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  1. In the sandbox where I grew up, they said that if you mix the Sun, Moon, a person and a leaf of the ginkgo biloba tree correctly, you will definitely get something wonderful ..)
  2. A story about two people and their shadows returning on a moonlit summer night from a walk at the foot of a mountain ..
  3. It is 1:26 pm. I woke up. Outside the window +40C and the cicadas are singing like crazy. I made several attempts to find out what ASL is, but it turns out some kind of nonsense. Now I have an unclosed gestalt through which the wind of misunderstanding blows.
  4. You are a lucky guy. I miss something that I don't know.
  5. - What time is it now? - Time of joy and love. A time of despondency and hatred. It's time to live.
  6. Three, two, one.. bingo!
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