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  1. Sure - I get the pellets just from the ooni website, but I think any eco friendly wood pellets will do (going to try some from Amazon.com next). Ooni say that it takes around 10 minutes to heat up, but I’ve found it’s more like 20 to reach a steady, optimal heat. You have to add the pellets until it fills up to a point, which can take longer than 10 minutes in my experience. The pizzas cook in like 90 seconds to 2 minutes though, as Squee mentioned, so you save time there. The new gas ones are probably easier to use, but I’m not sure you can take the ceramic stone out and flip it (the heat cleans the bottom of the stone). Our neighbours occasionally play loud music in their garden, which makes it the perfect time for me to crank up the Ooni and blow baking hot pellet smoke straight into their faces. I tend to overload it with pellets, which creates the thickest, most oppressive smoke clouds. I could ask them to turn it down, but this method results in less confrontation and a pizza.
  2. Bought an Ooni 3 just before lockdown. Also bought a wooden peel, as the stainless steel one was too faffy. Takes a bit of getting used to the cooking, but haven't any any disasters since switching to wooden peel.
  3. You’re probably right mate. I would describe my approach as ‘idiot optimist’ 😛
  4. The original post features the quote, "I would like to know a bit more, and the possibility of a Kickstarter is highly unlikely, but I'd like to know more." You've somehow become disappointed at your own made-up facts, then proceeded to adopt a pessimistic attitude towards the whole concept. That's quite the impressive mental odyssey, I must say.
  5. Let's face it, we're not getting any younger. It's time for Tom J to release his pension fund tracks!
  6. rev85


    Give it 20 years, this will be true.
  7. Nice. The software editor for the TX81Z can make some crazy noises too. No real skill needed either - You can just mess around with all the parameters at random to get some serious FM twangy glitch shite going. I ran the attached sample through Ableton stock midi effects and the TX Software Editor. Sample wav attached - Feel free to use and abuse for your projects (check your volume before playing!!) ? TX_1_200bpm.wav
  8. Sounds rough Polytrix. Seems pretty crazy to redeploy a Speech and Language Therapist to a frontline pandemic situation. Almost like getting a car mechanic to work immediately on repairing a sinking cruise ship. As others have said, look after yourself & none of this was your responsibility.
  9. Try using ASIO4ALL http://www.asio4all.org/ Switch over to that in your Ableton preferences. Hopefully that may make a difference - worth a shot.
  10. Hi team - Some live hardware sets with edits done over three days - free to obtain; https://janehope.bandcamp.com/ https://prestonlogan.bandcamp.com/
  11. Selling a ticket at face value if anyone interested - Drop me a message
  12. rev85

    Glasto 2019

    11:00 mins in is some great acid
  13. Last album I got was Hello everything, I'd def splurge the cash on a collection of stuff like this.
  14. 21 Minutes in sounds a lot like this from 1996 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xUoY2lRdUHo
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