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  1. damn, it's sold out. i waited too long cuz i hate that venue with a passion since i saw clark & nathan fake there last year. overpriced, snobbish, very event-y. sound was decent, nothing special. almost no one danced. i sincerely hope you guys_gals have a great show tho, maybe it's in a different part of the place and/or they upped their game
  2. agree with what auxien said nearly 100%. great sounds
  3. i'm a big fan of space exploration of any kind. but i hate elon musk more than any living being ever existing. and shit like that is the reason why this has 2 be the dumbest shit ever in mankind seriously, fuck venture capitalist tech bros
  4. OK; I'll bite: why 2007? evel knievel 1938 - 2007 nevar forget
  5. track is quite good interview is fn cringe tho. stopped reading after about 2 pages. i liked "interviews mostly consist of obvious lies"-aphex' (pre-syro) interviews way better than the "conspiracy theory & esotericist bullshit 101"-ones...
  6. just read this whole thread cuz you bumped it and every 2nd post i had do stop to check who wrote it to make sure it wasn't supposed to be ironic srsly, 2 pages of people debating about "intent" or "randomness", likes it's 1950 or sth
  7. i think it's strange that bill cosby's rape allegations led to a thread here titled "bill cosby is a big old rapist" while o'reilly gets "lege[n]dary fox news guy bill oreilly accused of the thing"
  8. nice, must be a world of sounds there- if you don't have one i would invest in a decent contact mic, they are not expensive- its great way to isolate the actual machine sounds. Ive always struggled to get decent recordings in industrial places otherwise. any recommendations for cheap and decent contact mics? ty
  9. wait what (actually funny considering how at least 10% of the content in this thread originates from fb pages or insta accounts ran by trans women)
  10. doesn't look half as bad as i expected to be honest. interesting and very contemporary interpretation of the aesthetics. i don't get what they did to the story tho. is this something like gits 1 (movie) + that story from the sac series? worst part for me is probably the music. maybe it's just trailer music but it's seriously ugh. why does everyone in hollywood still think that fast strings + drum hits are cool? it makes everything sound like a you're watching a 3pm crime series slot on european public tv. and that guitar bend at the very end... srsly
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