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  1. So, you’re saying don’t eat poisonous people? Very wise.
  2. Well I guess that’s this thread torpedoed then 👍
  3. You can lead a horse to water, but flog it to death if it kicks a bird in the bush?
  4. If it looks like a dick. Smells like a dick. Tastes like a dick. It’s probably a dick. Probably.
  5. “Don’t bother Ken, I’ll do it myself!” - Deidre Barlow I do really like “it is what it is” it’s very under appreciated.
  6. “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.” - some wise fuck Btw, I stepped in pigeon shit again today. Shame on me. edit1: fuck the original your favourite sayings thread. Mashup your favourite sayings edit2: fuck the revised mashup your favourite sayings thread. Post cool sayings and their origins edit3: sayings
  7. I recently sold Steve Davis Astrobotnia II & Part 03 (but not Part 01). True story.
  8. Don’t go outside! There’s pigeon shit everywhere. Quite literally a turd minefield.
  9. I just stood on pigeon shit barefoot and it squelched between my toes.
  10. Imagine you’d gone through life without ever seeing your own likeness (reflection, photo etc.) Then later on in life you were shown a photo of yourself, do you think you would instinctively know that was you, or be totally unaware who you were looking at?
  11. Yeah but how much does this vintage playing card look like Ed Sheeran… … un-fucking-canny!
  12. I’ll take your entire stock.
  13. Reminds me when I was 10ish and my local newspaper dubbed me ‘a menace with a laser pointer’. Never caught me tho! Those were the days.
  14. Whenever you see the word “precious” in any text, does the voice inside your head momentarily switch to Gollum voice? Mine does.
  15. I genuinely thought Kakapo’s old attachment thread was to blame.
  16. I hope I can too. Thank you Nintendo. Powerful stuff.
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