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  1. Can’t seem to embed this. https://m.imgur.com/moidgyH
  2. Nice. https://www.instagram.com/p/BXItUOVBOOS/?tagged=aphextwin https://www.instagram.com/p/BXIrG8Olz_k/?tagged=aphextwin
  3. https://www.instagram.com/p/BXIb0yJnKk5/?tagged=aphextwin
  4. What is this name of this track? dRuQks Prepared uN 1 Thanks.
  5. theSchwill1d2 JaffaKid23h! Yeah I desperately want that track too, played it about 20 times on the field day dj set Like daddy127m! yes, its gunna be on SAW1.5, started doing it..that one will come out on wax as well though. Like
  6. Wish we could see the comments without having to buy everything.
  7. Tebbisimo12h1e! Lol y did you rename deathfarm mental beets ?!?!?! And why didn't u namr it what autocorrect just dun 4 I 4 free Like daddy111ha3! it was the original title, ive ususally got 3 or more titles for every track, gets REALLY confusing.. Like
  8. Hopefully the Analord WAVs will be uploaded, lost all of those a while ago.
  9. Innnnteresting. So for those who had already bought ICBYD - can you say how this works? Was there any automatic notification? Does it indeed show up as free now to download? i bought icbyd at 19 tracks and half an hour later merry maidens got added as a track i could download individually or in the album bundle, no extra cost Same and now i'm getting the server error 500 so can't get the new track.
  10. Not trying to sound like a dick but doesn't that kind of answer your question? or maybe it's not working for you, considering the site is crashing left and right. Basically, if you buy at least one track from a certain release then you should be able to drop a word in that release's comment section. I can comment on the music I just bought, funnily enough I have been given a username, 'user159811' I changed my username but it posted a comment under the original name.
  11. Will we be allowed to comment on tracks? Each page has this at the bottom. Comments To comment on this you have to bag at least 1 track.
  12. can't seem to buy that 24 bit wav of rushup edge, it won't add to the basket.
  13. As soon as I log in to the store I get a Server Error - 500 page. Anyone else getting this right now?
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