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Status Updates posted by Plum

  1. Henry VIII tried to kill himself today :O

  2. zombie kakapo

  3. Plum

    i'm aggressively perusing your profile.

  4. antiwatmm™

  5. there's a hole in my pawtucket, dear liza,

    dear liza, there's a hole in my pawtucket,

    dear liza, a hole...

  6. is there any other kind tear?

  7. *makes sweet love to a giant homemade audrey hepburn eyebrow*

  8. Plum

    *gobbles down nutella, label and all*

  9. *hands out birthday werthers*

  10. *is impressed by your mad flippin' skillage*

  11. Pawfucket's finest

  12. rambo attacked my groin again.

  13. ahhh such a soothing touch *gets a lob-on*

  14. nice chatbot

  15. luddles my lovely

  16. triachus the lol bringer

  17. i just pig trotted on your profile.

  18. hello sailor

  19. plums on your ludd.

  20. your little plummer boy, pa rum pum pum pum, rum pum pum pum, rum pum pum pum.

  21. not 'arf as much as plummy misses his favourite tudor

  22. Plum

    *struggles with greasy door knob*

  23. Plum

    ... or CHUM

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