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  1. about the music: no headphone pls, speakers = loud, space and sound about the limited cover (if not jazz lol) : old 60-70s sci fi books covers by french edtions Robert Laffont Ailleurs et Demain Philip K Dick, COLLAPSE OF REALITY and stuff also... Simulacron 3 by Daniel Galouye
  2. superbixen


    About Lyon I hate le sucre as a club, but i'm glad ae played there eventually: the sound was perfect. It was like the best of the two worlds: the energy of the club sound, the precision of electro-acoustic diffusion Which is the music of autechre: hybridation of electro/rave and electro-acoustic music. I've seen autechre in 2005, 2008, 2010. (To my tastes) This 2016 set is their best set and probably one of the best thing I have heard live in my life. They seem now in total control of their machines and the sonic possibilities it offers, and confident with their own creativity. Their set varied in moods between dark psychedelic ambient, full blasts of intricated beats, loud synth dramatization, softer and subtile soundscapes etc Sorry for the english. I hope they release this one day.
  3. speaking of AFX samples... in kwang bass: do you hear this noise that sounds like the elephant scream in the AFX elephant tune? probably a synthesized sound, but it reminds me of that anyway. kwang bass is an awesome track. the only track that can rival with the drukqs tracks (the chaotic ending of cymru beats...) better than steinvord and harrison george lol quiet good album.
  4. if it was pre Euromasters it might have been, but doubtful ok! i don't know my "history of techno and subgenres" too well! (gonna check these euromasters)
  5. did i dream that very old interview where RDJ said he had 100 similar tracks out of which he chose 10 tracks to make the RDJ album ? anyway. we'll see it soon.
  6. seriously, the best tribute to the aphex twins ever, cheers awepittance
  7. mail confirmation. i'll be at that listening thingy in paris :)
  8. If RDJ/rephlex already had digital versions of the LP, i don't see the point in paying for a useless second ripping process. But well, whatever... All of this CWLP event is so surrounded with illogical facts and plot holes, it looks like a Hollywood movie script. Which means it's even cooler ;)
  9. Oh by the way, RDJ said in an interview (lol) that he made his own quality digital rips of his records so as to DJ with a laptop. The digital rip of the CW LP probably exists for years, in RDJ HD. Maybe the one we got was copies from these files. (Which could explain the track titles)
  10. i now regret not having had any faith in the quality of the music (and therefore not having pledged). but well, thanks anyway joyrex + rephlex squidge in the fridge. instant classic for me (in every RDJ release there is a tune like this: fingerbib, avril 14, PWSteal, rushup ...) 101 rainbows. jean-michel jarre/tangerine dream thingy and somewhat a bit cheesy. also: fucking cool. subtle use of the beats
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