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  1. crono3


    Yeah, this isn't what I expected at all, but maybe that won't be a bad thing in the long run. I was hoping it would be more raw & aggressive after his last album... that's the Clark I'm craving. This is good though... the last 3 tracks were awesome and felt completely different than the rest of the album, which didn't really seem to go anywhere. Un UK is the best thing on here!
  2. crono3

    elseq 1-5

    I way prefer Quaristice over Quadrange. Same here. I love Quaristice and I never really understood all the love for Quadrange...
  3. I feel similar... Every time I hear it I feel like I'm missing something. It's a great track, but I actually feel like 0nset and eastre are better 20+ min tracks.
  4. Really loved his first album, but the 2nd all kinda sounded the same to me... from what I've heard of the 2 songs released off this one it sounds great! I'm hoping it's more like his first...
  5. hmm, sites down but I'm sure it'll be back... I mean, the polls from 6 years ago were still there lol Awesome avatar. I wish I had put more time / effort into mine. Thanks! Yours ain't so bad either ;) Also, polls back up!
  6. crono3

    elseq 1-5

    To me it seems like a great deal! If these were all released separately, who wouldn't pay $10 a piece for them? They're almost like 5 albums... yeah I get that there are less tracks (but longer) so maybe less ideas than a regular album, but there's still tons of great content. Anyways, that's my take. And any new autechre release is so special to me that price really is not as issue.
  7. hmm, sites down but I'm sure it'll be back... I mean, the polls from 6 years ago were still there lol
  8. haha and it's still at 0%. That's actually my least favorite ae song of all time...
  9. Yeah, I was kinda thinking that too. I'm pretty sure on that site I can rerun the same poll later with a different pool of results.
  10. crono3

    elseq 1-5

    Heads up... just posted an elseq 1-5 poll in the main autechre forum so everyone can vote on their fav/least fav tracks/EPs in a bunch of categories!
  11. Back around the time Oversteps released I created some polls (Album Poll / EP Poll) and it was really cool to see everyone's opinions collected together.... so now with this MASSIVE new release I figured it'd be fun to start up another one! :: ULTIMATE elseq 1-5 POLL :: I know it's only been about a week since release and some of you might now have heard it all yet, but I was just too excited to get this going and didn't wanna wait. I probably won't even vote on it yet since I still need to hear it a bunch more. Also, the old polls are still open if anyone missed them back then...
  12. crono3

    elseq 1-5

    BS quaristive oversteps exai and ae_live are great. l-event I sort of dislike the color scheme though but it's grown on me I liked Quaristice (beautiful blue & white, plus it was their first to offer individual track artwork) and Oversteps, but Exai was weak for me and L-Event is just disgusting to look at. I'm digging the AE_LIVE and elseq stuff a little more, but it is quite lazy.
  13. crono3

    elseq 1-5

    Very true! I find myself wishing there was more, which is pretty crazy after what we were given. After I finish one I look to see which one to put on next and I think, "but I just heard all of these sighing the last day or so"
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