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  1. ... or is it more like this? Surely one of them is close.
  2. So I just got back from the post office. I showed postmistress Julie this thread. She fucking hates Kakapo too. She hopes that all his parcels go astray and his private & confidentials get read by his neighbours.
  3. That reminds me, I’ve finished crocheting that dildo you ordered. I’ll get it safely packed in prawn crackers and dropped off to postmistress Julie shortly.
  4. That’s 100% true. I actually have so many excess bags of prawn crackers, I use them as void fill in my parcels. Postmistress Julie often comments on the delicious smell of my package. The only legendary thing is Kakapo’s bad breath. It can make an onion cry. edit: plus Kakapo’s face looks like a squeezed teabag, and he has the charisma of Antony Worrall Thompson’s scrotum.
  5. Well dickwod shows what you know, postmistress Julie was very appreciative of my kind and heartfelt review, and did in fact reward me with a book of commemorative Harry Potter stamps. So stick that up/on your parse-hole!
  6. I know I’m old. Last week I wrote a charming review for my local post office.
  7. Didn’t she watch the video? The reason for the breakup was pretty obvious, motherfucker blew himself up.
  8. Seeing them live was pretty fucking special. Without sounding a bit Skytree, it was almost spiritual. It was as good as it gets tbh. Flawless.
  9. This post had absolutely no business being that provocative. I came’d.
  10. Legendary tidbit post. He truly was the wisest of us all. Bless.
  11. Wow! I love it. I wish the boys made accessible stuff like this more often. Reminds me of - Autechre Play Weissensee Against Im Glück (Original Composition by Neu!)
  12. Gorgeous. Reminds me of Petra Cortright’s stuff.
  13. I was obsessed with essines. I pretty much had a whole 250gb hard drive dedicated to him & his beard. Simpler times. edit: Iain C was a gift too. Using Squee’s newly acquired mod powers, brother Squee & I would secretly edit Iain’s uploads. We’d subtly misalign his eyes, slightly enlarge his forehead or make one ear stick out more than the other. It was fucking hilarious. Only us two knew. I loved it.
  14. Fuck. So many bredrins. edit1: some yonks old nsfw watmm nonsense I found on a hard drive while specifically looking for photos of Salvatorin... https://photos.app.goo.gl/EsKZe5mULnckb6nb9 edit2: bonus item - lion vs burrito https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=p-9eM0bm0ds&feature=youtu.be
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