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  1. wow the emptiness of sounds feels deep after this.
  2. Everything You Do Is A Balloon by BoC
  3. Mekrev Bass is a crazy, dark orgasm. climaxed right into your ears.
  4. Terminal Slam reminded me in the second half in parts of Mangle 11 by AFX, plus melodies sounded like Wisp's.
  5. Speedcrank is psycho-squelchy at its finest.
  6. Hitsonu might be the happiest Squarepusher track to date.
  7. Detroit People Mover and 80 Ondula are the beatless ones. DMM is Blade Runner like and 80 Ondula is a dark ambient closer.
  8. I've added the two recent tracks 'unreleased afx' and 'mini live set' to the 'Aphex Twin - Unreleased Live Tracks 2016 - 2019' folders. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1O8fQIqYNuvp5aMc0QLGIXUVRVqwe1ayK?usp=sharing flac https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1euKS3mK2K4wmmuDQnS5Mbp8mb0QBXemB?usp=sharing mp3 320
  9. it's funny because that same track i posted on that uchoob soundcloud page 4 months and said it would be a very nice fit for his sets. maybe just a coincidence (but the exact track)
  10. Das Gespenst

    WARP 30

    oh, yeah, forgot about these.
  11. Das Gespenst

    WARP 30

    still more aphex twin tracks inside those Warp Works, just heard jynweythek ylow in an alternate version and after that some more computer controlled stuff i assume.
  12. here you go: with border and no border, .jpg and .png format. whatever suits you. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1PR0IWU2fbwyuDc6lvXMdKYV_1ntaox6A?usp=sharing
  13. Here's my up of this set - i bassed it up and normalized it then amped it <-only "remastering " I did. anyone know the original user so i can credit him/her? ITs not in the drive textfile... https://www.mixcloud.com/keyfumbler/aphex-twin-coachella-weekend-1-2019/ the owner's reddit alias is 'feedmenik'.
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