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  1. Update - so I’ve been kicked out of the JWs for “leaflet trolley misuse”. I fail to see how it’s my fault if people aren’t looking where they’re going and get ever so slightly ran over, just because it’s a pedestrianised town centre doesn’t mean you should be totally oblivious of vehicles.
  2. Was that the bench by the big Tesco? If so, that was Simon Cunningford and Michael Cunningford (weirdly they’re not related). They are useless! They don’t even have leaflet trolleys. If they did, they’d know the answer to your basic bitch questions. All the answers are there in black & white. I’ve pm’d you a PDF leaflet.
  3. I recently became a Jehovah's Witness. I sit on that bench in town, the one near Shoe Zone with my leaflet trolley and get ignored all day. It’s a sweet gig.
  4. An outstanding piece of outsider art by my dog Buddy-Boy. It is called ‘Toy (chewed) #887’
  5. I told someone they were ‘slicker than a dolphin’s dick’ earlier. It gave me a little chuckle! Thanks Sal
  6. Sad news. I can’t claim to be a massive fan of her work, but this truly is a top IDM tune imho…
  7. Well let’s hope he’s the real deal. Go ghost go!
  8. The Ghost of Kyiv is a cool motherfucker.
  9. In the 1980 sci-fi Saturn 3 the robot has a belly button. Not a button on it’s belly. A fucking belly button. edit: and buttocks
  10. I have never really understood why Alien 3 is so disliked. Having said that tho, killing off Newt was a massive mistake imo. I think from a story point of view, having a young girl marooned on a prison planet with violent sexual predators would have been a clever twist. It would’ve seen Ripley, Newt and the Alien potentially on the same side (until they weren’t).
  11. Loving the larger scale. I like that it’s clear too. Very smart. Giant space rock salt.
  12. I found it cringy, it tries way too hard. I think it may even be worse than the other Suicide Squad.
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