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  1. Wow, this is surprisingly good. Parts of this albumremind me of Skee Mask.
  2. Dub techno artist Scott Monteith and fellow Canadian Fatima Camara reinterpret the classic Cowboy Junkies album "Trinity Sessions". Out on Constellation on LP/CD/download 26 April 2019.
  3. New album out now on Ostgut Ton. Efdemin's 4th album, oscillates between fast, kaleidoscopic techno, multilayered drones and acoustic instrumentation, fusing for the first time Sollmann’s deep dancefloor productions as Efdemin with his sound art and avant-garde music projects.
  4. Former Warp artist, maker of some of the best Detroit techno in recent years. If you ask me. Digital release, only available on his Bandcamp page.
  5. New album due on 15th March 2019 on Ninja Tune.
  6. Conducted by the legendary composer Krzysztof Penderecki at The National Opera Grand Theatre, Warsaw on November 29th 2014.
  7. Berlin-based musician Jan Jelinek has collaborated with Japanese composer ASUNA on a new album, Signals Bulletin. Jelinek was drawn to the Japanese artist’s unique style of prepared organ, in which he uses strips of adhesive tape to hold down large clusters of the organ’s keys to create dense, sustained drone sounds. Out on 5th of April on Faitiche.
  8. Due in on 15th March 2019 on Ostgut Ton. Mix album incl. Genesis P-Orridge, Merzbow, JK Flesh, Ron Morelli, Volvox, Virile Games, Alberich, Ugandan Methods etc.
  9. Out on R&S in March. Spanning ten tracks, it features the duo's own vocals for the first time, with regular vocal collaborator Eileen Carpio also contributing.
  10. LP5 is Apparat’s first release since 2013’s Krieg und Frieden (Music for Theatre). Out on Mute March 22.
  11. Electronic pop quartet Ladytron return with the release of their first new album in seven years. Out now.
  12. Electronic duo Ultramarine's seventh album, out on Les Disques du Crepuscule in January 2019. Features four songs co-written with North American musician Anna Domino, a firm favourite of the group since her leftfield pop releases on Crepuscule and Factory in the 1980s, plus contributions from saxophonist Iain Ballamy (ECM, Food, Loose Tubes) and percussionist & vibraphone player Ric Elsworth.
  13. New album out now - vinyl and digital release only. With vocals by Prurient, Cindytalk, King Dude and Wahiba Khadri, and guest production from Regis and Orphx. https://soundcloud.com/ancient-methods/b2-the-house-of-rahab-preview?in=ancient-methods/sets/the-jericho-records
  14. New album out now on Bandcamp.
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