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  1. Matey don’t fuck your daughter pls
  2. I truly believe Orinoco Flow & The Midnight Cowboy Main Theme to be two of the greatest tracks of all time. edit: and the Coronation Street theme tune.
  3. So did matey fuck his daughter or what?
  4. Having just bought Jive Bunny and the Mastermixers Album on cassette from Woolworths, going home me and my friend Andrew ‘big eye, little eye’ Rogers crashed into each other on our bikes. He buckled his front wheel and broke his collarbone, and I obliterated my new Jive Bunny cassette. So ironically, smashing up cassette tapes gives me those boc childhood nostalgic vibes. edit: circa 1989
  5. A Hell Interface remix of Orinoco Flow would be the tits. You know this to be true.
  6. I wonder if it’ll sound like music.
  7. This thread should probably be a poll? Loved it. Hated it.
  8. Remember when Mike was going to sell off one of the old boc tapes and some peeps got all flustered about it, and Mike ended up posting a video of him smashing it with a hammer. I loved that.
  9. Joyrex can you ask your hexagonal son for clarification.
  10. Watmm used to be full of boc aficionados, where is Skytree when you need him.
  11. Back in 2000 Worm Interface (Ambient Soho’s label) released a compilation - Electric Chicken Volume One. There’s a track on that comp by an artist called Hexagon Sun. Is that just a coincidence or is there a connection? https://www.discogs.com/Various-Electric-Chicken-Volume-One/release/1395 Man I miss record shopping at Ambient Soho, happy days.
  12. Next time you’re out & about and you hear a wood pigeon call, sing these lyrics to the tune... MORE TEA PLEASE BETTY MORE TEA PLEASE BETTY MORE TEA PLEASE BETTY You won’t be disappointed. It’s a total ear worm. You’re welcome.
  13. ... actually while they’re at it, the Dumbledores need tweaking too. Michael Gambon > Richard Harris
  14. Even though It’s total dick toss, I want a deepfake version of 2008’s The Incredible Hulk with Edward Norton taken out and Mark Ruffalo put in. My OCD compels it.
  15. Circa 2005-2007 I used to care for tidbit. I would take him to local carboot sales and charity shops, specifically looking for nerf guns (painting them was one of the only ways to keep him pacified). Eventually tho his behaviour became too unpredictable, and onetime, mid-tantrum sadly he took his frustration out on my poor cat Bo and bit him, so I was forced to stop... To this day, whenever I see a modded nerf gun or a one eared cat, I hear tidbit’s sweet retarded screams.
  16. I dated Kakapo. He’ll deny it tho.
  17. While we’re on the subject of saveloys, I always get the urge to try and swallow one whole. I think I definitely could.
  18. Saveloys are the key here, being both slick & smooth. Next time I’m about to nosh one down, I’ll think of you and say “smoother than a pornstar’s dick”. That’s a Plum promise.
  19. ... hmmm, now that I think about it I didn’t say “slicker than dolphin dick”, what I actually said was “slicker than seal dick”
  20. I was manhandling a slippery saveloy at the time.
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