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  1. Thanks dub3000, glad you enjoyed it! I will struggle to get in by 8, but will hopefully have time to eat at lentils then head over. anyone notice a tall dude with a beard and a benie... that would be me.
  2. what time did they start btw?
  3. whoa! wonderful news, i'm so pumped for this... Thanks Ae
  4. its a mushroom album. the acid experience sounds nice too! i'm loving this one so much... 1.17 takes me for a journey and .57 just sounds like liquid euphoria. cheers lads
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_rUrFn4jPyY&fmt=18 slow enough?
  6. wow this shit is mental! loved every second, and loved the intro/outro. i've spent hours mixing Ae, but just end up syncing tracks, or slowing speed and pitch and thinking it's the shit, only to wake up the following day and finding out it wasn't as mind blowing as the night before... thx for sharing man.
  7. I've been getting into some of FSOL archives recently and there were a couple of tracks that kind of reminded me of some Tri Rep/Garbage/Gescomish stuff. The harmony that gets going about 30seconds in sounds like the one from latter part of Garbagemx36 and perhaps Silverside. And this track sounds like Gescom.... apart from that really massive jolting FSOL sound ha! And they have a track that sounds like it could of been cut from Quaristice, but i can't find it on the tube. But ultimately i think that Autechre have a very acquired sound, and for something to sound like them would eit
  8. I started to lose interest around the time of 'Hail to the thief' but Kid A is the reason i discovered BoC when i did. I'd say that album made me come around to electronic music as i was bit of a 70's rock elitist. Pink Floyd were my fav but still couldn't get my head around full on electronica. Thanks PF and RH. I thought In Rainbows was great. The music may be popular, but it isn't pop music. none of thier stuff is... maybe the bends and pablo honey are, but they don't get played on the pop radio stations where i'm from. They have always been an alternative to pop, and thats what i loved ab
  9. It does feel out of place for me. From Gemini to Collapes, TH flows perfectly, i remember feeling surprised with the direction of PP and Split Your Infinities seems to take this album. They both sound way too cheesy, almost like it was an over polished old tunes tune wedged in the middle of TH. The use of vocals in PP and is underwhelming for me. i guess i can't help comparing it to Telephasic Workshop, just not even close to soundin half as good. I liked TH, it might've reached the heights of TCH, but overall it's flow lets it down in a big way for me.
  10. FSOL. Some of their work reminds me of BoC. They work the nostalgia pretty hard, and even through multiple releases, they reuse certain distinctive sounds and even the exact same sample. It's not subtle like BoC, but intentionally profound as per their M.O. The atmospheres are more similar at times, and its where i really relate the 2. A myriad of children, as well as a masculine/famine vocal presences make the comparison rather easy, but anyway heres a few from the top of my head. Cant think of the track i thought about initially though, but these have what the OP might be after perhaps
  11. Autechrmx74 Autechrmx80 Autechrmx44 its all garbage anyway
  12. LP5 style? That would look sweet. I managed to track down a few more FLACs tonight, almost complete. Curious for opinions, should Gescom remixes be included? Yeah Gescom stuff like 'Viral Rival rmx' should not be left out IMO. that track is pure magic
  13. Unlocking Draft will truly be a Divine Moment of Truth. Go in peace. The key to unlocking Draft is to play Surripere at gut punching volume, literally twice as loud as you feel you should. In fact the whole album is much better insanely loud. The key to unlocking Draft was Quaristice! in fact i'm finding, after revisiting LP5 and EP7, and getting more familiar with Gescom and their vast array of remix's, i'm finding that i'm very accustomed to their sound now. Everything hits and i can enjoy it right off the bat. As for Quaristice, well i wouldn't put it at the top of the pile, but
  14. Also, these Tortoise remix's are really good.
  15. Spangle (Ae Remix) Defenatly Aembient, and beautifly haunting. Wicked track.
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