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  1. really good track dude, just saw it on the front page and i remembered your name from watmm. any more watmmers in this contest? it was a nice one
  2. what should i share? the in-game name or the username? in any case, theandru is ingame and candlestickmaker1 as username playing for about 2.5-3 weeks now
  3. i can't wait for this, i goddamn love com touch... i can't quite grasp the idea that it's been three years since the release of totems flare.... 2012
  4. and still it's a good song...
  5. bastion, this is really really good. also some binding of isaac and a few other indie games btw new indie royale bundle up
  6. i'd do rihanna and i listened to some marshal mathers lp when that got out so yeah edit: wow that was 12 years ago and i was .... 12??? 2012
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