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  1. That "Ring-a-Ring O'Roses" track on Mask500 has gotta be ... I'd wager my copy of 5zerozero on it!
  2. Bit of a saddo thread... but i cant resist. Releases: CD & 12" - Hi Scores 7" - Aquarius CD - Music Has The Right To Children 10" - Music Has The Right To Children (Promo) 12" - Peel Session 12" - In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country CD - Geogaddi 12" - Geogaddi (Promo) CD - Twoism CD - The Campfire Headphase Remixes: 12" - Demon 1 CD - Dirty Great Mable 10" - Pin Skeeling CD - Prime Audio Soup CD - So Soon CD - Corymb CD - Ten Comps: 12" - MASK 200 12" - MASK 500 7" - Whine And Missingtoe 7" - Stuffing CD - Skampler 7" - Psychogeographic X CD - We Are Reasonable People CD - Warp WIFOF2003 Mix
  3. Plum


    Seriously tho... this sounds so much better played at 45rpm. i sheet you knot!
  4. Plum


    haha... oh yeah. i forgot aboot those sub forum thingies.
  5. Surely "Autechre Play Weissensee Im Glück (Original Composition By Neu!)" is suppose to be played at 45rpm!!!
  6. Also check oot Fredd-E's BOC site. tis very handy. Here
  7. loga (xn) = n loga x... did you get the pm i just sent you?
  8. Seriously you need soulseek... its a BOC fans wet dream! Boc Maxima, A Few Old Tunes Vol.1, A Few Old Tunes Vol.2, Old Tunes Vol.1... Plus a shitload of live appearances, all there for the taking. :arrr:
  9. Jimmy Carr Frank Skinner Alex Ferguson James Blunt Tim Westwood Leslie Grantham ... All Cuntys!
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