. aye, homie, you want like a hug or something? you seem to be edgy, where does this edge stem from?
  8. ah, that's actually a good idea! thanks for the suggestion!
  9. this is how i found out, this sucks cuz i own a god damn min audio interface form them, but i haven't been using it lately. =/ amd some kind words form ma Hero!
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