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  1. Hi team - Some live hardware sets with edits done over three days - free to obtain; https://janehope.bandcamp.com/ https://prestonlogan.bandcamp.com/
  2. Selling a ticket at face value if anyone interested - Drop me a message
  3. rev85

    Glasto 2019

    11:00 mins in is some great acid
  4. Last album I got was Hello everything, I'd def splurge the cash on a collection of stuff like this.
  5. 21 Minutes in sounds a lot like this from 1996 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xUoY2lRdUHo
  6. It’s the old disused railway station that you can see from Piccadilly Station platform 14. Popular with urbex types. Just signed up to WHP to the mailing list to await tickets. I was at the last one in 2011 on some seriously strong speed and pills. Pretty sure there was datamoshed scat videos that troubled my euphoric state... Vordhosdn live was sick though.
  7. its also a product of the 90´s i would say, nowadays no kid would have the patience to sit down take a manual and read it or even try something new. I'd agree it's a product of the 90's, but not because of attention span. It's a combination of different elements that coincided, which you are probably aware of; The popularity of rave culture and experimental electronic music at the time - pre-millenium optimism prevalent in pop culture. A good economy, relatively speaking, with a record industry that paid advances for its artists to live off. Major labels seeking out and nurturing such talent (Virgin hiring U-ziq for example, i think?) Digital audio software and technology taking off at rocket speed - The novelty of working with no defined hardware parameters (yeah yeah I know it was done on hardware, but generally speaking). So the culture was already there, allowing time and opportunity for these artists to develop and hone this particular style. Even if that meant slumming it for a while on a tiny money advance, there was always a chance that you'd 'succeed' in a sense that you could financially support yourself. Now that these factors don't apply to 2018, the same personality types that create this music are most probably developing their skills in other areas, simply due to the culture being different. So basically, what I'm trying to say in a roundabout way - Right place, right time! If this specific culture came about again, there's no doubt in my mind we would get a new generation of artists making similar music on the same technical, detailed level.
  8. I use it for the bass and the kick drum, but it's not for the pumping effect, just to tighten up the lower end a little. If the composition is correct, then it sounds really good, but if you're using it because you can't mix, or haven't thought things out in advance, then it then it sounds pretty bad.
  9. My focusrite Saffire USB soundcard is a little temperamental at times, especially when I wake the laptop up from sleep mode. Anyway, I loaded fairly standard bass guitar patch into Ableton and played a note on my bass, and what came out of the speakers was the most awesome FM sounding distortion, like a Yamaha TX/DX almost but via a live bass guitar. I wish I'd recorded a sample to be honest. Could anyone shed any light on what could have caused it, and how could I replicate it, if possible? The audio input was clipping in the red but not at the top of the volume bar, so some very squashed signal maybe? Possibly a buffer thing? Fuck knows but it sounded awesome.
  10. Is it me, or does this sound out of tune? Did they forget to tune their digital synths?
  11. Nice. I recorded some drums using an AKG mic set and was amazed at the quality, it made mixing tonnes easier also.
  12. Sounds great. What mic do you use, if you don't mind me asking?
  13. Great production chops! Am I right in hearing a lot of mic'd recording here?
  14. Yeah totally. It's the same with Squarepusher's stuff - there's not actually much going on, maybe three or four elements at any one time, but what they are doing individually is quite intricate. I quite like the sound of Drukqs - very digital. I'm not sure how it's all EQ'd though, any ideas?
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